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    I'm 31, had the LapBand surgery on 8/6/10 and am down almost 60lbs. Slowly but surely...
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  1. Happy 32nd Birthday MelissaAZ!

  2. Happy 31st Birthday MelissaAZ!

  3. 1 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary MelissaAZ!

  4. Hi Melissa! How are you holding up, you profile pic looks great!!

  5. I'm glad to see I'm not alone! I hadn't been on here in a long time and expected that when I logged on everyone would be raving about losing tons of weight at this 4 month point so I feel a bit better. I have started to watch youtube videos from lapband patients, one girl who has lost 100lbs in 11 months said she didn't really have good restriction until her FIFTH fill. Soooo....I can see why I am struggling with just the two conservative fills I have had. I have not lost weight in 2 months. In fact, I'm up a couple pounds I think. I stopped weighing myself. I am just frustrated, that's all. I can eat a lot of food, and I can eat whatever I want. And I do sometimes. Like this past Thanksgiving I filled my plate like old days, and I had no problem finishing everything. I didn't have seconds, but I did have some of everything on the table. I really want to get my 3rd fill soon, as I feel I am losing my motivation. I think I will just call and try to schedule it. I had to have my 2nd about 3 weeks ago but I don't feel any restriction. I do chew slowly and take smaller bites. But I don't get full unless I eat a lot of food. It takes way more than one cup to satisfy me. Ugh....one day at a time I guess...
  6. Thanks for the add. Congrats on your surgery! You have already lost more than me and I've had my band longer...good for you! How many fills have you had? Take care, Melissa

  7. Hey Melissa I came across your profile and noticed you were banded the month before! Congrats! We also were about the same weight. I would love to keep in contact with ya on your progress! :) You pics look GREAT!

  8. MelissaAZ

    3 Months Post-Op

    I am now about 3 months out and have had 2 fills so far and am down a total of almost 30lbs. Currently, I have very little, if any, restriction. I have felt "stuck" twice, but just letting time pass the food went through. The first time I was eating a sandwich with doughy bread, which I rarely do, when it happened. I think I was eating too fast and/or took too big of a bite. The other time I was eating shredded potatoes with egg. I have not lost any weight for the past 6 weeks. I have pretty much maintained. But I don’t complain or get mad though, because I know why I haven't lost weight. I can eat whatever I want, and I will be honest, sometimes I still do. Although, I do take smaller bites and chew very very thoroughly. It will be GREAT to have restriction. Looking forward to that day. During my visit for my second fill last Thursday, the doctor couldn't get into my port very easily so he rescheduled for the fill to be done under flouro a few days later. Turns out my port is a bit tilted upward, though not flipped, and is still usable. It was pretty cool to see my port on the x-ray machine. So, as of my 2nd fill I am at 4cc's. He said that now that he knows the positioning, he can probably do future fills w/o the flouro. The first few fills he didn't give me lidocaine and the fill needle didn't bother me much. This last time under flouro he did give me a shot of lidocaine first before the fill needle, and that actually burned and felt worse than the fills needle alone. Next time, I'm going to tell him not to bother with local anesthesia. LOL.
  9. MelissaAZ

    3 Months Post Op - Oct 2010

    I've lost about 30 lbs now that I'm 3 months out.
  10. Hey all...I think most of us are to the 3 month point now right? Going into this, I thought I'd have more restriction and weight loss at this stage. I have had 2 fills (4cc's in a 10 band) and really still don't have any restriction. But, I know it's a journey... For those who do have good restriction, can you tell me what it feels like? My current experience is that when I'm feeling hungry, I will eat 1/2 to 1 cup of food. The hunger pangs do "go away", but I still feel like I need/want more to be satisfied. At 1/2 to 1 cup I feel like I'm only "half full". Does that make sense? I am hoping that at some point I will get a "full" feeling on that amount of food, not just a reduction in hunger pangs. Is anyone there yet? Best of luck to everyone! Stay positive and just keep going.
  11. I just had my first fill yesterday (2cc's) which is 8 weeks after surgery (8/6/10). It went fine. He had to dig around a little to find the port. Not that fun, but not that bad either. But I'm a bit frustrated. Yeah, I have lost weight since surgery but truly didn't feel it was any thanks to the band. Prior to my fill yesterday, I didn't have any restriction and lost the weight with lots of excersice and just cutting back on food. But I can (and did at times) eat what I wanted as if I had never been banded. I was frustrated at my 1st fill yesterday when he said he was happy with my weight loss so he didn't want to put much in, just tweak it. And then not come back in for 8 more weeks. Geez...how long does he think I can go on without restriction?? Why did I even get the band in the first place? I want to use this tool I've been given! I'm not complaining, if slow is safe then I'm all for it. But I got mad when he implied that the band was doing all the work, when really it's been me! Grrr. LOL. Oh well, I'm still on liquids until tomorrow, then I can truly test if the fill did anything. I have a feeling it won't. We'll see! Also, just a general question for everyone: How much food has your Dr. said you should be eating at each meal? When I had my initial consultation the paperwork I recived said 1 cup, but then this new Dr. came on board and said that was wrong and it should only be 1/2 cup. But it seems most people on here eat 1 cup. I like the sound of 1 cup. :smile2:
  12. Yeah, I have been thinking the same thing myself...if I am losing weight w/o any fills maybe I can just keep it up and never need a fill?! LOL. Ah, wishful thinking. I got the band because I know myself all to well, and yes the old me could eat less for a few weeks/months and lose weight for awhile, but never can I do it long term. The weight would always come back. Guess I will just tough it out until 10/7. Not that it's really that tough I suppose. The band was a great descion for me as it makes me cut back naturally but still enjoy the foods I like. I am down 24 lbs already, and very happy about it. :thumbup:
  13. I wish my doctor would give me a fill. I have to wait two whole months from my surgery date of 8/6 to get my first fill! My actual surgeon who did the surgery left the practice and joined one closer to his home so I am seeing someone new. He is not too bad, but I am annoyed I have to wait so long for a first fill. He is someone who likes to play it safe. However, I still have managed to lose weight without any fills. I just naturally eat less at every meal and the pounds have been coming off. I think I eat less for fear of messing up the band, but in reality, I don't need that much food to feel satisfied, especially not in the amounts I was eating before surgery. WOW. Could I eat. lol. Keep up the good work everyone!
  14. I am allowed solids but usually for Breakfast though I still have a Protein shake as it's fast and easy (I buy the premade ones) otherwise I am not a big breakfast person. I also like cottage cheese or greek yogurt or sugar free pudding. My doctor warned me that a lot of people stick too long to the "soft foods" stage (I admit I am one of them, even though techinally I'm allowed all solids now) which is not good, because obviously they go through the band easily and people can eat more than their pouch holds. He said once you are cleared for solids it's best to stick with solids only since that is the best way to utilize the band. You'll get full and the food will "stay" in your pouch and you will feel satisfied, and will empty out slowly over a few hours, just like it should. I thought that was interesting, and makes sense to me. But, I've still yet to have my first fill, so I really can't say one way or the other until after that happens!!Cuz right now, I can eat absoltely anything!! Gotta keep myself in check sometimes! Take care everyone!
  15. Thanks so much for the info. The needle is the part that scares me the more...or more so the "poking around searching for my port". I can't feel it with my hand so I have no idea where it is (but I'm not a doctor). My Dr. office never mentioned anything about no solids before a fill, but I was actually wondering about that. Good info to know. Thanks! Melissa