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    catfish87 reacted to MissME for a blog entry, My Miracle   
    My company specifically wrote out Bariatric Surgery from my plan. I have worked for the same company for five years and each year I would pray that they would change their minds and allow WLS. Nothing happened. In 2012 my father passed away from a heart attack, he was only 63. At that point my obesity was making me so uncomfortable I thought that I could be the next one to go. If I lay on my back at night to go to sleep I would wake up with panic attacks that I couldn't breathe. I literally had thoughts that I would go to sleep and not wake up. I kept saying to myself, when you get your WLS your life will change but at the same time I kept eating.
    Finally, on November 30th 2013, I began praying the St. Andrew Christmas Novena. For those who aren't Catholic or religious, a novena is a prayer that you say so many times a day or for a number of consecutive days. I am not in the habit of asking God for things for myself. I usually pray for my friends and my family or in thanksgiving for what I have already been blessed with. This time though, after I prayed the novena prayer I asked God to work a miracle in my life that I would be able to afford WLS. I had no savings to speak of, especially not $13400. I prayed the novena faithfully through advent and up to Christmas Eve, each day asking God for intercession in my life. Some days I felt very guilty because my Aunt was dying of lung cancer and I shouldn't be asking for something for myself but for her.
    Christmas came and went and my prayer wasn't answered but I was determined that I would get my surgery somehow but I had other things to focus on, like my aunt. My Aunt passed away on January 18th. I delved into the planning of her funeral services which would be held on February 1st. I also decided that I would enter the medically supervised weight loss plan offered by my WLS office. I had my consultation with them, did the H-Pylori testing, and scheduled a time for my first follow up appointment for when I started the diet. I was going to start the diet on 2/3/14.
    The day of my Aunt's funeral came. The service was very nice, I was able to sing the Psalm without being too overwhelmed and gave her Eulogy since her own children were so devastated by her loss.
    My Dad's side of the family came to the funeral to pay their respects. Afterward my grandfather asked to speak to me and my brothers. What came next was the shock of my life. My sweet Grandpa who loved us all very much and would send us small tokens of $20 in birthday cards, seemingly out of the blue, gifted my brothers and myself with $14,000 each. There is no question in my mind that this was the answer to my Novena prayer, that Grandpa was inspired by God to gift us a portion of our inheritance so that he could see us enjoy it while he was alive. I cried. It was just enough to have my surgery. It was the most profound feeling, God had heard me, He listened to my prayer, He said yes!
    I started the iMetabolic Diet as scheduled with a new found vigor as I knew that I would be getting my surgery. I lost 23lbs by my 1st appointment 17 days later. I scheduled my surgery for March 12th, 2014. The day of surgery I had lost 38lbs. Since surgery I am down 60 more. Every day I am driven by thankfulness, to my grandfather for his gift, but even more so to our Heavenly Father for his intervention in my life.
    I know there are skeptics who would think that this is just coincidental, and I say believe what you will. And I will continue to recognize God's intervention in my life.
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    catfish87 reacted to BlueMoon~T for a blog entry, Health Issues Rear their Ugly Head...Again   
    I want to start this entry out on a positive note... I'm still doing great with my band. I'm losing inches and pounds and I still love my band.
    Now, if any of you know my back story you know last April I had a serious medical issue that put me in ICU for several weeks on a ventilator and dialysis. I recovered thank God and my Dr.'s were optimistic about my kidneys. I was just told under no circumstances was I to take any kind of NSAIDS. Well, a week and a half ago I started feeling sick and noticed I was retaining fluids, then it occurred to me that I hadn't tinkled in almost 36 hours. Got blood work done and of course I was in kidney failure again. I had to go back on dialysis for a week and luckily my kidneys started working again this last weekend. BTW, I'm one of those lucky people that dialysis makes me feel deathly ill. The anti nausea medication didn't help. So, I've just been miserable. My Renal specialist is less optimistic about my prognosis now. I no longer had acute kidney failure once! I now have kidney disease. Most likely... Ah, I'm not even going to say it. It just sucks because now I have to take two more medications added to the list of many that I already take.
    My take away is this... I compromised my health by being so fat. I was on so many medications for all my different ailments that I eventually made my body sick as it was trying to process all the meds. Now, I have to deal with the consequences. Confession: I'm not good at getting my daily fluid intake in and for someone with my history that is a huge no-no! I'm not having a pity party, I'm just dealing with the gravity that I've potentially done irreversible damage to my body that could down the road put me in need of new kidneys. But, today... I'm done with dialysis! There are now foods that I have to stay away from completely to help my kidneys function properly and no alcohol. Bummer dude!
    I'm kicking myself in the arse for waiting so long to have the surgery. In my mind I have those " What ifs" floating around. But, I'm still standing and as long as I am, I'm going to stay the course. I'm going to reach my goal. I'm going to finish what I've started and be the best and most healthy me I can be!
    Plus, I have a grand baby due next month and I wanna be a GILF! Too much? Too soon? LMAO!!
    Till next time,
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    catfish87 reacted to BlueMoon~T for a blog entry, Traveling With My Band   
    I had heard that traveling can cause your band to become tighter. Well, in Vegas my band lost all restriction, but as soon as I got to Houston for my lay over, I was much tighter and now that I'm home I have great restriction. So, traveling did mess with my band just not the way I thought it would.
    My trip was awesome. Vegas is a different kinda animal. I played the slots and broke even in the end. This trip we went out to Fremont Street. I loved the live music and insanely crazy people walking around and posing for pics. We also took a bus tour out to the Grand Canyon... Awe inspiring site and I conquered my fear of heights by walking on the Skywalk. That's a check off of my bucket list!
    A year ago I would not have taken this trip. 1) I could barely squeeze into an airline seat and couldn't buckle my seatbelt .this time pssssh! I fit in my seat and had room to spare with my seatbelt. 2) I wouldn't have been able to walk the strip and enjoy the sights. This time I walked from early morning till late, late, well, early morning. My back still hurt like hell, but I had my meds and managed wonderfully. 3) I always felt like people would stare or make comments about my size everywhere I went. I know some of this was in my head, but not all of it! This trip a guy bought me some drinks and we danced for what seemed like hours. Got some winks and I felt sexy as hell.
    Life with the band takes a lot of dedication, but the pay-off is so worth it. My life is so much more fulfilling. I can't wait until I reach my goal! I was determined to make this WLS work and I haven't lost sight of that. I have my moments of disappointment. I don't want to give the impression it's been all sugar free peaches and fat free cream. But, I've chosen to focus on the positive and it's working for me.
    Love your band and it will love you back!
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    catfish87 reacted to lisacaron for a blog entry, Motivation, Ambition & Goals   
    I wrote this e-mail today and sent it out to a group of my co-workers who are in a Weigh to Win contest with me and on my team. 2 of us lost weight for this mid contest weigh in and 2 of us gained weight. Minimal amount of 2 pounds but still the goal is to lose and those of us that gained were feeling pretty down and beating themselves up.
    In putting this together in the hope to inspire and motivate my teammates I learned much about myself and I hope to follow my own advice and recommit!!
    Milestone #1
    We have reached our first marker in this Weight to Win contest. Though it’s not about just the “contest” it’s about motivating ourselves to make some life style changes.
    Over the last 6 weeks we have each rallied through our personal setbacks. Though we may not all be seeing the number we want to see on the scale we have all made some very real and inspiring changes in our lives over the last 6 weeks.
    We have changed some if not all of our eating habits. 6 weeks is not enough time to change all our habits! So don’t be unmotivated by what has NOT changed. Look at what HAS changed!
    Perhaps you have cut certain items that are sure weight sabotages’ out of your diet. Things like soda, salty pretzels, donuts or cookies.
    Perhaps you have started a new exercise routine, and kept it going day after day or even just went out and bought a new pair of sneakers or clothes with the plan to become more active.
    Whatever it is, you have made changes and you should applaud yourself and each other for that! It is not easy to change things that we have spent half a life time learning, following and putting into practice so be kind and cut yourself a break, and then cut out your excuses and recommit!
    Psych Basics Motivation
    Ambition, Goals
    How to Get Motivated
    Motivation is literally the desire to do things. It's the difference between waking up before dawn to pound the pavement and lazing around the house all day. It's the crucial element in setting and attaining goals—and research shows you can influence your own levels of motivation and self-control. So figure out what you want, power through the pain period, and start being who you want to be.
    The goals of acceptance are to change your aim from getting rid of unpleasant emotions to fully experiencing them in service of achieving your desired goals. Anyone can follow the steps, which are as follows:
    Practice "defusing” your judgment from your emotions. Labeling your feelings as negative and your thoughts as truths tends to extend your desire to avoid them to the circumstances and/or actions that stir them up. You need to break this link to become more capable of taking the action you need to achieve your desired goals—or to stop maladaptive behaviors like relationship sabotage or drug abuse, overeating designed to prevent you from feeling or thinking unpleasant things.
    Clarify your goals. You may not even be aware of some of them, so impossible might they seem because of the painful feelings that even contemplating them stirs up. I want to lose weight, but I am fat, I have always been/ will always be fat. I can’t make this goal I’m not worthy of it. WRONG! WE are worthy and we, YOU can make it happen!
    Commit to behaviors that will enable you to achieve your goals. You must decide that you're going to achieve your goals no matter how much pain striving toward them may cause you. I’m tired and I don’t want to go to the gym! I am depressed and need to have this candy, cookie, Pizza to make me feel better. Exercises hurts I don’t want to do it and be in pain. I don’t have time. EXCUSES. YOU CAN OVERCOME these, and it might be hard.. exercise can hurt, and you might really want that pizza, but you can suck it up and make the choice to take care of and love your body and yourself even if it’s uncomfortable right now, you will get there!
    Accept the impossibility of ceasing to feel unpleasant emotions. You will never, ever succeed in feeling only good. So stop trying. Seek to become strong enough to tolerate feeling bad. It might be hard today, and even harder tomorrow. You might do 1 mile today and 3 miles tomorrow, you may lift more and more, but you CAN do it! You can grow your muscles and shrink your waist! You got this!!

    Here is an exercise recommended to get you started:
    I am going to answer these in relation to losing weight, and this contest though this exercise can work for you on any goals you might want accomplish. It is a great tool for self-examination and understanding.
    I would like to share my thoughts with you all if you don’t mind..I put in a few examples of excuses that I might come up with on first glance and then answered them truthfully and marked them as such.
    Write down a goal that you've either repeatedly failed to accomplish or have never even attempted because to contemplate trying has brought up intense, unpleasant emotions. Perhaps you want to reunite with your estranged father, or read a poem in front of an audience, or ask someone out on a date. You're looking for a goal that you've been unable to achieve not because of an external obstacle (though they certainly may exist) but because of an internal one.

    Goal: To lose weight and keep it off
    Then write down underneath it all the steps you would need to take to accomplish it. You can do this in any level of detail you want.
    Make changes to my choices of food
    Stick to a stick caloric intake
    Commit to tracking my food and exercise on a daily basis
    Get up and start moving more during the day
    Create and stick to an exercise plan of cardio and strength training daily
    Get enough sleep
    Drink enough water
    Stay accountable to my goals

    Then write down next to those steps the unpleasant emotions they stir up.

    Make changes to my choices of food

    I get emotionally tied to certain foods. I think of holiday foods or celebrations and think that it’s OK to indulge in these things for this one time. The problem is that it’s not just that one time or that one event. Once I open the door to the food I have a harder time saying NO to it.
    Sometimes I will go out of my way to purchase and eat things that I know are bad for me or will sabotage me and keep me from reaching my goals. I’ll go out and buy that ice cream bar, or that bag of chocolate truffles and eat the whole dam thing! (Truth)
    I will have unresolved guilt about indulging and binging on that food, but then “excuse” myself from that by telling myself I had a hard day, or I deserve to “celebrate” this one time which is never just one time..and I will secretly feel badly about it.
    [*]Stick to a stick caloric intake

    I feel limited and put in a box. I don’t want to be “restricted” in what I am eating!
    I hate looking up every single food item and reading the labels!
    If I didn’t let myself get so fat I would not have to do this! (Truth)
    [*]Commit to tracking my food and exercise on a daily basis

    I don’t have the time for this!
    I am so busy cause I am super important that I don’t have the time to do this for myself!
    OK so I’m lazy and I really don’t want to know what I am putting in my mouth!
    I can’t face that I might possibly eat more then Shamu the whale on any given day!(Truth)
    [*]Get up and start moving more during the day

    I can’t do this because my body hurts
    I have a headache and I’m sick!
    I have to be at my desk this is my job!
    OK I’m lazy. I get complacent and don’t want to move
    Yes I even hold it longer then I should instead of getting up to use the rest room
    If I walk out to the hallway people might see me and judge me and think what a fat ass she has in those pants. (Truth)
    [*]Create and stick to an exercise plan of cardio and strength training daily

    I’m great at making plans!
    Lists, spreadsheets, trackers I can make them all up but follow them and fill them in? Ha! Nope.
    If I do that I’ll have to face myself. I’ll know when I miss a day and that will just prove to me again how lazy and unmotivated I am. (Truth)
    If I miss a day it’s over, I’ll have to start over I can’t have gaps so why bother with it at all?
    If I don’t create a program then I can just blame that and not myself.
    [*]Get enough sleep

    There are just so many hours in the day and I am just too busy doing important things to carve out 8 hours of sleep!
    People rely on me all day and I’m on the go all day I can’t unwind and find the time to get the sleep in.
    My mind is so wound up that I need a few hours to unwind and watch TV so I can’t get enough hours of sleep
    If people don’t need me to do everything for them I don’t think they love me or value me so I can’t say no to them or myself when asked to do something and that robs me of sleep. (Truth)
    [*]Drink enough water

    I don’t like water
    I am not always thirsty
    If I drink too much water I’ll have to use the restroom more often and it’s that many more times I’ll have to see people in the hall way that might judge me for how I look. (Truth)
    [*]Stay accountable to my goals

    It just so hard to stay accountable to myself.
    If I share then I can blame others when I don’t succeed.
    If I am truly accountable to myself I will have to admit that I make mistakes, and I don’t always follow through on things, and if I admit that to myself I might have to admit that to others and they will think as little of me and I think of myself. (Truth)

    If you want to share your thoughts…I’m here for you! They say the first step is acceptance…
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    catfish87 reacted to BlueMoon~T for a blog entry, Spring Closet Cleaning   
    This weekend I did what I have never done before. I cleaned out my closet. I've held onto size 16 to size 26 jeans/slacks/capris for years. I would go up and down and I would always have some back up clothes to go to. Well, not anymore. I got rid of all my size 20-26. I can still wear some of my 18's but I can fit into my size 16 jeans now. I loaded up bags and bags full of clothes and dropped them off at the Planet Clothes depositories that we have here in town. Looking back in hindsight I see we have a clothes trade forum here and should have donated them to someone who might have needed them. I will definitely do that next time!
    I just feel so good b/c I am letting go of things. I'm learning to be more confident and in becoming that new me, I let go of the security blanket of 'what if". You know, what if I gain the weight back and need those clothes? NOPE! Not going to happen!
    I'm hoping my next step in this journey will be getting off of the medicines I have to take now.
    One day at a time, one pound as it goes, I'm getting healthier and that's what I chose!
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    catfish87 reacted to Johnny99 for a blog entry, Did I "Go Off the Wagon" on Vacation?   
    Hi all!
    I'm back from my 8 day retreat in the valley of the sun! After suffering through a BRUTAL Chicago winter, I was excited and relieved to get out of town for a LOT of rest and relation. Notice I did not say a little r & r. Nope. Other than checking with the office a few times during the week, I focused on nuthin' but sun, golf and partying.
    I was freaking out about my weight before I left on this trip. I had tried like heck to break the 180 barrier before I got on the plane. That didn't work out. I left about 2.5 pounds over that mini goal. Well, this made me freak even more during my vacation. I knew there was no way I could follow my plan. Everyday was filled with nice breakfasts, wonderful lunches, outstanding dinners and, of course, adult beverages of every variety. I was in trouble.
    Instead of throwing in the towel and going on an eating and drinking binge, I decided to go with the flow. But ... I was smart about it. I used smart food choices all week. I really limited any breads, potatoes and pastas. I ate fish as much as possible, even in the fancy steak joints. I steered pretty clear of sweets and deserts. I ate protein bars and SkinnyPop for snacks when available. I tried to make sure I ate something healthy about every 3 hours. I walked as much as I could. Even the seven rounds of golf I played using a cart, still required me to walk about 3.5 miles each round.
    This brings us to the adult beverage portion of our story. Did I abstain from beer, vodka and wine? Hell no. I was on vacation with a bunch of adults. It's part of the deal. It's part of enjoying life. Did I over do it? Hell no. I had 2 beers during the week. I've been hankering for a frosty Corona with a lime for months. So I had a couple. I had a few vodkas and soda every day. No sugary juices or mixes. I had a few glasses of fine wine during the week. So, yes I imbibed. But no, I did not drink like a sailor on a three day leave.
    I got on the plane coming home resigned to the fact that I would probably hit 185 on the scale on Monday morning. Anything over that would piss me off. I didn't want to start my week back to work in a bad mood, so I decided to not weigh in for a week. This would give me time to lose those vacation pounds and ease my fat fears. But, I couldn't do it. I had to know. I pulled out my fancy fitbit scale this morning and jumped on. Ready for a deserved kick in the nuts. Imagine my surprise when my friendly fitbit scale told me I weighed 181. 3! Less than when I left. This is a SCALE victory.
    My fancy fitbit scale gave me more than just good news on my weight. It showed me that I can go on a vacation and enjoy myself like a normal thin person. It gave me a glimpse into my future. Someday I will move to the maintenance side of this project. And this is will be my life. As long as I make healthy food choices, drink moderately and stay active, I can maintain. This is what normal people do. And that's what this whole journey has been about. Being normal. BTW, is it normal to crave margaritas? I'll have to ask a skinny person.
    See ya soon.
    Fat Fanatics! Email your comments and questions to:
    I will answer all questions and, who knows, your pithy comments might make the blog!
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    catfish87 reacted to BlueMoon~T for a blog entry, It's My Blog I'll Say What i Want To   
    Today I am so excited about my decision to get my Lap Band. I know I still have 70 lbs. to lose to get to my goal weight, but I've lost almost 100 lbs. I don't know what you would call that, but it sure feels like I'm succeeding.
    Now, if I'm going to be honest I want to vent a little bit. I rather enjoyed being ignorant/uniformed about how the majority of people (not all) who chose to have VSG or RNY look at those of us who have the band. Most days I just move on and SMH, but other times I feel disrespected. It feels like I'm being told I'm ignorant and made a stupid decision and that they are in some way guaranteeing that I am going to fail. I know at one of the seminars I went to they had a person who had the band and another who had RNY. They guy who had RNY said that he knew he would find a way to eat around his band and that is why he chose to have the Bypass surgery. I also have an Aunt who had Bypass. She lost weight but she also figured out a way to eat around her surgery and gained her weight back. She still struggles with diets now. You can find bad things about every surgery, but why such disdain for the band? The idea that you either do it the way I did it or you're doing it wrong makes me cranky. Excuse me, my way seems to be working perfectly fine for me. I also always try to be diplomatic and say that we are all on the same page if we had WLS, we want to get healthy, so why worry about which surgery you or I had.
    I guess its just like anything in life, you can find information anywhere to support your point of view. The integration of the site has just made me more aware of how people view me as a bandster. Often times, I get dismissed as if my opinions or my weight loss is of little or no consequence. I'm not the type to rip someone in the forums when this happens... so, here I am in my blog, pounding away on my keyboard getting it out of my system so I can go on my merry way.
    In the name that all is holy... people PLEASE stop posting questions in the forums on what surgery you should get. You can get that information online, from your Dr. and just your own informed decision making skills. We can't tell you what to do and it almost always turns into a battle of my surgery is better than your surgery. Aren't we all adults and cant we just be happy for each other that we're taking steps to improve our quality of life?
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    catfish87 reacted to BlueMoon~T for a blog entry, YouTube...You Rant   
    Last night I got the wild idea that I would look up Lab Band Vlogs on YouTube. Big MISTAKE. HUGE! The first 20 or so results were all negative. The first lady I watched to understand why she hated the Lap Band and seemed to make it her personal mission in life to discourage the world from this evil thing called the lap band. As I listened I heard excuse after excuse as to why her band failed. She said she threw up everyday and that nobody told her about PB's. Then she went on to say later that she never got restriction and could eat a plate full of food. Two things. 1)If you over eat you are going to get sick.2) If you're having PB's you have some sort of restriction. She talked about never having restriction again, then told a story of how she almost died (rolling eyes) because she was over filled and couldn't swallow her own saliva. Ok... so we can all conclude she had restriction. She also confesses she's a binge eater. Another red flag. You have to commit to eating smaller portions and having the will power to stop eating when you're full. In my most humble newbie opinion this lady was either not educated on how the Lap Band works, and if that's the case shame on her surgeon, or she just thought it was going to fix all her eating issues. She also kept using air quotations when she said the Lap Band was a "tool". She said she hated when people said that. MY GOD WOMANIT IS A TOOL. NOT A MIRACLE CURE!
    I was so sad to see all the comments of gratitude for her being so brave to post such an honest video. Uhm... that was not an honest video that was an angry woman who failed to follow band 101 rules. It actually made me angry. I considered the video an EPIC FAIL. She made broad sweeping generalizations saying that the only people that the band works for were people who replaced one vice for another. She used the example of transference of food binging for exercise. They just swapped one for the other.
    I have to say that I realize that there are risk of complications with the band and that it doesn't work for everyone. But, from what I've read most of the time if people are truly honest they failed the band the band didn't fail them. AND... If you're band isn't working talk to your doctor be persistent there could be something mechanically wrong with your band... but you have to be diligent in taking care of your band. It's high maintenance, but I have to tell you, knowing that every month I have to go in and see my Dr. and be accountable for my weight loss and how I've been treating my band makes me mind my P's and Q's.
    I've been stuck at 230 for two weeks...but... I've lost another jeans size so my body is losing inches. I love my band. If I was brave enough I would start my own Vlog on YouTube.
    Just a side note. I always here the soup Nazi's voice in my head from Seinfeld when I want something I shouldn't have. He says, "No cookies or cupcakes for you!".
    Happy Hump Day, Ya'll!
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    catfish87 reacted to BlueMoon~T for a blog entry, Feeling Retrospective   
    As February is winding down I've started looking back at myself last year at this time. If you've read my story you know last March I had serious medical issues and was in the hospital for over a month, on dialysis and heavier than I'd ever been. Its INSANE!!
    The good thing about that negative situation is the positive changes that have taken place in my life since last year. I'm on my way to looking like I feel on the inside. I feel so much more healthy on the inside and can't wait until people can see what I see when I look in the mirror. I've lost tons and some days I even feel thin at a size 16 now. It's all relative. Some of you may not feel like sz 16 is thin but coming from where I was, believe me... its a big- noticeable change! My daughters told me last week that I no longer had MOM butt. I guess my arse is no longer flat and long. It's got some shape. That's high praise coming from them. LOL!
    I'm now looking forward to my trip to Vegas in April. Girls Trip! Woot! Gotta lose 9 more lbs to reach the smaller goal I set for myself when I had my surgery in September before I go... but, I'm sure I'll do it! I'm knocking on wood here because I haven't met my goal yet... but, my journey has been great. My weight loss has been constant and after making it through "band hell" I've never grumbled at my band. Instead, my band has been the best investment I've made in myself... EVER!
    Finally, It's true what they say. If Mama Ain't Happy. Ain't Nobody Happy! My entire family has been impacted in a positive way due to my WLS. Without sounding like a complete cliché. I'm a better Me!
    Happy Thursday, Peeps!
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    catfish87 reacted to LadyDiva618 for a blog entry, I love my daycare kids   
    Happy Wednesday
    How is everyone? I know I haven’t been on here much lately but I’ve been really busy at both jobs.
    My new work hours have been a real adjustment for me. It has been challenging but I think I have getting the hang of it.
    I will say this planning my meals has really helped because it eliminates the temptation of me eating fast food and eating junk food at the day care.
    The Day Care is my trigger because I am surrounded by cakes, cookies, and chips.
    A few weeks ago I noticed me eating item more often. This is not good because I am still a t plateau.
    So one week I started bringing salad and Greek yogurt to the day care. So I started sharing my meals Fun Boy (my nephew). So he now loves Greek yogurt.
    Last week Snowmagendon hit the Mid-west again so I had left a salad at the day care since my sister 2 kids at the day care I told her go ahead and get them my salad.
    The kids loved the idea and they started bragging to the other day care kids about my famous salad.
    After taking to the parents and my sister we decided to have salad 2 days an week for snack.
    Each time the kids will add something new to the salad or we will buy a fruit or veggie they never had before.
    So far this has been a success! My only complaint is they kids a drowning their salads with ranch dressing! Will be wrong if I replace the Hidden valley ranch with a healthier version of a ranch dressing?
    I am just happy my day care kids are enjoying salads now even though they are going thru to bottles are ranch dressing!
    This is why I love them. I wonder what I can get hooked on now???
    Even though I am still at a plateau I love my band!
    God is good
    Thanks for reading.
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    catfish87 reacted to Leepers for a blog entry, Session with a Whine-O   
    Last week I was losing weight like crazy. This week the weight loss slowed to a crawl and hit a speed bump.
    I did keep up with my exercise. And I faithfully, brutally honestly, kept up with entries in My Fitness Pal. I am eating soooo much better than I used to. No fast food, no sodas. Lots of healthy food.
    This week though, I ate out 3 times and went to gatherings at a friend's house twice this weekend.
    Wednesday I went to lunch at Chuy's (a mexican restaurant). I felt I made a really good choice with my meal. Lot's of protein, not much carbs. Didn't even finish it. Only ate about 5 chips from the basket of never ending chips.
    Later that night the hubby and I went to dinner with his parents at Texas Roadhouse. The thought of it mortified me.That place seems so unhealthy. I looked at the menu online before I went so I would already know what I wanted. I had Grilled Shrimp with rice and broccoli. I only ate about 1/4 cup of the rice and all 10 shrimp. I had 10 peanuts so that I would stay away from the bread but I did pinch off a small piece of the bread and dip it in that delicious cinnamon butter.
    Thursday I worked my butt off at work and picked up Chinese for dinner. I've really been trying to stay away from the carbs but I'll allow myself some rice every now and then. I ate leftovers for lunch the next day on Friday.
    Friday I had a long exhausting day at work. Some friends had invited us over to see their new house. We had appetizers and I drank an entire bottle of wine! Oh boy! 615 calories worth of wine down the hatch! Plus appetizers. I didn't go crazy over them, but it was hard not too. I had about 8 meatballs and a couple of spring rolls. And it was the first time I have gone over my daily calorie limit on My Fitness Pal.
    The next day I was up a pound. Of course.
    I am a daily weigher. I know some people think you shouldn't but I'm a rational person. I know weight goes up and down. I like though, that that one pound makes me say, hey! don't eat so much today.
    That night, Saturday night, we unexpectedly went over to a friend's house for her birthday. And again. Appetizers and wine. This time I didn't drink a whole bottle, but I had a few glasses.
    My Fitness Pal almost reached out and slapped me in the face.
    And...I was up another 1/2 pound.
    I really haven't eaten out since I had my surgery, then all of a sudden it was like everyday. It made me feel a little out of control. Though I can guesstimate calories on My Fitness Pal, you don't really know how that food is being prepared behind the scenes. Bobby the cook could be a little heavy handed with the butter.
    Oh and the wine. Whine whine. I love my wine. I don't drink all the time. Maybe an average of two to three times a month, but when I do, I like to catch a good buzz. But the calories!!! I guess I will really have to watch my meals a lot better on those days.
    I'm looking forward to my first fill this Tuesday to help with the between meals hunger. And this week all meals will be made at home. No wine for a while. No whine for a while.
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    catfish87 reacted to BlueMoon~T for a blog entry, Stress and Eating   
    This week has been very stressful! I would catch myself picking something up unhealthy to eat and stop right before I took a bite. I've come a long way baby! This is the type of munching I have always done.
    This brings me to my next point. I was not happy with the changes to the site originally; however, my viewpoint has changed. When I need to keep focused I get on here and read and respond to people and it gets my brain back on track. I don't even mind reading the negative stuff. I actually find it comical. NOT ALL - there are exception to every rule, but for the most part they are not working their band.
    So, today I put down that potato chip and grabbed a Greek yogurt. I didn't realize I had the WILL to WANT this so badly... but I do!
    Here's to letting go of the things I cannot control and focusing on what I CAN CONTROL.
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    catfish87 reacted to BlueMoon~T for a blog entry, NSV - Well Kinda   
    I had a 12 lb loss last month! I had a Dr appointment with my PCP due to my continued back problems this week. I wont bore you will All of those. Anyway- my blood pressure was 120/70. Unbelievable considering it was 160/111 the last time I went to my PCP. I've lost about 89 lbs. I watch very closely what I'm eating and the quantities. Having the LapBand has been the best decision of my life. OHHH. Plus. My mom bought me an outfit 4 sizes smaller than what I was wearing prior to surgery( as incentive) and guess what? IT FIT ME! My Mom and my two daughters where jumping up and down and screaming with me!! Best Christmas present ever!
    Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the New Year!
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    catfish87 reacted to LadyDiva618 for a blog entry, My 2013 recap   
    Happy New Year Eve everyone! How was everyone holiday?
    I really enjoyed my holiday Santa was really good to me.
    Guess what?
    My coworkers chip in and brought me a FitBit Flex for X-mas!!!!
    How cool is that!!! I love my Fitbit and it sync with my fitness pal account. I am still trying to figure out if I need to track my workout still and use my fitbit calories burn? Or stick with the fitbit? So if know the answer let me know!
    Now for my recap.
    2013 was the year of change for me.
    I change my eating habits and my wardrobe.
    I change my lifestyle and adapted a more healthier lifestyle.
    I change my way of thinking. Instead of thinking about my next meal I am now thinking about what type of workout I am going to do today.
    I change my friends since my surgery I learned who is with me and who is againist me. I let all my haters go. (see ya!)
    I am so ready for 2014
    It is going to be something else. Starting with my first 5K run!
    Happy 42nd Anniversary to my parents!
    God is good
    Thanks for reading!
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    catfish87 reacted to Terry Poperszky for a blog entry, 4 Days in Paradise NSV   
    Spent 4 days in Hawaii on a work assignment, and maintained my weight. The office was about a mile away, so I didn't get a car and walked to work each day. While my food choices could have been healthier, I listened to my band and life was good.
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    catfish87 reacted to Terry Poperszky for a blog entry, Thank You Obamacare...   
    I am not mocking or belittling the concerns and issues that some are facing as the ACA takes effect, but I want people to understand that there are two sides to the story. Healthcare has long been broken in our country, and while the ACA is by no means perfect, it is a start. Let's move forward and make it even better.
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    catfish87 reacted to D_Carrimko for a blog entry, T Minus 10 Days   
    Well hello world! I am not new to the WLS crowd as i had a gastric bypass in 2009, but due to not being able to absorbe my bipolar 11 meds i was put on 24mg of Risperdone which made me gain every ounce back plus some.
    Fast forward to today, i am almost weened off the Risperdone and my PCP, Psychiatrist and psychologist and most importantly myself think lapband surgery would be a very great tool for me to once again become successful in my weight loss efforts.
    I live in Outback Australia and will be flying down to another state for surgery as we do not have any of those kinds of services here. I will be flying down with my kids (10yr, 8yr, and 7 months old) and hubby in 7 days time (17th). I have my first consultation with my surgeon on the 18th and if all goes well after x-rays and blood work, i will be having lapband surgery on the 20th. It will be the best Christmas & Birthday present to myself and my family as it will enable me to join them in physical activities again, and make keeping up with a baby a LOT easier.
    I am a bit scared but a lot more excited. I know i will be successful as i have been training myself to take tiny bites and chew chew chew my food. I am trying to work on getting in more water, which i should be doing anyway since i live in the Australian Desert. We will be in the other state for 18 days to make sure all is going well and so if there is a complication i am in the same city as the surgeon, and also it is our summer family vacation at the beach and to visit my family (mum and siblings) too. We dont get to see the ocean very often. My husband will be a great help as i wont need to bend to pick up my daughter as to not bust open any stitches. I remember the pain from the bypass and it was not too bad, 2 days of presciption painkillers and then just tylanol to keep the dull ache under control, so i am very confident this will go well. But i am concered about the port site pain as that will be very different, but i will take it in stride.
    Today i am on day 5 of my optifast diet. The shakes are really yucky, and had been making them into a smoothie with my allowed 1/4 cup of fruit so i used mixed frozen berries, it made it much better to get down, but my bloody blender cracked so i have to go out and buy a new one and im not looking forward to going to K-Mart in our little town at Christmas shopping time where everyone and their dog are there. Its a mad house! But i hate the shakes by themselves so i will brave the madness. I also had a friend in the USA send me a BIG box of sugar free pudding and jello mixes as they dont have sugar free ones here. I have a big bowl on Lime Jello setting in the fridge, it will be a nice change. I REALLY miss my meat, as i am a big MEATATARIAN, hahaha!!! My mother is making my home made chicken broth for me to have at our family Christmas gathering. I am very lucky to have such a great support from family, friends and Doctors.
    Im READY!
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    catfish87 reacted to LadyDiva618 for a blog entry, I Survive My First Thanksgiving Banded   
    Do you guys like my picture of me and Fun Boy? I had him all weekend and we had fun.
    How was everyone Thanksgiving? You know what I am actually proud of myself I did good even though I had a big piece of my mom famous Sweet Potato Pie at 11am and it was so good. I even bake a chocolate cake with egg whites and applesauce if only I could of find a healthier version of chocolate icing.
    Anyway my big sister host Thanksgiving Dinner at her house and we had fun. I grab the smallest plate that she had (it was one of Fun Boy plates) and had a simple of everything! My daddy even commented that he was on his second plate and I was still on my first and only plate. I just laugh and told him that I have to chew chew chew and chew! He laughed and said that I was doing a good job.
    Can I tell you guys a funny story?
    I really wasn't sure about my chocolate cake that I made. One thing about me I love to bake but I don't need eat what I make. This time I was curious so I cut me a small piece of cake. As I was making my to go plate.... Fun Boy was over there eating pieces of my cake. When I looked over there he started laughing and ran. I just laugh and continue fixing my to go plate. Little did I know SJ (Fun Boy) went back to my cake and started eating it again! I turn around and I called his name and he looked at me and said it was good. Together me and Fun Boy finished the piece of cake.
    The next day was my moms birthday and I did something with her that I haven't done in a long time..... We watched a movie together. It is true the best things in life are free!
    Tomorrow I go back to work and I see my doc on Wednesday. God is good!
    Thanks for reading.
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    catfish87 reacted to ♥LovetheNewMe♥ for a blog entry, Keeping It Real!   
    Well Bandsters another Thanksgiving (#4 since I had surgery) has came and gone and even though I made enough food to feed an army I still was true to my healthy self. it is amazing how I have changed over time and how much I continue to appreciate the healthier side of life. This year has been filled with ups and downs and there have been many challenges that could have made me resort back to old habits and gain back my weight but I stayed true to my belief in myself and maintained my weight. I read a post this morning on my FB page and I really loved it. It was called the "15 things to give up" I thought I would share them with all of you and I hope you can use them in your life and your journey.
    1. Doubting yourself
    2. Negative Thinking
    3. Fear of Failure
    4.Destructive Relationships
    5. Gossiping
    6. Criticizing yourself and others.
    7. Anger
    8. Comfort Eating
    9. Laziness
    10.Negative Self Talk
    11. Procrastination
    12. Fear of Success
    13. Anything Excessive
    14. People Pleasing
    15. Putting others needs before your own
    When I read these words this morning I thought WOW!.... Someone wrote these just for me because I think at one point or another I have done one or all of these behaviors and they have not served me well. I have been very successful with my WLS and I am very thankful for that. I so appreciate the friends I have met on LBT and this site. I have made 7 wonderful friends who without some days my life would seem empty, they are always there to support and never hold anything back. LBT brought us together and FB keeps us together. Some of us have had the pleasure of meeting in person and this has made our friendships all that much stronger.. Dawn, Janet, Terri, Michelle, Cheryl, Dee, and Carole you are all so very special to me and I am Thankful this Thanksgiving that you are all a part of my life. WLS and LBT brought us together but what keeps us together is our bond of friendship and sharing our lives and families with each other.
    We have a few more holidays to go this year but I am looking forward to each and everyone of them. As many of you know my mother has Alzheimer's disease and each day that she continues to have the memory of her life and her children and grandchildren I cherish and consider a gift from God. Dealing with mom's disease has really put prospective back in my life and continues to help me on a daily basis to try and remember to stop and smell the roses. At Thanksgiving this year my family all came together, yes we had a wonderful meal with everyone's favorites but the best of the day was watching the smile on my mother's face as she sat and talked with her sons, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren. Here is a picture of four generations of the women in our family and Mom is the glue that has held us all together all these years.
    So as you work toward your goal remember to" Keep it Real", this is your life and remember we only get one chance at this life so make it worth it. Believe in yourself and your success with come in time with patience and hard work.
    "Love the New Me" aka Diane

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    catfish87 reacted to dylanmiles23 for a blog entry, Excess Food   
    Hello and happy holidays to everyone. Tonight is Hanukkah and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Being Jewish always meant fried potato latkes and other non healthy foods. As far as I know we are not doing a Hanukkah celebration this year being that tomorrow is turkey day. Saturday I will be seeing the whole family, plus. My youngest grandson, Max will be 1 on Friday. I don't ask menus because my son's MIL (she likes to run the show) is coming in and she is a cook and baker. She loves to bake so much that she researched her new oven ($12, 000.) She also is very thin and healthy. And she is the most frugal person I know. She likes her stuffing so much she isn't going to my brother's tomorrow. Weird!!
    I hope all of you eat accordingly. I am bringing green beans to my brother's because I know that the sweet potato casserole is very sweet with marshmallows etc. and I really hate it, any way. I don't like my SIL's stuffings either which is good. My son's MIL's stuffing is the one I make with Ritz crackers but mine is better because I have added a few things. My DIL said it was much better. It was the great grandmother's recipe. So now you want to know how I have their recipe. Well, my DIL's grandfather and my MIL's brother-in-law were brothers. We are NOT related. We just share cousins and the same aunt and uncle.
    Well everyone enjoy the weekend. The food, the shopping deals. MA, where I live, the stores do not open tomorrow. They open mid night, and even that is crazy. I have never gone black Friday shopping and never want to.
    Peace to everyone and remember our wonderful troops that make it that we can celebrate all of our different holidays as one country.
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    catfish87 reacted to LadyDiva618 for a blog entry, Port Placement Surgery   
    Happy Wednesday everyone. I know I haven't been active on here lately but I am back now. So how is everyone? I hope everyone is well.
    Where should I begin?
    This month has been a good month for me despite of me being a plateau... life has been good. I had a couple of moments this month. The one that hurt the most is when I didn't get my dream job. What is my dream job? To work in Human Resources I have a degree and experience in that field and I had my 10th interview and I still didn't get the job. I felt defeated but I got back on track. I decided to continue practicing my interview skills and keep moving forward. "Every NO! is one step closer to my YES!"
    Yesterday I had my port placement surgery. This time Dr. Richardson didn't have me come in at 430AM it was 830AM this time! Once again my amazing daddy took me to the hospital. He was off at work at 630am that morning and was still able to stay with me the whole time! I have to admit I was really nervous this time around I don't know why but I was.
    However I did get the biggest surprised yesterday....... I AM IN ONEDER LAND!!! (is that the right term?) I was shock was I seen the number 193.4! I was so nervous I couldn't cry. I have seen those numbers since I was 19. Wow I am still in shock!
    Today I am resting I haven't got my appetite back but I am slowly drinking water. I want to do some type of exercise today but I just do want to over do it. I am so close to my high school weight!
    It's nice to know that my Wii Fit was not lying to me. I am going to reward myself by going shopping for some new clothes and get me a pedi on Saturday. Besides I am on leave until Dec 2nd.
    God is good and I am loving my band!
    Thanks for reading.
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    catfish87 reacted to LadyDiva618 for a blog entry, I Am Back!   
    Well hello everyone and fellow Bariatric Pals!
    I am so happy that the blogs are available I was going thru withdraws to a min. LOL
    So what has been going on with me?
    Well last month I did my first 5K walk and I was amazing. (see pics below)
    I am set to have my port placement surgery on Nov 20th and I decided to take the rest of the month off.
    I am at a plateau now on my weight lost but that will changed soon.
    Other than that I am loving my Band!
    Thanks for reading.
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    catfish87 reacted to SillyAuntDi for a blog entry, I had to laugh...it's all I can do sometimes.   
    So, let me start with this. I love where I work. It's fantastic. My company is regularly voted as one of the top places to work in the US according to Forbes Magazine. In fact, we were ranked #1 a couple of years ago...twice. Perks here are outstanding: Free onsite healthcare, free gym access with a great cardio/weight room and a pool. You can take yoga and pilates classes on site. We have a hair salon on site (it's not free, but extremely convenient). There are 4 full service cafes on site, including one in the basement of my building. I can go downstairs and get a salad (when I'm back at that stage), a hot meal, deli sandwich or a hot sandwich. Some days we get fresh sushi. We have nice breakrooms on each floor that have various snacks and drinks. My employer is generous with time off and has been great to work with during my recovery period. My HR person even called to make sure I was back at work and doing OK after my scheduled time off.
    It's a great place to work. Most importantly, though I love my job. I don't take any of it forgranted either. It's special.
    I've been working here almost 15 years now. And, there is one thing that still makes me laugh. One of the "treats" we have in each break room is a weekly supply of M&Ms. Peanut and plain. There is a great person who comes weekly to refill the candy jars. It's like Pavlov's Dogs...we hear the M&Ms hit the jar and people start making their way to the breakroom.
    Yesterday I was in the breakroom heating up my mushy lunch and the candy lady was there filling up the jars. The first bag poured in and I said "OH, we know that noise. Watch how quickly people show up." She barely finished pouring the second bag and three people came in to dig out what they wanted. They all looked at me with my little lunch. I didn't even flinch. I'm just glad I'm not one of those people anymore
    I walked back to my desk and chuckled. And I savored my ability to break that habit and stick with it.
    Now, I just need to get back to the pool. I miss it. But, I can't go until I've seen the surgeon and he's OK with it. I see him on October 16. Fingers crossed!
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    catfish87 reacted to LadyDiva618 for a blog entry, Am I getting furlough?   
    I normally don’t get into politics but my phone will not stop ringing. And I had to stay off of Facebook because of all the negativity that is being posted.
    For those who don’t know I am a federal employee. I’ve been working for the government since I was 20. I love my employer and I love working with veterans.
    Today I got a letter saying after Friday I will be furlough. Am I mad? No just disappointment that we as a nation can’t get it together.
    I walk by faith not by sight. So for the next 3 days I will come into work with a smile on my face and continue help and working with our nations veterans.
    I hear everyone complaining about being out of work but I don’t see what their plan is.
    Here is my plan:
    I will try to work as many hours I can at the day care (job number 2)
    Tomorrow I will call up some temp agencies and see what they can do for me.
    I have to remember my situation is only temporary.
    Anyway Today is my 5 month bandversary and I feel great!
    Thanks for reading.
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    catfish87 reacted to BlueMoon~T for a blog entry, Doggy Woes   
    Today I wasn't feeling like taking my early morning walk. It's been a stressful few days and I was letting it get the best of me. When someone rang my doorbell and my dogs went nuts. I have two small dogs, a black POM and a brown Chihuahua. It was the mail carrier and I had to sign for a package. My husband is always ordering things from Ebay and Amazon, so I was thinking how annoyed I was at him for ordering something else!
    Well, guess what my little Taco did? He bolted out the door like a bat out of hell. I slipped on my flip flops and went chasing after him. Those of you who have small dogs know how quick they can be and wouldn't you know it... That little dog made me chase him around the entire neighborhood! He finally got tired about a mile away from home and I had to carry him the rest of the way. The entire time I'm cussing him under my breath. Then, as I'm walking up the finally hill to my house I realize my little doggy got me out of the house to take a walk. Not the kind I had in mind, but I still got out and walked a good two miles.
    Who knows if I would have walked today, but because my little Taco wanted to go on an adventure I took one and sitting her now... I feel great!

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