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OT- Columbus Natives

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My sis sent me this and being a Columbus native, I really enjoyed it (grew up in Worthington, DH and I graduated from OSU, and we lived in Highland Lakes up north before moving to Pittsburgh). Enjoy...

You know you're from Columbus (Ohio) when:

  • The fact that the German Village Oktoberfest is in September (and not in German Village...) seems perfectly normal.
  • You beam with pride that we're the hometown of Wendy's, White Castle, Rax Roast Beef, Bob Evans and & Donato's. But you wonder why we're the 8th fattest city in America.
  • You remember very vividly City Center & Northland.
  • You know how to pronounce Scioto and Olentangy.
  • You go to The Memorial Tournament at Muirfield just to see and be seen, and you've been rained on there at least once.
  • You see nothing unusual about a street being called East North Broadway.
  • You live in the suburbs but your backyard was actually a cornfield last year. That complex on the corner with the CVS, Blockbuster and Kroger? That was a cornfield last year, too!
  • As you lament the loss of all those cornfields, you see the infinite wisdom of Dublin City Council, who spent over $60,000 on a field of 10' concrete corn ears.
  • You know all of the 4 seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter and Construction.
  • You drive 3 hours to see Red White & Boom for 15 minutes...and 4 hours back. But you live 12 minutes away.
  • You know what a real buckeye is and have a recipe for the candy ones.
  • You take it for granted that screaming "O-H"...anytime, anywhere...will get a reply from a stranger saying "I-O"!
  • You don't consider it terribly strange that The Dispatch covers national and international news in a page or two...but requires 6 pages for sports (and 3 of those just for the Buckeyes).
  • You consider going to the Zoo in winter VERY normal...and we're talking real winter...ice and snow and stuff...not just the month of December. And you stopped noticing Jack Hanna's lisp years ago.
  • You have a Buckeye necklace.
  • You think 45 degree weather is justification enough to go through the car wash!
  • You call it pop. Soda is for weirdos.
  • You get chills when you hear Carmen Ohio.
  • You know that Wyandot Lake is NOT a body of Water, and Mad River Mountain is not really a mountain.
  • You say Kroger's...although proper english would be Kroger.
  • You can see a building downtown...but you can't get there due to 500 million one-way streets!
  • You consider this weather pretty much normal:
    Monday: 30 degrees
    Tuesday: 70 degrees
    Wednesday: 45 degrees and humid
    Thursday: -10 wind chill
    Friday: 80 degrees and sunny
  • You take it as a matter of fact that if you don't like the weather today...stick around, it'll change!
  • Though there's not a snowball's chance...the guys like to pretend that all those Victoria's Secret models actually live here, just because the company's based here.
  • One out of every 5 cars has something Buckeye on it.
  • You remember Flippo and Luci's Toy Shop
  • Your big Christmas event as a kid was seeing the window decorations and visiting Santa at Downtown Lazarus
  • You were surprised that there is ANOTHER Hoover Dam in the country
  • You know full well that people drive 10 mph with the first dusting of snow and 65 mph with 2 feet of snow
  • You've never even stopped to question the fact that a bunch of businesses close down on every OSU football game day.
  • You know what The Hospital Curve is
  • You think the standard protocol for a tornado warning is...to grab lawn chairs and head for the front porch.
  • You drive down 670 with your windows open to smell the fresh bread from the Wonder Bread factory and the cinnamon rolls from the Kroger bakery
  • You think there's nothing strange about the city of Westerville being Northeast of Columbus
  • You're fully confident that the word Columbus should always be followed by Ohio

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OMG! This was tooooooo funny! :thumbup: Thanks for the giggle:)

PS~ O-H-

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I-O! (at the OSU/PSU tailgate before the game).

OK, Don't hate me because my kid went to PSU (yes that's a paw print in facepaint on my Freshman's face...he camped at Paternoville all week too)...Remember OSU won this game and I had 4 family members cheering us on there in Scarlett and Gray. My youngest plays the tuba (and guitar) and can't wait to dot the 'I'.


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And @merc merc, Nnoni and I we are all here to write you more chapters of the Columbus Saga, we all have our slants on things.

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They had a pop-up tornado on James Road yesterday, came up so quick,the National Weather Service didn't warn them. Luckily no one injured or killed but they lost a lot of beautiful old- growth trees, always sad when you see them uprooted. Reminds me of the troubles North Carolina had and still is having. And North Carolina is such a pretty pretty state, only been there once but it gave me beautiful memories.😛🌸🌺🍀

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And yes I do remember Flippi, and Luci's Toy Shoppe but I also remember Casper the Camel, Sue Lucy and his spider 🐵, Buster Brown and Tige his Dog that lived in a shoe, Chet Long, Jimmy Crum and his " How abouttt that?: Dick Zipf, Joe aH9lbrook and Jym Ganahl when he was thin. He is still living, super plump from Congestive ❤,Failure. I remember Pickerington, Reynoldsburg were small towns, and Marysvile was just a place to visit relatives, before Honda came along. The old days were not always Good Old Days, just different Old Days. Like much,of life, you win some , you lose some but it still beats dying all hollow! And Ohio is Mid-America, a good place to be and a Good Place to grow up! And I am sure your states, your provinces, and your own countries are the same! 🌴😛🌺💦🌸🍀🌈

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@Frustr8 why would you revive a post from almost 9 years ago? ESP when this user hasn't logged in since 2012.

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it tantized me, I remember a lot of the things the other posters did.

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tantilize, I do hate smartphones and spell check on many days..

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