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When does the stitch line completely Heal?

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I haven't tried soda, which no big deal because I stopped drinking it over 6 years ago. Just something I decided to stop drinking.

As for steak, I just finally decided to give it a try only 2 days ago. It was about 1.5 oz of London broil. It took me 30 minutes to eat that plus 2 stalks of asparagus. It's super filling and I had to eat it really slow. It was good though! I'm not big on steak however, so I don't see that it will be something I eat a lot, as I never did in the past.

I have been eating ground beef though since about 7-8 weeks out. It has not given me much issue.

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There is absolutely zero scientific evidence to prove that carbonation can stretch the sleeve. There's not even scientific evidence that it can stretch RNY or Band pouches. Yes, sodas are empty calories, leech the Calcium out of bones, and will make you burp or fart, but the tissue that remains after a sleeve is not extremely stretchy tissue, and, once liquids hit the pyloric valve they dump into the intestines just like Water, tea, coffee. It isn't like soda is sitting in there hanging out all day in our stomachs.

I will say that early out when there is residual swelling, the carbonation can be too much for the sleeve and it might be uncomfortable, but it's nearly impossible to stretch the remaining stomach tissue out to any major degree especially with soda. There isn't enough left to stretch unless the fundus isn't fully dissected and removed from the body.

I know a lot of surgeons and nutritionists recommend laying off soda, and I'm not advocating it to anyone, but I've been drinking soda for nearly 10 months with zero change in my sleeve capacity.

does Perrier count? it is far less bubbly than most sodas.

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