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I'm soooo hungry!!!

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Hi everyone,

Been lurking around alot, not posting too much but keeping up with everyone. Just thought I'd check in and say hey. I'm about four months out and doing well. Only, the past two days I've been STARVING!!! It's not my time of the month so I wonder what gives? I do have restriction because I've been getting the golfball sometimes, but I am soooooo hungry no matter how often I eat! I'd been doing great up to now and have lost 33 pounds, had great restriction, not too much not too little. Currently at 1cc in a 4cc band. I go for another fill next week (it's only been five weeks since my last one). I wonder if I simply need a fill. Lately I can feel food "plopping" into my tummy after I swallow and after getting the golfball sensation. Anyone else feel this? It's like it's plopping right out of my pouch and into my big stomach! Would love to hear from anyone with similar problem. Hope my fill next week takes care of this hunger!!! Let me list what I've eaten so far today (and I'm sitting here with my tummy rumbling):

Luna Bar: 180 calories

5 medium shrimp, lightly fried: 150 calories

Brocolli: 20 calories

3 Dunkin Donuts Munchkins: 200 calories (I know this is bad!!!)

1/2 a bagel: 160 calories

1/2 ounce cream cheese: 50 calories

Jam, 1 tsp: 25 calories

Latte, homemade: 50 calories (half cup milk)

Total: 835 and I haven't even had dinner yet which will probably be like 500 calories or more so I am going over my goal of 1,000 and I'm STARVING!!!

Anyone with similar story?

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I know how you feel!! Lately I have been sooooo hungry! Or nothing seems to satisfy me! I can have a bowl of Cereal and then 30 minutes later want something else. And I know that I have restriction but it's the hunger that gets me! It's like I am getting enough to satisfy the hunger pangs but after awhile I am famished!! When I don't think I should be. :confused: It confuses the hell out of me!!! I have been bouncing around the same 4 pounds and can't seem to get them off!!! GRRR! :grouphug: I think I might start drinking Water when I feel hungry....maybe I just need some good ol' water!!!! Could be, who knows!!! :faint: I don't feel the "plopping" but I do feel like just eating everything until I am satisfied! Cravings are bitch too! And so are them golfballs! Still get those too...:think

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I'm only 11 days out and I feel the "plops" which is really interesting considering I'm still on liquids. When I drink Water or eat Soup I can feel the "progression" of the food where I never could before. It's the STRANGEST feeling! I'm so much more aware of what is happening in my stomach now! I can feel the "full" sensation of my pouch filling up and about 20 minutes later it's like someone pulled the drain on the tub and I can feel everything moving "south"

I'm also super hungry all the time but I think it's because I let myself have some more solid type foods before I should have and now my body knows what it's missing out on. And it doesn't like me very much for withholding from it! :)

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