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  1. christina@MIA

    Sleep apnea: officially cured

    That's wonderful news!!!!! And if I never told you before YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!
  2. christina@MIA

    Just because

    One word for you Tiff.......FABULOUSITY!
  3. christina@MIA

    Should I tell my dad??

    I would rather someone know the the truth even if they are pissed and negative about my decision. And this is why....Rumors! The next thing you know it will be said that your on Crack, have Aids, have Cancer, or Bulimic. I could careless what people think about my surgery. They dont live in my body. And when and if I ever see my dad and he has a commit, that is just what I will tell him too. Parent or not, don't let him affect your happiness.
  4. christina@MIA

    Tummy Rumbling

    My tummy is so embarrassing! It makes weird loud rumbles. Usually it's just my family that hears it, but last night I went to the movies......AND OMG IT WAS LOUD! The lady next to me heard it and I think she thought I was passing gas...lol. When my family hears it they ask if Im hungry, I say no. Even when I drink water I makes these sounds. Hope this doesn't last forever.
  5. christina@MIA

    Tax deduction???

    Good question! I was wondering about this myself.
  6. christina@MIA

    August sleevers progress

    I've been having the same problem with carbs. It just seems like we eat the same old things when it comes to protein. Soooo many yummy choices for carbs. =( Guess I can eat the left over turkey and ham all week. Lets check in again in two weeks. Good luck August sleevers!!!!!!!
  7. christina@MIA

    Post op 1 week

    It last about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. Once I a nice size bm I felt better. Take 2 gas x strips and walk every couple hours. Best wishes =)
  8. My whole family and myself have always done the Chinese birth chart. I has only been wrong once and we think that person doesn't know what month see got prego. Try it for people who already had their babies. Just make sure the know the month and age they were and compare it to the chart. It seems that the older we are the more likely it is a girl.
  9. christina@MIA

    A little results

    So I went to the Doc yesterday and they sent my for xrays of my upper abdominal area. Today she called and said everything looks great, no hernia. She said try doing some stretching for a week. I guess I'll give it a try.
  10. christina@MIA

    A little results

    Thank you! It is an awesome feeling! I can't stop checking myself out in the mirror...lol. I think Im going to need a new scale soon....Im wearing it out!!! =)
  11. christina@MIA

    Wanted to introduce myself

  12. christina@MIA

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    My daughter has been using it for a couple of weeks and her skin looks great. She has also lost 6lbs. Seem's to have alot of natural benefits. I use it for yeast infections.
  13. christina@MIA

    A special gift

    New pair of walking / running shoes. And home made coupon book......put things like- good for 1 massage after first work out - coupon good for 1 day work out buddy - coupon good for etc. etc.
  14. christina@MIA

    Amazed by Family Response

    What a wonderful thing that has happened to you, both in health and love. I am truly happy for you! Now make sure you find that gym ASAP. Do you have a Curves or YMCA in your area? I find I dont like gyms that are big like Ballys and LA fitness. I also feel like the Fit people are judging me.
  15. christina@MIA

    Where are my Flirty Thirties?

    I'm 38, but always say I'm 29! Most people think I'm much younger so it works. =)
  16. Toss me some please! Im gonna need the protein.
  17. christina@MIA

    It's really happening! Surgery date sep 10

    Yay - You have A date. I also went alone. I didn't want to feel like I had to keep my husband company while I wasn't feeling well. The flight was ok, a bit cramped. I returned on the 4th day post op. Best wishes on the pre-op diet. It sound like you are already doing good.
  18. christina@MIA

    My Kids 08

    From the album: Before and family

  19. christina@MIA

    Tomorrow is SLEEVE DAY!

    You will do great! Just remember to walk for the gas pains. Congrats!
  20. Tell us what you are currently eating. That way we can get an idea of what your intake has been. I was sleeved on 8/18 and I feel I'm not getting enough in. I have read that gas and heart burn pains can mask as hunger pains. This is what my intake has been.... 1 16oz bottle of Water all day Jello cup for Breakfast takes about 1/2hr 2 to 4oz broth for lunch 2 to 4oz broth for dinner Today I had a few spoons of very milked down cream of wheat. It was yummy.
  21. christina@MIA

    now there's a side-effect I didn't expect!!

    You won't get in trouble. I think thats just something they tell you. My husband and all the rest of the guys he knew had a stack of porn in Iraq they shared. He was there for 18mo. so he had to do something!! They buy them boot leg. But good luck with that...lol:tongue_smilie:
  22. christina@MIA

    IMG 1004

    WOW. Thats all I can say...
  23. christina@MIA

    When do the Gas Pains Start?

    The gas x strips helped me! But you must take two!!! Then again I might be one of those people who produce too much gas.
  24. christina@MIA

    August Sleeves!!

    Hello All, Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. I got back from Mexico today at 1am. I am feeling fine, just a little weak. Everything with the surgery went great. I had alot of gas and back pain. I was a total baby when I had to do the leak test! YUK! I also have post surgery depression. Some people get it from the anesthesia. I cry for no reason at all. But it should go away soon. My incisions look really good and it no longer hurts to drink water. I'm trying hard to get in my fluids but its not easy.

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