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BMI, attention from men, etc

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I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've lost a lot of weight before and men hit on me or gave me looks and wasn't use to that. And have to prepare for that.

I've been reading everything.

My biggest issue eating is social situations. I'm not normally an over eater. But when I go out I drink, eat dinner, dessert. That will be my biggest challenge.

That's a social skill. There are people both big and small who are uncomfortable with people giving them compliments. For some it's because they feel more confident in a thinner body and the confidence is attractive to people. Still others who start to care for themselves differently in a smaller body. They wear nicer clothing and just carry themselves in a more positive fashion. Not every person who compliments you on those changes does so in a romantic way. It's just when you put forth the effort to look nice and you personally feel more attractive people notice it. Because for some this is a new thing it takes practice learning to accept compliments.

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I'm a bander but my advice would be focus on the hard and real changes you need to make now. Let the effects later come when they will. For now here's what I found useful.

First, pre surgery I gave up tv eating. Permanently and forever. This was much harder than it sounds. But it really helped me stop distracted eating.

Second was to stop drinking with my meals. Practice now to have a glass of Water half an hour before your meal, no liquid with your meal, and no liquids until half an hour after your meal.

Third is chew chew chew your food into tiny pieces. Into mush. This is also harder than it sounds.

Fourth, slow down your eating. If you chew enough it will slow you down, but try to pause even a little between bites. Some folks put their fork down. I found it just as hard to actually swallow one bite before taking another bite. I still do.

Fifth, start walking. Even if it's just around the block or around your workplace office a few times a day. You'll need to walk immediately after your WLS to help the shoulder gas pain and to speed your recovery.

These habit changes can take a lot of work and will be easier to do post op if you start now. I promise you, if you focus on practical steps now, the what-ifs and worries will take a back seat.

Congratulations on choosing good health for yourself. We are all rooting for you.

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As far as being a diabetic, I was a diabetic for at least 3 years prior to my surgery (I say at least three years because I believe I was one for much longer, but was not diagnosed earlier). While on my pre-op diet I was told to watch my numbers, and if they went below 100 three times in a row, to go off my Victoza. They did, I did, and haven't been diabetic since! I was sleeved Dec. 3, 2014. This was my main reason for the surgery, as I was starting to go out of control and repercussions of diabetes were rearing their ugly heads. Doing this surgery was the best thing I could've done for yslffor this reason alone. There were other reasons, as well, but diabetes is so horrible, it was worth it! Good luck to you!

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That is great about the diabetes!! Hope it works that way for me.

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Question..... I'm still on my liquid fast, my surgery is scheduled for January 17. My question is how do I stabilize my blood sugar on a clear liquid's without Protein? I start my group with fees on Sunday and I'm very nervous about that only, nothing else just being diabetic..

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Question..... I'm still on my liquid fast, my surgery is scheduled for January 17. My question is how do I stabilize my blood sugar on a clear liquid's without Protein? I start my group with fees on Sunday and I'm very nervous about that only, nothing else just being diabetic..

Speak to your nutritionist. They will help you work out a plan on how to manage your diabetes on the liquid diet.< /p>

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    • CJ.  »  BrendaIsela

      Did you go through with the DS? How are you making out?
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      1. This update has no replies.
    • MrsGamgee

      Well, long time no see. 
      It's been a rough couple of weeks. I should have been expecting the other shoe to drop after having it so easy for the first three weeks post op. I was getting my water and protein easily, had no pain, nausea, or vomiting.
      But as soon as the soft foods really started in earnest I started having problems. Pain, foamies, slimeys, vomiting galore. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it. Something that I ate easily yesterday causes pain and vomiting after the first bite today. Sometimes it's my pills, other times they go down easy. I just don't get it. 
      I'm trying to stay positive. I know this is a season in my life, and things will eventually even out. I'm just so tired of being afraid to eat, not knowing what kind of response my body will have. I'm mostly hitting my protein target, thanks in large part to protein shakes (which I hate, but look at as medicine). I missed my water targets by a lot over the weekend, due mostly to feeling awful, which I know is a terrible cycle... throw up, don't feel like drinking anything, get dehydrated, get constipated, feel like crap, repeat. 
      The three-week stall is also still here. I thought I had busted through it, but I've been bouncing between 216-219 for the last two and a half weeks, which is a contributing factor to my mood and frustration level. And add in wee-lings who are going crazy with end of the school year insanity, friends with busy schedules who I haven't been able to see in weeks, and I'm an unhappy girl. 
      Things will turn around. I know they will. Just not feeling it at this moment. 
      · 2 replies
      1. ms.sss

        Hey @MrsGamgee, I've missed you :1007_hearts:, welcome back (of sorts)!

        Sorry to hear you are feeling blue. You've got the right thought processes to get through this phase, but yeah, it's still tough. Hang in there, though!

        Have you gone to see your surgeon or checked in with your PCP lately?

      2. MrsGamgee

        Thanks @ms.sss. I saw my RD last week (at the bariatric clinic), and told her everything that's been going on. She said that it was within the range of normal (some people are just lucky like me... lol), and that because it isn't consistent, even though it's happening often, she's not terribly concerned. I need to slow down when I'm eating, and to chew even more than I already am. If she saw how little water I drank over the weekend she'd likely be a little concerned but I have really refocused on that, and am already 2/3 of the way to today's goal at noon. I don't have another appointment on the books now until August, but if things don't start to show some improvement by Thursday morning (my 6-week mark), I'm calling my nurse.

    • dmadms  »  ARMoma45

      I saw the post where you were denied the first time because you lost to much weight.  How much did you lose?  I lost 1 # my 2nd month and 6# my third month and scared to death I have screwed up.  
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      1. ARMoma45

        I lost 11% of my body weight and they wanted me to fail to lose 10%. I even called the insurance company and asked them to clarify because the wording was confusing. I didn't know if they wanted me to lose the 10% or fail to lose the 10%. I was told to lose 10% so I did and apparently the person that I spoke to wasn't correct. But also this was in December and my company was scheduled to change to a different division of BCBS after the first of the year. So that probably played more into the denial than anything.

        I continued my monthly visits and they clearly showed that I plateaued about month 5/6 and began to regain. I originally lost from 333 to 298 and regained back up to 330 but have now lost back down to 318.

    • allwet

      · 1 reply
      1. Orchids&Dragons

        As a tea-a-holic, I'm happy to hear this. Thanks!

    • JamesL73

      One week post-revision, down 5 lbs since surgery day.....which puts me back under 300. VICTORY!!! Still a ways to go but I'll take every little win I can get. Feeling great other than minor abdominal discomfort.
      · 1 reply
      1. ARMoma45

        That's awesome....keep up the great work :)

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