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  1. christina@MIA


    I'm in the same boat as what iegal posted. I'm 6mo. out on the 18th and still losing hair everywhere. I take biotin and I do see new growth.
  2. christina@MIA

    Sleep apnea: officially cured

    That's wonderful news!!!!! And if I never told you before YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!
  3. christina@MIA

    Funny NSV

    Glad I could make you all smile. It's crazy the the things we do to impress our children. Weightloss is great! This weekend I'm going to the Bahamas and even though I don't look that great in my swim suit still, I am thirlled I could buy size medium sun dresses and size 9 mini skirts.
  4. christina@MIA

    Funny NSV

    Ok heres my NSV.....the other day my son says my friend can put his legs behind his head......and I said I used to do that too.....and he said do it.......soooo I tried it and I CAN DO IT AGAIN......lol........my daughter and son got a big kick out of it!.....then my husband comes home and they go running up to him to tell him about it.......he says yeah right, let me see you do it.....so I did and he got a silly smile and said WOW! ......Who would have thought at 38 I could do this!
  5. christina@MIA

    Super sleeve poster child

    I am so happy you decided to do it! I remember when you first posted that they wanted you to do this several months ago and you were unsure at that time. You are going to help many young people like yourself. AND you look AMAZING!!!!
  6. christina@MIA

    Just because

    One word for you Tiff.......FABULOUSITY!
  7. christina@MIA

    6 months update

    Kathy you look wonderful! I love the new hair style to go with the new body. =) You look 10 years younger! I followed your journey from day 1 on this site and you have been amazing.
  8. Thank you for sharing! I love when people post the beginning to end....well whole 9mos., bc you are not at the end of your journey. I hope you keep posting up dates! I also am fustrated with the slow weight loss. I have 15lbs to go til goal, which I think Im going to change to 135. So make that 25lbs. Anyways in the past few weeks I only lose ounces each week. =( At 9mo out are you still losing hair? Thank you again and congrats!
  9. christina@MIA

    Should I tell my dad??

    I would rather someone know the the truth even if they are pissed and negative about my decision. And this is why....Rumors! The next thing you know it will be said that your on Crack, have Aids, have Cancer, or Bulimic. I could careless what people think about my surgery. They dont live in my body. And when and if I ever see my dad and he has a commit, that is just what I will tell him too. Parent or not, don't let him affect your happiness.
  10. christina@MIA

    Tummy Rumbling

    My tummy is so embarrassing! It makes weird loud rumbles. Usually it's just my family that hears it, but last night I went to the movies......AND OMG IT WAS LOUD! The lady next to me heard it and I think she thought I was passing gas...lol. When my family hears it they ask if Im hungry, I say no. Even when I drink water I makes these sounds. Hope this doesn't last forever.
  11. christina@MIA

    Tax deduction???

    Good question! I was wondering about this myself.
  12. christina@MIA

    New to the board

    Welcome to the site! This is a great place to be. You will find alot of support and love here in addition to your daughters. I will not lie....I am 4mo. out and I still find myself wishing I could eat a big burger and fries or a big chinese meal. But it only crosses my mind for a moment and I remember how much better I feel now. Best wishes to you on your new journey!
  13. christina@MIA

    Cost Of Leak Repair In Mexico

    If you get a leak while in Mexico it is covered. You have the option with Dr. Almanza to take out the insurance that covers any problems once you get home to return for repairs. From what I remember it will even cover a flight if needed to return. I'm sure most MX docs offer this. I've also read on here where there is a company that offers some type of emergency insurance that would cover care in the US.
  14. christina@MIA

    8 months post op

    Congrats! And at your hight I think your correct not to stress over them 10lbs! Doctors are a little unrealistic sometimes. And Happy Holidays to you too!
  15. Great article. It makes you wonder if the surgery would help over weight alcoholics stop drinking. My husband reads media take out and told me that he read something about Paul Wall, but I just thought it was made up bc most of media take out is bs. I guess they had the facts correct this time.=)

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