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Has Stinkin Thinkin got you feelin a little down!?!?!

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Hi Everyone!

As my Surgery date quickly approaches I know that some of us as I have had some STINKIN THINKIN going on! Yes, we are afraid of the unknown. Who isnt? We doubt our decision to have WLS. Im sure everyone who has had followed through with this had a doubt there somewhere. I just wanted to step in here and be all of our cheerleaders!!!! Lets just call this my last rant and rave! :)

We are not the first to feel this way and we will not be the last. This wasnt a decision that we made lightly. We took our health into concideration and decided to yes, what some may say, go to extremes. We are doing this for the right reasons though. We are doing this to have a better more healthier life. Yes we could continue to yoyo diet, excersize with our own personal trainers while the extra funds are still there to do so, but the chances of gaining it back without this tool is so much higher. Yes, we need to battle what initially caused this and I think for most of us its just an unhealthy relationship to food and excersize. We can overcome this and jump start to the rest of our lifes!! I dont know about the rest of you but I wasnt living a life. I am just existing in one. Im missing out on so much!

I know this road isnt going to be easy. Im going to be in pain for awhile. Im going to be on a emotional rollercoaster for awhile. Im going to have to beat myself up to get off my lazy bum and workout and monitor everything that goes into my mouth (shouldnt I have already been doing this before surgery) Im going to have to take Vitamins every single day for the rest of my life. Im going to lose hair. I may even lose some friends along the way.......................BUT I, WE, are worth it!

I FOR ONE, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, VOW TO STOP MY STINKIN THINKIN and LIVE MY NEW WLS LIFE ON A POSITIVE NOTE! If it hurts its only for today, if I lose hair its only for a short time period, if I lose friends, they werent friends to begin with, if I have gas and constipation, in time this too shall pass ;)

I am wishing us all a more happier healthier self! :) Okay Okay I am done........for today! One week from today! YAY!

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Blessings, and good luck on your new journey. I will be following. I'm 9 days post-op, and it's a struggle, to say the least, but I'm appreciative for this forum, and each, and everyone on here. Go get em!

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      Any od 63 years old  or older having weight loss surgery or have had weight loss surgery.
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    • HeBrokeTheChains

      I had surgery on September 27th and I am one of the very blessed ones that have had no pain to speak of besides a couple days of gas pain. I have lost 9 lb since surgery, and I am feeling a little like I should have lost more by now. Is that realistic? Or am I being too fussy?
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      1. SleeverSk

        Are you on meds for reflux? If not you should be at this point. If you are already on reflux meds get in touch with your surgeon asap as this is not normal. If fact i would be getting in touch with the surgeon either way. I hope your issue is resolved and you feel better soon

    • Meganator

      Tomorrow is the big day! Getting sleeved in the morning and possibly spending a dark and stormy night in the hospital after. I'm actually excited about that because rain on wedding days and birthdays is considered a sign of good luck- so wouldn't a commitment of re-birth qualify as well?
      Can't wait to see y'all on the other side!
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      Hope everyone's doing ok so far.
      Incidence numbers are on the raise again and hospitals need to treat more COVID patients again. Looking with some kind of dread towards autumn/winter season. 
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