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    I'm simple, complicated, goofy, clutzy, loving, giving, dorky, serious when I have to be. My family is my life and my reason for everything I do! Troy and I have 3 beautiful kids. Mike is 24, Samantha is 21, and Stephen is 17. Banded 2/5/09
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  1. Boo_68

    Beginner questions

    Every Surgeons office is a bit different...as well as Insurance Companies (some require a percentage of weight loss to show your commitment to the process) Once I went to the seminar and scheduled my first appointment I had my Psych Eval, Nutrionist Consult, Official Weigh In and Pictures along with my first visit with the Surgeon...all in the same day. I had a 3 month wait in between the Seminar and Appt...but was scheduled for my surgery within one month afterwards. I had all my blood work about a week prior to surgery date. It might be a little different, I didn't have any co-morbids...but started with a BMI of 44.5. Good luck with your journey! Also...My surgeon was telling me at my last appt, they changed the BMI requirements. 30 BMI with Co-Morbids and 35 BMI without.
  2. Boo_68

    Fish Oil

    I would love to know too. I bought some "lemon" chewable gel caps...NASTY, literally made me gag. I also cannot swallow the big capsules. I may have to investigate ones Camille talked about...and Kelly which ones are tasteless??
  3. Boo_68

    Almost 100lbs gone.

    My band is at 5cc's...the most was 5.9cc's. Everyone is different though, and feels restriction at different levels.
  4. Boo_68

    Learning to Love the NEW ME 2010

    Pictures of Me at Goal...Total Lost 130 lbs.
  5. Boo_68

    has anyone here...

    For me personally....this is the first time I'd ever had the Flu...and I'm almost 43 yrs. old. They found my slip by doing a Barium Swallow....Day 1 I was fine and by Day 3 it showed the slippage. I know for me, I have Phenergan (anti nausea) meds on hand now if I need them, and I will go for an immediate Unfill (complete untill) if I ever get that sick again. Surgery of any kind is a risk...a risk I don't want to take again....5 days total in the hospital, thank God for insurance!
  6. http://chat.lapbandtalk.com:35555/123flashchat.swf Here is the link to ad free chat....of course its down right now...Ughhh I hate the new site!!
  7. Boo_68

    Space & pics

    Great Post....sooo true. You look amazing, keep up the great work!!
  8. I'm in Bellevue, coming up on my 2nd Bandiversary. I'm new to the area and also looking for support to keep the motivation going. I found this site to be absolutely wonderful. I'm going to a local support group at Overlake Hospital here in Bellevue next Thursday night 6-8pm....let me know if your interested. I have a hard time finding these threads, so if you post on my profile...
  9. Boo_68

    Vitamins, Calcium, and B12?

    Have you had any blood work done through your PCP? After having a full workup done my whole routine changed. I now take 4 Childrens Chewable Vitamins, B-12 Shots (once a month and I LOVE THEM) calcium citrate and I found out I was extremely low in Vit. D...which is linked to Obesity. I encourage everyone to have blood work done, our bodies all vary so much...best to only take the supplements we need...rather than guessing. Best of Luck!:smile2:
  10. Boo_68

    Calorie counting with lap band

    Everyone is different Sunnydee....depending on if your excercising...you may be losing inches and not losing, muscle weighs more than fat...it all catches up in the end. Debra stated 700...I actually gain weight if I don't get enough calories. I eat 3 small meals and 2 snacks a day (approx 1100 Calories) and within 18 months I lost 130 lbs. I also excercise though...When were you banded? I would also look at what kinds of calories your eating?? Focus on Protein...it really is the key to success. Good luck on your journey.
  11. Boo_68

    Hanging skin

    I think hanging skin...or looking "old" is among many of our worries. We are all so different, so who knows what to expect. For me personally (I can only answer for me) excercise was the key to keeping my skin happy along this journey...along with eating healthy and taking my vitamins, calcium and Vit. D. Call it genetics or is it because I treated my body right?? Who really knows?? I'm 42, Mother of 3...Lost 130 lbs and I do not have saggy old skin. Treat your body right along the way and I imagine you'll be rewarded in the end. Best Wishes on staying away from the hand dryers
  12. Boo_68


    Wow, 26 lbs in a month...OUTSTANDING...keep up the great work. I didn't really honestly see the weight loss in myself until about 40 lbs...of course everyone else noticed. Maybe we are little harder on ourselves, or we are in denial that the scale is going down. Now when I look back at pictures I really see the difference...hmm I know I had a hard time with self image and allowing myself to embrace my losses. Your doing great...keep up the great work...and celebrate. Embrace the new you that is emerging!
  13. Boo_68

    hair loss

    I lost alot of hair about my 4th month....I would talk to your Doctor...maybe even do a Blood Draw to see where all your Vitamin levels are at. Most likely your not getting the proper amount of protein though....very common.
  14. Boo_68

    Lesson Learned: Don't Take Anything for Granted

    So sorry, please take care of yourself and get plenty of rest...you will be back on track in no time!!
  15. Boo_68

    Upper GI question

    Every time I have this test done...constipation something awful. It also makes me a little nauseated...just because it tastes so bad. Best of luck!!

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