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Pre Op Diet Heacache!

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How are you feeling today Barbara and Gloria? Hopefully this will soon pass and you'll feel better. . .


I'm doing great today. Thanks! The headache was horrible, but this morning when I woke up it was gone. Things are going along smoothly with the diet also. My hubby is following it along with me. He's been so supportive and helpful. He wants to drop some weight also, so he's going to just follow along with healthy eating which makes it much easier for me.

How are things for you? Do you have your date set yet?

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Hi Barb, actually i was sleeved on 12/29. . .so being 8 days out. . . i'm still on Clear Liquids until thursday. . i go to the doctor that day to get a check up, weighed and then i have to go to nutrition class to learn how to advance to the next level of nutrition. . and then after that class i go to an exercise class to learn how to exercise i guess. . . but let me tell you, after you start feeling good and have only broth, Water, Jello, and popsicles to "eat" you tend to go a bit nutty. . . my glucose dropped to 69 last night (i'm not diabetic), i was sweaty, and really irratable, so i increased my jello to 2 cups and 2 popsicles. . . had some tea with honey and felt soooooooo much better. . . after a couple took my glucose test again and it went up to 72. . . so that was better. . . can't wait to get off this clear liquid thing and get some other stuff in. . . . 1 more day! aggggghhhhhh. . . .

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I am so glad I don't drink coffee I don't think I could handle a caffiene AND carb headache at the same time.

Is anyone else having issues with memory or cognition.

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    • jenuinelygenuinely

      To working out faithfully for 5 days a week. Lets go back to that year with a more positive mind, 
      It's Saturday!!! My fiance and I are out doing yard work and I made the mistake of not staying hydrated before going out so now my body is shaking and weak. I have my pre-op appointment Tuesday, the 2nd and I am trying my hardest to lose another 2 lbs by then. 

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    • jenuinelygenuinely

      Hi guys!!!
      Here is my big boy Zuko and daddy. My Great Dane/Shepherd. He was our first pup that we rescued from the Humane Society. 

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    • SimplySleevedCece

      Looking for new sleeve buddies! I’m 1.5 weeks post op and things seem to be getting a little difficult! I actually WANT food again eghh! Honestly, I feel like you don’t truly understand this process unless you go through it! Don’t be shy, say hello and let’s support each other during this journey 🙂
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      1. jenuinelygenuinely

        You got this!! When I had the sleeve I cried every day during the liquid phase, It was during the super-bowl! I was sooo hungry I sucked on a piece of pork rind. LOL

    • jenuinelygenuinely

      A daily dose of my youngest fur boy Ozai
      My blue eyed Husky/Malamute

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      1. SHORTY_

        Makes me wanna 'boop' it

      2. SimplySleevedCece

        😍 Aww look at his wittle teeef!

    • jenuinelygenuinely

      Meet my fur baby Azula. She is a German Shepherd/Red Heeler mix! My fiance and I rescued her on a road trip to Colorado in 2017. 

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