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  1. tmg333

    Dilated/stretched Pouch...:(

    I am so sorry this is happening...and you know we are LB twinz...:thumbdown:....I think I have the same thing...but with my insurance tripping I can't get a flouro to find out....maybe i should do a 30 day liquid diet too to see if that helps my restriction...because I mean at 8.2 ccs I should not be able to eat at all! Keep me updated....we'll get through this!!!!
  2. Had a hard time yesterday.... B: couple sips of green tea L: 1/4th Quiche Lorraine at LaMadeleine (PB), 2 half slices of bread with butter and jam, fruit parfait L2: turkey and cheese sandwich (PB), 3 chocolate chip cookies with 2% milk (stayed down of course) D1: 2 tacos (PB) D2: 2 slices pepperoni pizza toppings only (PB), about 15 chocolate covered peanuts (stayed down) Today so far i'm trying to see how its going to work out... B: 1/2 cup coffee w/cream and sugar L: planning to eat a lean cuisine D: dont know yet...
  3. Trying to get back on track...again! B: 1/2 cup coffee w/cream and sugar L: Jasons Deli Small Spud Au Broc potato - about 1/4th of it (PB'd it) and some of their free ice cream:blush: (of course that stayed down) D: turkey and pepper jack cheese sandwhich with mustard. 2 glasses of kool aid My sweet tooth has gotten terrible! I must get rid of it or at least calm it down.
  4. Stess definitely affects my band. It is much tighter when I am stressed out then the only thing I can eat is junk food. I will PB almost every meal if I am stressed. I can't even eat when my children are around because that stresses me out too. So I pretty much have to eat all my meals away from home for it to go down good. Also, I notice a lot of people drink the muscle milk protein shakes...are you drinking the powdered form or the pre-mixed? I've tried the pre-mixed and it was terrible. But I figure if so many people are drinking it it must not be too bad.
  5. TrueDiva what is cioppinno? I always see that on your posts and wondered what it is.... I am still trying to get back on track with my posting but since my eating is so crazy I always forget. I am still struggling with whether or not to get an unfill when I go to my appointment tomorrow. Somedays I can eat a bear! other days I can't eat a thing! Most meats and breads I cannot eat but pasta, rice, and all junk food goes down just fine. Saturday: I went to Macaroni Grill with my cousin. Had two bites of my pasta and started feeling like it would come back up so I boxed it. I nibbled on a very tiny piece of bread. Later that night went to a sports bar and had a frozen drink and 1 cheese stick - almost PD'd the cheese stick but I managed to hold it down. Sunday: I was having a hard day yesterday but here is what I managed to get down: B: nothing L: Nibbled on 1 cup of Penne Rustica from Macaroni grill (penne pasta with grilled chicken in a creamy parmeasean sauce). It took me 2.5 hours to eat it but it stayed down. D: 1 fried chicken drummette, 5 green beans, two small fork fulls of cheesy rice.... PB S: mini cup of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream - stayed down! S2: couple of hershey bar squares -- PB! (couldnt believe that!) I'm still losing slowly but tired of the unpredictability of my eating so I'm confused....help!?:biggrin:
  6. yesterday: B: honey nut cherrios and skim milk L: 1/2 cup brocc and cheese soup, 3 strips turkey bacon D: 1/4 cup tuna salad with ritz crackers, cheddar cheese and green olives: (PB - eating too fast and got stuck) D2: 2 cupcakes (this is bad!)
  7. I must get back into the habit of posting on here. I keep forgetting. Today: B: Green Tea and 2 slices turkey bacon L: Planet Smoothie - Leapin Lizzard (22b oz= 270 cals) D: Thinking about baked tilapia with parmesean zuchinni (i hope I can get it down!) work out...yep!
  8. I haven't posted in awhile because I have been bad, bad bad! Maybe if I start again I will be more mindful of what I am eating so here goes.... B: Chocolate True Results Protein Shake L: Went to Mimi's Cafe: Quiche Loraine w/Swiss, baby greens salad w/fat free balsamic vin (couple bites), fruit (chunk of watermelon and honeydew melon) S: Bag of Pnut M&M's [see...BAD!] D: Nothing because I've been grazing since lunch on the Quiche and ate the whole thing. I guess if you look at it...the only thing I ate today really was the whole Quiche. But I feel so heavy now I feel guilty so I'm only drinking water for dinner! ...the m&m's didnt help either...
  9. tmg333

    Tmg333 - Before Surgery

    These are all my BEFORE pictures...and who really cares about those right?! I just can't believe that I let myself go like this....all the while thinking I am cute! Pray for me yall! I fall off the wagon easily!
  10. I have been eating very badly and too ashamed to post it. So here goes: yesterday: B:slim fast high protein creamy chocolate s: handfull of cashews, almonds and craisins L: 1 cup chunky soup healthy request chix & sausage gumbo (this stuff is sooo good!) 5 ritz crackers s: another handfull of cashews, almonds and craisins then a 100 cal pack of peanut butter cheese crackers D: a mexi-melt from taco bell (this is the bad part...I had two of these the day before) :redface: workout: none...too busy.
  11. I had a fill today so I was trying to eat lite. B: chocolate slim fast high Protein B2: forgot i had the slim fast so i had oatmeal and turkey bacon s: 5 cocoa roasted almonds L: attempted refried Beans and grilled chicken...didnt stay s: 1 oz cheese and 3 ritz D: about 3 oz ground beef patty
  12. :thumbup: Way to go kcmagu!!! yesterday: B: yogurt and granola L: a pear and some pirates booty (thanks for the tip on that kcmagu i love it!) D: a whole bunch of cheese and some fruit (at a lapband meeting) workout: none...back still hurting...still struggling to get back in there.
  13. yesterday: B: yogurt and a few cocoa roasted almonds L: lean cuisine s: 100 cal keebler fudge stripe Cookies D: none...PB the whole thing...french fries that I shouldn't have been eating anyway.

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