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Keeping It Real!



Well Bandsters another Thanksgiving (#4 since I had surgery) has came and gone and even though I made enough food to feed an army I still was true to my healthy self. it is amazing how I have changed over time and how much I continue to appreciate the healthier side of life. This year has been filled with ups and downs and there have been many challenges that could have made me resort back to old habits and gain back my weight but I stayed true to my belief in myself and maintained my weight. I read a post this morning on my FB page and I really loved it. It was called the "15 things to give up" I thought I would share them with all of you and I hope you can use them in your life and your journey.


1. Doubting yourself

2. Negative Thinking

3. Fear of Failure

4.Destructive Relationships

5. Gossiping

6. Criticizing yourself and others.

7. Anger

8. Comfort Eating

9. Laziness

10.Negative Self Talk

11. Procrastination

12. Fear of Success

13. Anything Excessive

14. People Pleasing

15. Putting others needs before your own


When I read these words this morning I thought WOW!.... Someone wrote these just for me because I think at one point or another I have done one or all of these behaviors and they have not served me well. I have been very successful with my WLS and I am very thankful for that. I so appreciate the friends I have met on LBT and this site. I have made 7 wonderful friends who without some days my life would seem empty, they are always there to support and never hold anything back. LBT brought us together and FB keeps us together. Some of us have had the pleasure of meeting in person and this has made our friendships all that much stronger.. Dawn, Janet, Terri, Michelle, Cheryl, Dee, and Carole you are all so very special to me and I am Thankful this Thanksgiving that you are all a part of my life. WLS and LBT brought us together but what keeps us together is our bond of friendship and sharing our lives and families with each other.


We have a few more holidays to go this year but I am looking forward to each and everyone of them. As many of you know my mother has Alzheimer's disease and each day that she continues to have the memory of her life and her children and grandchildren I cherish and consider a gift from God. Dealing with mom's disease has really put prospective back in my life and continues to help me on a daily basis to try and remember to stop and smell the roses. At Thanksgiving this year my family all came together, yes we had a wonderful meal with everyone's favorites but the best of the day was watching the smile on my mother's face as she sat and talked with her sons, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren. Here is a picture of four generations of the women in our family and Mom is the glue that has held us all together all these years.


So as you work toward your goal remember to" Keep it Real", this is your life and remember we only get one chance at this life so make it worth it. Believe in yourself and your success with come in time with patience and hard work.


"Love the New Me" aka Diane




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Wonderful picture. I am glad your mother's mind was still with you Thursday. Thursday was the first Thanksgiving we didn't include my mother. She is 95 with really bad dementia. She knows her children but we think she forgot our names. She thinks my sons 35 & 38 are babies and they are parents. Old age is very hard.

Have a wonderful holiday season.


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Lovely picture. My daughter-in-law's father passed away a year ago from complications from his early onset dementia. It was a very difficult time for her and her mom and I have much compassion for you and anyone who has a family member with this terrible illness. Cherish your mom for however long you have with her.

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Great list! Getting a band was all about #15 -- time to put myself first and get healthy. Best wishes to you. My father has dementia and it certainly does change the perspective -- being in the now and celebrating one another, loving ourselves and others -- all so important. Thanks for a lovely blog today!

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Di, what a beautiful tribute to your mother and I always appreciate you keeping it real. I haven't been on here much these days and didn't see your post earlier.

You are an inspiration and a great friend. I appreciate that you are encouraging and not afraid to keep it real. This journey isn't easy but you are proof that through trials and tribulations, successes and failures, it can be done!!!

The picture is lovely and I am so happy you and your family were able to truly celebrate the holiday. <3

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Diane, this is the best blog post ever! That list has relevancy to all of us who are on this journey.

You are an inspiration and a treasured friend. Even through the difficult days you manage to see the silver lining in the challenges found in each day.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom! <3

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