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  1. jmunks2000

    Free cookie

    fun fun flirty fun!!!! This was a great read, thanks for sharing.
  2. I use True Result on South Main in the medical center. Someone said they won't fill you if you're not one of their patients. I'm not sure about this though. It must be something new.
  3. jmunks2000

    Thank You, My Lap Band Family!!!

    Wow, I didn't know you were have a nip/tuck. You are going to be super fabulous. Please post pictures once you are feeling better.
  4. jmunks2000

    Everlasting Stuck Episode

    Thanks everyone, lots of people talk about the papaya enzyme pills. I never knew about this until now. I will definately research where to buy those.
  5. jmunks2000

    Where is the sweet spot?

    I could not tell when I reached my sweet spot. I had to be told that I was there. There were days when I could eat a tiny bit and feel satisfied for 4 hours and other days when I felt like AND could eat all day. I felt like I needed a tiny fill (like .2cc's or something) and went in for one. Because my doctor's office uses fluroscopy, they refused to fill me. The NP said I had good restriction and sent me home. She has the band herself, and knew what to look for in the xray.It took me another month re-evaluating my diet and excercise program...and most importantly, learning about satiety and how to recognize it. Maybe you need a slight fill...like half of what was just removed. Does your doctor's office use fluroscopy? If not it might be worthwhile finding an office that does use it at least for one visit.
  6. I use true results in Houston. They fill without insurance. For125.00 and they fill under fluoroscopy
  7. jmunks2000


    My guess is that they don't wanna over fill you. They add small amounts until they get the "right fit" for you. My doctor's office adds more than what you speak of, but at the same time, they use the fluroscopy machine to make sure they don't overfill.
  8. jmunks2000

    The sweet spot (not so sweet)!

    I went through this about my fifth or sixth month post band. That head hunger is a whew!!! I remember telling my NP that I was NOT at my sweet spot and that I could eat more than a cup of food. I had to learn my sweet spot and really really learn about satiety! The fat girl inside gets to me still sometimes, but now I know when I am satisfied. When I wrestle with wanting to eat more than what my band allows, I take a walk or a shower if it is at night, or I drink water if twenty minutes has passed. You are a conqueror. Look at your progress. I have no doubt that you'll be alright. Jess
  9. jmunks2000

    Happy Bandiversary to me!

    Tomorrow (2/25) marks my day of surgery. Last year this time I was getting ready to go in for surgery. This year I am happier than ever. My heaviest has been 260. I am currently at a standstill of 190. I am still, however, happier than ever....happier, healthier, sexier,...and everything else.
  10. jmunks2000

    One day at a time....

    Congrats on your banding, Following the doctor's orders is the best advice.
  11. jmunks2000

    Questioning myself

    I was banded in February 2010. I've lost 68 pounds..... never pb'd or slimed. I I felt just like you do now. I've had some months of slow weightloss. When that happens, I tell myself, I didn't gain the weight overnight and I'm not going to lose it overnight. My only regret is not having done it sooner. Good luck in your decision.
  12. jmunks2000

    Another Milestone

    Congrats! It's nothing like that good ole' feeling of getting back into something.
  13. jmunks2000

    9 compliments in less than two hours

    So, I returned to work today after two week winter break. Within my first 20 minutes of being there, 5 different people approached me at different times; each saying how great I looked and asking if I had eaten over the break. In the hours to follow, 4 more people said similar things to me about how I am constantly losing and managing not to even gain over the holidays. I admit, I hardly eat cause I'm at my sweet spot, but I swear, although I can't be sure....I've only lost about 7 pounds in the last month (I made a habit to weigh myself less frequently). What are these people seeing??? They saw me three weeks ago and I am not much different. Anyway, any compliment, I'll take. My mother told me today that I appear to be 170 instead of 191....then, I couldn't help but to get on the scale tonight....and it said 193. Whoa, I gained 2 pounds!?!?!?!
  14. jmunks2000

    New Year and I am going to get out of the 300's!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good plan, do what it takes and make sure you're getting your protein in with those 1000-1200 calories.
  15. jmunks2000


    Fret not, take it one day at a time. Do what you. If you want it bad enough, you will succeed. The pre-op diet isn't a liquid diet. At least mine wasn't. I had to protein shakes a day then a third meal with green veggies and lean meat (fish or tuna mostly). It was hard the first week but when I saw the results (weightloss) I was determined more than ever. I remember all of those depressed days. I have been overweight and depressed most of my adult life. I used to think about my weight all day everyday. Now I don't think about it as often. Choosing this new path will help rid some of the depression and perhaps medication won't be needed as often. Good luck to you.

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