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  1. Happy 30th Birthday setteb!

  2. Happy 29th Birthday setteb!

  3. 1 years have passed since you registered at VerticalSleeveTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary settebee!

  4. Had a long weekend! Ready for my workout in the morning! :)

  5. settebee

    Seven Month Update

    Congrats! You look amazing, and your daughter is adorable, supporting a Justice dress!! (I am a Justice store manager.) Keep up the great work! Suzette
  6. Pot Luck all week at work! Pray for me! Love, Suzette's Sleeve ;)

  7. settebee

    Breakfast Meatballs

    They are the best to go! I throw a few in a ziplock baggie and heat them up in the microwave when I get to work. (I don't like to eat right as I wake up.) Yes, some of the cheese does cook out, but you can still taste it! I hope you enjoy them!!
  8. settebee

    Breakfast Meatballs

    Super easy and full of Protein and very little carbs! 1 lb Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage 1 lb Ground Beef (93/7 or 80/20) 1 cup of shredded cheese Mix all together in a bowl, roll into balls and baker on 400 for about 20 minutes! It makes about 30, and they freeze amazingly! Serve with eggs or a tbsp of sugar free jelly! Yum!
  9. I promise it does! The first few weeks were hard! I literally kept telling myself everyday, "It'll be a little better tomorrow!" After about three week, I was golden! Hang in there! You can do it! Suzette
  10. settebee

    Low carb/no carb alternative to fav foods?

    As far as pizza goes, I make a crustless pizza. Even my husband and 3 yr-old like it! You'll use a roasting pan, pour in tomato sauce, hamburger meat, pepperroni, black olives and literally a whole bag of any white cheese. Bake in the over until the cheese is good and melted and side are bubbling. Let it set for 5 minutes and enjoy. Yes, it will be a little running, but it is still super yummy
  11. settebee

    100 + pounds

    I am right there with you! I had my surgery September 16, 2010. My highest weight was 325 lbs, and my surgery weight was 312! I am currently down to 195! I too have about 40 lbs to go, and it's coming off slowly! I know I'll get to goal!! Good luck to you all! Suzette
  12. settebee

    Menstral cycle

    I am 10 months out, and I am right there with you! Three days before my period and two days during it, I am a hungry, eating machine! I feel like I too can eat more during this time, but truthfully it's the foods I eat (slider foods). Once the third day hits, it's back to normal! I'm just grateful I don't feel like a food monster everyday anymore! I can handle five days! Hehe! Good luck, Ladies! P.S. Never weigh yourself during TOM, it's never a good idea. Hehe! Suzette
  13. Weridest, wildest thing happened at work today! First let me start off by saying that all my co workers know about my surgery and have been super supportive, my cheerleaders, so they know me at my heaviest and me now. Today at work I was training a new assoicate. During her orientation she made a comment about one of our customer's size/weight. Of course she doesn't know me from Adam, so she didn't know I was a big girl at one time. It just blew me away! I instintly got very defensive and told her that she doesn't know her situation and not to judge. She looked at me with a confused look on her face. I bluntly and politely told her that I was that ladie's size if not bigger, and it makes me sick to see how judgemental people can being about a person's appearance/weight. She of course apologized, and I'm pretty sure she'll think twice before judging anyone's size. Mission accomplished! I am so "protective" of curvy people! I feel like I have to defend them and let "Tiny Tina" know what's up!!
  14. settebee

    I did it too!!

    Thank you all for all the loving words!!! You guys are truly fantastic!!!!
  15. settebee

    Forbidden foods and Drinks?

    I am ten months out, and I still don't do well with breads, pasta, and fried foods. It really is a blessing!