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  1. Hi Everyone, I really need to connect with others who are having or have had a baby. I had my baby July 24, 08 after getting banded March 07. I was down to 220 which was about 50lbs down when I found out I was pregnant. I am now at 247 and just got a 3cc fill last week. I am supposed to be doing a diet journal but its getting hard to get back on track.. I was totally unfilled when I was pregnant.. my choice I have way to many other complications when pregnant than to have to worry about the band. Anyone else just had a baby and getting ready to get fills again? Thanks, Brandi See Pics at: www.myspace.com/cuddlenymph
  2. Hi Everyone, Since everyone knows how much weight they have gained I figured I would look it up.. I will be 31 weeks tommorrow and have gained 34lbs. I have fairly large babies, 10.4 and 9lbs so lol hopefully I won't be as bad off after I have her. I am unfilled.. plan on getting my tubes tied at 4wks and a refill at 5 to 6 wks.. Hope everyone is doing well.. were hanging out inside cuz the heat has finally hit our area for the past few days. Brandi
  3. Hi Everyone, I am also glad I have found this thread. I am almost 30wks pregnant. I got banded in March of 07 and to my utter SURPRISE found out I was pregnant in Dec. 07. I had just hit the 50 lb loss mark when we learned the my IUD had failed and I was pregnant. Due to issues and potential bedrest I had a complete unfill which was ok because a person can only deal with so much at one time. I have two sons age 9 and 2 and this one is a lil girl. We have totally adjusted to the idea of having another one but I will be getting my tubes tied 4 wks after she is born. I have slacked totally on my eating and figured I need to start with some of the habits now before she is born. For ex.. no drinking with meals, having some Protein shakes etc. Anyone else doing this? And yes I do feel my port at times and it gets uncomfortable. I am glad to say that it is not sticking out like I feared it would. I hope to keep in touch with everyone else.. its nice knowing I am not the only one. Brandi
  4. Hi Raynie, I just found out I was unexpectedly pregnant, with #3, at the beginning of this month. I would love to chat with other bandsters who are pregnant. I am only 8 mo out from being banded and I just hit the 50lbs loss mark. How far along are you? Brandi
  5. CuddleNymph

    Where are the Maryland Bandsters?

    Hi Molly, I am from the Eastern shore of Md. How are you? Brandi
  6. Hi Raynie, I also found out I was pregnant (unexpectedly) Dec. 3rd. I am waiting now for a sono on Tuesday to make sure the baby is in the right place and not ectopic because I had an IUD in. Is this your first pregnancy? My band doc said they probably wouldn't do anything, maybe unfill it a lil, and I think thats the route I am going to go. I don't want it totally unfilled but I would like to be able to eat without having to worry about the band issues esp... since pregnancy has enough of its own issues. Hope to hear from you soon. Brandi
  7. CuddleNymph

    Marchies In December

    Hi Everyone, Its been awhile since I posted. I was banded in March and well just hit the 50 lbs down mark only to find out my IUD didn't quite do its job and I am pregnant.. Anyone else from March have an unexpected pregnancy? :faint: Thanks, Brandi
  8. :help:Hi Everyone, I am 8 months out from having band surgery and just did reach the 50 lb loss... only to find out this Monday that I was PREGNANT... I had an IUD in, which they removed Tuesday, and well its to early to see how things are going but so far my hcg numbers have doubled. I am totally shocked right now and not sure what to do considering a lot of things are in limbo until I can get my first sonogram. I had my lap band doc apt Monday and he said it was ok..and that most of the time they didn't do anything to the band but maybe unfill it a little. I have a good restriction now.. Has anyone left their band filled and been ok eating? If so what did you eat? I need to eat healthier its just harder with my restriction. Torn and confused.. lol as usual... Thanks, Brandi
  9. CuddleNymph

    Marchies In August

    Hi Sue, Thanks for your post I have been out of the loop lately and noticed I have been going back to my old habits. I have started tracking what I am eating starting today. I found out that for me I can not let to much caffeine and alcohol back into my diet. It changes a lot for me and I even gained 4 lbs last month. I am sure this has been asked before but can everyone share what they eat on a daily basis or some of the foods that really work for you. My restriction varys... on what I have no idea.. So I am either hungry or in discomfort trying to eat what I think is right.. Thanks, Brandi
  10. CuddleNymph

    Marchies In August

    Thanks for the suggestion of drinking small amounts throughout the day. I tried to drink it as a drink and the small aftertaste was to much but I am sure I could drink it in small amounts. Has anyone ever mixed these with something else? Thanks, Brandi
  11. CuddleNymph

    11cc Bronto-band: Does it EVER Fill Up?

    Hi everyone, I am a lil confused.. my doctor told me he has been agressive with my band. At my 2nd apt.. he told me this but after I told him what I could eat he wanted to add a lil more. He then said I was at 12 cc. I thought there was only a 4 and a 10 size band? If so how much can each hold. I have restriction that varies with the time of day. Right now I can never tell what I can eat.. and if I tend to eat fast..its all over and very painful.. Can anyone give me some insight on this? Thanks, Brandi
  12. CuddleNymph

    MaRcHiEs IN MaY

    Hi Everyone, I go to the doc again for a 2 month visit after my surgery. I had a fill the first visit and I am not sure what he will do with this visit. I can feel some restriction which from what I am reading is odd after only 1 fill. Just wanted to insight if other have gotten another fill after a month. Also can you guys share with me some of your breakfast/lunch/snack ideas. I keep reading all of your posts about exercise... I am going to go tommorrow night. Keep up the good work everyone...even when you don't realize it your motivating others.. like me!!!
  13. CuddleNymph

    lapband Hell

    :phanvan I was just wondering if it was me... but I have not had a problem with anything so far. I am trying to limit my quantity etc..but I am also finding myself hungry. I am hoping to find some insight at support group if I can get there this week. The next eating class is the 2nd Wed in May. If anyone wants to chat I have aol instant messenger. My screenname is Cuddlenymph . Also does anyone ever go in the chat room on this page? I have a few times and now one is ever there?
  14. CuddleNymph

    March 2007 Bandsters

    Hi everyone... Does anyone ever go into the chat rooms? Also I saw it posted before but I can not find information on how to update my weight loss ticker. Thanks, Brandi
  15. CuddleNymph

    March 2007 Bandsters

    Hi Everyone, On Wed. the 14th I was in the hosp at 9:30 and left by 2. Everything seemed to have gone well. I must really like being knocked out because I don't remember anything until I woke up in recovery. So I have been sitting around and drinking my liquids. So far i can drink a 4oz protein shake with no problem. Will this change as the swelling goes down? Anything else I should be prepared for? Thanks and good luck to everyone. Brandi
  16. CuddleNymph

    March 2007 Bandsters

    Hi All.. First thanks tammyj for the welcome... I am not quite sure how you keep everyone straight. Second.... I AM SO GLAD THAT I AM NOT ALONE. I go for my pre-op apt .. on Mar. 7th and my surgery is scheduled for the 14th. I feel like I have a few things that I need to eat now...before my surgery. I am not trying to go over board but I had hubby make grilled ribs yesterday... I am determined to make this work I just don't want to gain 10 lbs in the process. I am trying to remember that at some point I may be able to eat some of these foods again but just LESS of them. Weird how the mind thinks when we think we may not be able to have something for awhile.. Also thanks for the Preoperative list.... it takes away a lot of stress about being prepared. I am curious... is this mainly an outpatient surgery or do you normally have to stay overnight? Thanks, Brandi
  17. CuddleNymph

    March 2007 Bandsters

    Ok so how do I get the weight ticker to show up under my emails? Thanks, Brandi :help:
  18. CuddleNymph

    March 2007 Bandsters

    Hi Everyone, My name is Brandi and this is my first post. Thanks to everyone for all the great info out there. I go for my pre-op apt on the 7th and my surgery is scheduled for the 14th. I am not quite sure what to expect but I am excited also. I was reading the list of pointers but any additional advice would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to make a list to start getting this weekend so I will be somewhat prepared. Thanks, Brandi :clap2: