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    I'm simple, complicated, goofy, clutzy, loving, giving, dorky, serious when I have to be. My family is my life and my reason for everything I do! Troy and I have 3 beautiful kids. Mike is 24, Samantha is 21, and Stephen is 17. Banded 2/5/09
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  1. Boo_68

    Expecting First Grandbaby

    I love you already "Lil Bean" and cannot wait to meet you!
  2. Boo_68

    Homemade Cards

    A little view of some of my work...scrapbooking is a passion of mine.
  3. Boo_68

    Life Changes

    Just a quick note to let everyone know I'm doing OK. My Mother passed away suddenly on Jan. 6, 2011 from Pneumonia (She didn't realize how sick she was) She was in Carson City on vacation. Our family is still dealing with the shock, but trying to moved forward...trying to deal with her Estate has proven to be very difficult. My advice, if you have a Will in place...switch everything over to a Living Trust. It was the first thing I did after arriving home. During our grieving we got some great news that just proves to me that LIFE goes forward. Our grandbaby is a GIRL...and her name will be Keira Ann (Ann is after my Mom). Count your blessing and hug your loved ones, always let your family know how much you love them...because God has his agenda and you never know how much time you have.
  4. Boo_68

    Granny Boo

    Its a GIRL....Keira Ann (Middle name is after my Mom who passed away on Jan. 6, 2011) due on July 28th
  5. Boo_68

    Christmas / New Years

    New Years Goal....stay motivated and maintain...and cross the finish line of my first 1/2 Marathon. I have to do this for "ME" ) Love your enthusiasm as well )
  6. Boo_68

    Beginner questions

    Every Surgeons office is a bit different...as well as Insurance Companies (some require a percentage of weight loss to show your commitment to the process) Once I went to the seminar and scheduled my first appointment I had my Psych Eval, Nutrionist Consult, Official Weigh In and Pictures along with my first visit with the Surgeon...all in the same day. I had a 3 month wait in between the Seminar and Appt...but was scheduled for my surgery within one month afterwards. I had all my blood work about a week prior to surgery date. It might be a little different, I didn't have any co-morbids...but started with a BMI of 44.5. Good luck with your journey! Also...My surgeon was telling me at my last appt, they changed the BMI requirements. 30 BMI with Co-Morbids and 35 BMI without.
  7. Boo_68

    I did it, I jogged 3miles nonstop!

    and she just keeps running Congratulations....such an accomplishment!!
  8. Boo_68

    i think i'm gonna do this!

    It is a decision that will forever change you life. Going into this knowing that you still have to do the work, but its a "tool" that makes what seems impossible a reality. I had my surgery almost 2 years ago...and there isn't a day go by that I am not greatful for my new life. I also had your outlook many years ago, and finally realized having weight loss surgery would help me keep the weight off...I don't consider myself weak, but quite the opposite for taking control of my health. I only wish I had done it sooner. Best wishes to you and good luck on your journey!
  9. Since my last update....My #6 on my list came true. I'M GONNA BE A GRANDMA....baby is due July 28th )
  10. Boo_68

    Hiding behind a Mask

    I've heard alot of good things about the metrogel. I like the Acanya...a little drying but I'm using a daily moisturizer by Vanicream. Does the metrogel dry out your skin too?? OMG and my face is completely clear....wish I would of switched Doctors sooner!! Its nice talking to someone who understands
  11. Boo_68

    An eyeopener!

    Very Cute and so true Let the baking begin...hehehe looks like you have a handle on temptations!
  12. Boo_68

    Fish Oil

    I would love to know too. I bought some "lemon" chewable gel caps...NASTY, literally made me gag. I also cannot swallow the big capsules. I may have to investigate ones Camille talked about...and Kelly which ones are tasteless??
  13. Boo_68

    Weak Moment....

    I'm finally getting there....Monday I had another fill, putting me to 5cc's....actually feeling a little restriction now, so battling the hunger is much better. I've managed to "teeter" back and forth by about 5 lbs since September. My true goal though, I really think I want to lose another 10 lbs...just not watching the scale so much these days, but I wanna explored the new me with a little more loss. Thank you everyone for your support. So glad I found this site...amazing people here
  14. Boo_68

    Hiding behind a Mask

    Dr. Bunas is having me do doxy 3x daily for one month, 2x daily for one month, 1x daily for 2 weeks then every other day for 2 weeks. It started by going to my PCP and numerous attempts with antibiotics for 10 day cycle, for it only to return after a week or so. He referred me to the first Dermatologist who put me on Oracea (EXPENSIVE and didn't work) and had me use Finacea and Bactroban. After months of no results and she refused to try any other medications...financially couldn't justify the Oracea....especially since it wasn't working. I'm really loving Dr. Bunas, he is being aggressive to get this under control and then we will taper from there. He also gave me Acanya Cream to start in about another week...only wanting to try one thing at a time, to truly see what is working and what isn't. ....and he gave me a TON of samples, which I really appreciate. I'd much rather try something and see if it work before hitting the ol' pocket book again. I can honestly say....for the first time in months I don't feel like my face is on fire. I was literally having to use gel ice packs on my chin (this area was effected mostly)...my nose, cheeks, forehead pretty much always were fine. He isn't sure if this is Rosacea? Impetigo? Acne? Once the inflammation and infection is down I'm sure we can assess it better I know I'm loving the results I see in the mirror...first time in a very long time. 14 months is a long time to deal with an infection...very depressing. I goto to see Dr. Bunas again on Dec. 28th...he may not recognize me I'll keep you updated. Thank you

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