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  1. Happy 51st Birthday time for mom!

  2. Happy 50th Birthday time for mom!

  3. time for mom


    hmmm -- then it should eventually resolve itself
  4. time for mom


    I was banded on 7/1 - I just started real food a week ago - past 2 days I've had heartburn all day and constant belching - any ideas ion what's up?:confused:
  5. I am 3 days post op and my 70lb lab unexpectantly jumped on my abdomen last night - could this case my band to be dislodged or slip?
  6. I am 3 days post op - last night my 70lb lab unexpectantly jumped up on me and landed on my abdomen - please tell me this did not cause band slippage or other problem - naturally it being a holiday weekend dr's office is closed:unsure:
  7. Yes you are right....doing this together is exciting....feel us shrinking already!

  8. absolutely - hugs right back at ya girl - you know we have to stick together so we can do this thing - and we are going to do it with greatness!! No doubts.

  9. Thank you for making me your friend! Looking forward to getting to know you and getting to goal with you!

    Hugs, Lisa

  10. being healthier more energy trendier clothes
  11. time for mom

    Any July Bandsters??

    July 1 for me:smile:
  12. time for mom

    Hunger after band??

    Dang Kat that was a fabulous explanation - Thank you.:thumbup:
  13. tinksmom - do I know you from the DISboard? - Over there I was meanmom121. - karen

  14. ssmom - ask for elamax prior to iv start to numb your site - or lidocaine at iv start site

  15. time for mom

    WOW, I'm pumped!! Surgery in June.

    Well Guys I didn't get a surgery date until July 1 - so I will definitely want to look to you who have gone before me for advice.