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2 Months Out- How Are You Feeling, What Has Been Your Weight Loss And What Are You Eating?

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2 months out- how are you feeling, what has been your weight loss and what are you eating?

I just hit 2 months. I lost 38 pounds the first month and 14 my 2nd month.

I feel great no hair loss yet but I did go through a pretty long stall like 2-3 weeks. nothing bad.

I eat everything really. im not on a special diet anymore I eat what everyone else eats but just a bite of two if that. I dont allow my self to eat bread or tortillas ( unless its in chip form) or Pasta.. these items just dont allow me to enjoy a meal at all. Also I find that i dont eat anything until 1 or 2 pm now a days. Im just not hungry until then although I should try...

how about you?

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Hi! I'm exactly 2 months out today! I have lost 50lbs so far... making me half way to goal!

I feel pretty good. I had a bout with some pretty hardcore dizziness at 5-6 weeks out but it has resolved.

I eat a lot of cottage cheese, chicken salad, Atkins shakes because I hate all the Protein powders I have tried. I also eat fruits and veggies and Protein Bars and have a small ice coffee with sugar free chocolate Syrup almost every morning. I have not had any bread, crackers, Cereal or really anything made with flour or rice except for the very occasional bite.

But I don't eat very much at all....and I also have a very hard time eating until the afternoon and some things still don't sit well (like tofu or brussel sprouts) and I'm still learning to chew slowly and figure out what it feels like to feel full before I'm so full I feel sick. I try to limit myself to 3 or 4 small bites of anything because any more than that and I feel sick.

I have gone out to dinner only twice, both times in the past 3 weeks, once for sushi and once for tapas, both times I did great (which was pretty awesome!) but I still feel like it's easier to eat at home.

I am sure I am probably not getting in enough Protein or calories but each day I keep trying (some days are better than others)....I am just rarely hungry until I'm starving and eating doesn't hold the same kind of appeal that it did pre sleeve.

Today I have had some smoked sausage and cauliflower and most of a Protein shake and Water.

No hair loss so far.

I am definitely more active, started playing tennis again a couple of times a week and joined a gym (tho i've only been to the gym once) but I find it's much easier for me to move around in general.


Stats: I'm almost but not quite 5'6. A few months shy of 35 yrs old.

No pre surgery weight loss.

Surgery day weight: 242lbs

Current weight: 192lbs

Goal weight: Somewhere in the 140s

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I am a little over 2 months out about 9 weeks and im a slow loser. Since surgery i have only lost 26 pounds. Total since my highest weight I am down 45 pounds. I am eating whatever I want now. I eat Sushi, california rolls usually and am only able to eat about 4 pieces. I also eat bread and Pasta and rice and all the other things they said not to. I just eat it when i have no choice or very little of it. I have never thrown up, ever. I am pretty sure I dont get enough Protein. I also forget to take my chewable Vitamin daily too. I have had one blood test so far and so far so good. I have not lost hair but I heard it takes about 4 months.

I eat slower then i use to but prob not slow enough. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and have started running too. It feels great. I love my sleeve. I also just started drinking a tiny bit this past week, my drink of choice is a glass of Moscato wine, i have had no issues, and it does only take a little bit to feel it. I find that i have to wait at least 1 hour after i eat to drink some Water, any sooner then that i feel it and it hurts for a minute.

Over all, i am loving my new life. I love that people can start to tell the difference. I like how it makes me feel. I love that my pants are too big and i love that i just got rid of 2 trash bags of clothes that i will never fit into again. Every 10 pounds that i lose, i say to myself, i will never be 250 again, i will never be 240 again, i will never be 230 again, and so on.


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I am loosing very slowly. 30 lbs at a little over 2 months. It's so frustrating and trying to not get discouraged its disapointing. I have been walking constantly, I like that my knees and feet don't hurt and everyone can notice the weight loss. I just wish it was moving faster.

I am still relying a lot on shakes and Protein bars because no matter what, I can't get 80 grams a day. I eat oatmeal, lunch meat, cheese, chicken, tuna, shrimp, fish, little veggies. I completely broke my addiction to diet coke and bread. I eat one slice of toast every couple days if that. Any other carbs only less than a cup. I am not trying to give it up because I done Atkins before and gained weight, but I usually can't handle it and end up throwing up. I only drink diet tea and keep trying to push the Water. coffee once in a while. I am having a hard time with food and nothing tastes that great that there are days I don't eat enough at all and its horrible. I know but I had no desire to eat anything because it feels like the same old same old.

I just want to get to goal and maintain and be done with this and go back to enjoying meals again.

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2 months and 1 day and I hit 199.4 today!!!!!

FINALLY in the 100's! I haven't seen 100 since 2001.

Eating everything except carbs. Not worth it to me and I don't crave them. I did in the begining..CARB MONSTER reared it's ugly head on day 4 post-op, really bad cravings, but I have been really good. Had a couple chips or crackers here and there, just not eating bread, rice, or Pasta. I have had a couple tortillas, but nothing to really track.

My sleeve HATES sweets (boo) and that's about it.

I have lost 30 lbs post-op, 50 total. I measured myself on 12/30 and then measured myself yesterday. I lost 6 3/4 inches in that month. Really wish I measured my self pre-op.

Losing slower than I wanted, but I am still losing, so that's ok. Really REALLY hoping to make goal by July.

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