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Unsupportive Family Member Rant.

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15 minutes ago, ChubRub said:

I'm glad that you adore your surgeon, but I disagree with him telling your mom and husband that it's their job to keep junk food away from you. You need to learn to say "no thank you" and resist the temptation. I say this is as someone who never met a donut/cake/brownie that I didn't like, someone who ate fast food every day, and sometimes 2x a day. Since surgery, I don't want that crap! My husband and kids had ice cream last night...no biggie. Now before surgery, I would have dug right in! LOL!!!

Your taste buds will chance, your appetite will change, but you have to change too!! Don't expect others to do it for you!! Lots of hugs!!! You can do this!!


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24 minutes ago, ZestyLemon said:

I think for me the reason it bothered me so deeply is because I never asked her to take responsibility for this or to change in any way. I absolutely know it is not their "job" to do anything different for or with me. That is why I am so upset. She just took those two little things totally out of context. It was more just about controlling environment and making places be "bariatric-friendly" as the surgeon said. Being mindful and present.

I am making the changes and doing this. She is not, but could at least be a little supportive instead of just completely tearing me down. It hurts.

I completely agree that she should support you, and you have every right to feel hurt. I'm sorry if my previous post made it sound like I was agreeing with her! I'm not!! I'm glad your hubby is 100% in your corner though!! Hopefully your mom will come around too, especially when she sees how healthy and happy you are!

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      Hi all! I’m Heidi, a Canadian ex-Pat living in Sydney, Australia. I’m doing this surgery because my mom died 10 years ago from obesity, she lived her own 600lbs life.  So at 116kg, it’s time to make sure my daughters don’t lose their mom to obesity.

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      Good evening all...how was your endoscopy? 
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      4 days to go till my gastric bypass surgery!!!! 
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      Drinking my favorite Premier Protein Shake for breakfast, and planned a nice healthy lunch today. Protein first, Veg second, then fruit, and carbs last.  💪
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