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  1. time for mom


    hmmm -- then it should eventually resolve itself
  2. time for mom


    I was banded on 7/1 - I just started real food a week ago - past 2 days I've had heartburn all day and constant belching - any ideas ion what's up?:confused:
  3. I am 3 days post op - last night my 70lb lab unexpectantly jumped up on me and landed on my abdomen - please tell me this did not cause band slippage or other problem - naturally it being a holiday weekend dr's office is closed:unsure:
  4. I am 3 days post op and my 70lb lab unexpectantly jumped on my abdomen last night - could this case my band to be dislodged or slip?
  5. absolutely - hugs right back at ya girl - you know we have to stick together so we can do this thing - and we are going to do it with greatness!! No doubts.

  6. being healthier more energy trendier clothes
  7. time for mom

    Any July Bandsters??

    July 1 for me:smile:
  8. time for mom

    Hunger after band??

    Dang Kat that was a fabulous explanation - Thank you.:thumbup:
  9. tinksmom - do I know you from the DISboard? - Over there I was meanmom121. - karen

  10. ssmom - ask for elamax prior to iv start to numb your site - or lidocaine at iv start site

  11. time for mom

    WOW, I'm pumped!! Surgery in June.

    Well Guys I didn't get a surgery date until July 1 - so I will definitely want to look to you who have gone before me for advice.
  12. Congrats Carol - I got mine on Wednesday - Surgery date is July 1 - We be going through this together.
  13. time for mom

    I got Approved Today!!!

    yay for you!!!!:smile2:. I got my final approval yesterday from insurance and am waiting for doctor to review my chart and the surgery scheduler to call. I am excited and anxious at the same time. Hope we can follow along together and support each other.
  14. time for mom

    WOW, I'm pumped!! Surgery in June.

    Yay me. I finally got final insurance approval and am now waiting for the surgeon to review my chart so I can set a date. Hoping for early June - So we can follow each other's progress.:smile2:
  15. time for mom

    Need a little Support and Advice

    I have to agree with Laura. If your ex would not be supportive something that would improve your health and self esteem or even just be supportive of your desires and dreams - then why would you want to reconcile with this person?
  16. Thanks for posting your blog site in your signature. It is a hoot. I will be following along., Karen

  17. time for mom

    WOW, I'm pumped!! Surgery in June.

    Congrats on a surgery date and on the road to a new you.
  18. time for mom

    nifty weight loss counter

    Thanks Ginger - that saves me from having to ask that question later
  19. How Do you guys get that nifty little weight loss banner on your posts?:biggrin:
  20. time for mom

    To Tell or Not to Tell?

    A girl at work had it done before me and she tried to keep it private -- Long story short It eventually came out and no one judged her for it. In fact, it was one of the things that gave me the courage to go for it. Plus my children know and they are 10 and 12 and have absolutely no clue what it means to keep a secret (unless it involves hiding their crimes LOL). So I knew everyone would know sooner or later and I just let everyone know what I was up to - They have all been nonjudgemental and supportive.
  21. time for mom

    6 month diet

    I had my choice between 6 months of diet or 3 months of diet and exercise -- I chose the 3 month route even though I despise exercise and guess what I've learned to love the gym. The diet don't dread it too much -- It will be baby steps, learning portion control, what to eat, how important chewing and going slow will be post banding. It's basically just getting you ready for things that will change post band.
  22. time for mom

    nifty weight loss counter

    YAY!!! finally . Thanks Anne:smile2:
  23. time for mom

    nifty weight loss counter

    Followed the tutorial but I just keep getting the address and not the actual ticker WTH?:biggrin:
  24. time for mom

    Will be banded tomorrow!

    Good Luck. I hope to be following you soon:thumbup:
  25. time for mom

    1st Stage to lapBand Success!

    Well, My surgeon has a whole team in their office - dietician, nurse practioner, psych nurse, etc. so their is a patient liasson who keeps track of everything you need to do and then she submits it to the insurance. They told me it would be 2 to 3 weeks before we heard anything. Two weeks have passed now and I am on week three and hoping that everything is going to go through. The one thing that might be my problem area is that for my exercise plan I was supposed to see a trainer - Well I live in a small town and their was not a trainer at the closest gym to me so I wrote my own exercise plan. Hoping the insurance doesn't decline me because of that. I'm thinking that if you have to attend a seminar prior to meeting your surgeon -= You will probably be in a similar plan as I was and you will have all the same support people available to you in the office.