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Tips for sips....anyone have any?

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I feel dumb just asking this...I am a lurker and was sleeved on Monday (7/13)

I am getting horrible gas every time I sip anything. I feel like an idiot

Hi, I have a drinking problem

Oh, you're an alcoholic?

No, I can't sip fluids without taking in 3 times the amount of air from Fluid.< /p>

I basically get horrible gas pain behind my sternum and spend 5 minutes belching (mmmm, attractive)

I spoke to the nutritionist and she said in some people the swallowing mechanism is different if their tongue is too far forward. The easiest way to tell this is if they needed speech language pathology

Well guess what

I spent years in Speech as a child. All three of my kids have been in it. My gene pool (and tongue apparently) are defective

Does anyone have tricks for how to get this liquid down without so much gas? My wife is getting me Popsicles on her way home, but that's not going to solve the shake issues

Thanks in advance

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I asked a ST here at work, she says no carbonated drinks, chewing gum, sucking on candy, or using a straw. I'm guessing you're doing none of those...

So her next response? Slow down. Lol!

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I use a straw now with no issues at all. I did have those weird bubbly gas issues when I would take drinks early in the post-op phase. I will say that it does go away but, as I saw someone else post in here, our small stomachs are talkers. All kinds of weird noises come out of my mouth when I am eating and drinking.

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