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  1. hotmomvirg

    Help,, Need Adive

    had my surgery er2 years ago, lost 100 pds now gained twenty back, cant get anything down, a scrambled egg, regergitate, throw up every day, i could get oreos down no problem, cant even have salad what should i eat
  2. hotmomvirg

    can the port move?

    I was banded 2 wks ago and i touch it and feel the edge of the port , can it have moved?
  3. hotmomvirg

    I am dissapointed i gained 2lbs back!

    same here , im down 30 pds since feb 2, feel like im not doing so good.
  4. hotmomvirg

    What do you mean you FORGOT to eat?

    Im sory aboout your loss, but again Amazed at the great job that you are doing! keep up the good work.
  5. hotmomvirg

    Ummm What?

    when did you get banded, i was banded Jan 28, im starving , i dont go to see my dr till the 12th, im dying. actually had a cookie today.
  6. HI , I was banded 2/28 . I go for my 1st fill next friday, i keep touching around my port and it feels so elevated, all i feel is a rim, I SWEAR i think my port tilted, has this happend to anyone if so how do you know if the port tilted? any replies are a blessing Virignia
  7. Did you realize that your port had flipped prior to going , i keep touching my port and it feels like it flipped, feels like a rim pushing thru? IS that what happened?
  8. hotmomvirg

    No Fill for me today... UGH!

    the link does not work
  9. hotmomvirg

    I need a FILL NOW!!!

    i know exactly what you mean, i was banded 2/28 go for my 1st fill 3/5 i could eat anything , what are you eating?
  10. hotmomvirg

    Lets get this show on the road already!

    your on your way,, ,it will be here before you know it VA
  11. hotmomvirg

    can the port move?

    i thought its suppose to feel flat , mine feels like the outer ring of the circle?
  12. Im confused, i started stage II today as well, my list has eggs/ chicken / turkey / fish. does this mean puree fish? I just eat a scarmbled egg with half a toast? i had no problem getting it down , chewed very well and little baby bites is this normal, im 10 days since surgery?
  13. Thats great congrats, i was wondering how that was going to feel. where is your port by your chest or side of stomach. So no pain , i hate needles and was soo scared .
  14. hotmomvirg

    1st post op apt !!!!

    Had my surgery on 1/28. Went today for the first post op appt, all is healing well, the swelling around my port will last for another 2 wks, and im DOWN 13pds.. WOOHHOOO.. so friday i could finally start puree foods, cant wait to have mashed potatos and an egg or oatmeal for bkfst. I think i could do this, Virginia:tt1:
  15. hotmomvirg

    I'm so hungry...help???

    Hi All , my surgery was on 1/ 28, was doing ok till saturday , sick of the broth and sugar free popsicles, today i had about 2 oz of tomato soup and a sugar free fudgesickle , i feel soo guilty!! , was that ok, since my discharge papers only said clear broth.
  16. how are you doing on the liquids? how much of the protein shake are you drinking, i read that your bandages are off, i showered today but they really didnt seem to losen up, scared to pull them off i have my follow up dr appt on wed. figured id wait for them to remove if they are not off by then,



  17. hey there, i wanted to ask you i just had the surgery yesterday and am dying from all the gas pain and incisicion pain , what did you take or do for the gas?

  18. hotmomvirg

    17 days old

    hey there, i just had mine done yesterday and am in so much pain from the gas, what did you take and do, also what liquids were you on. thanks

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