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    Rebarr reacted to kcuster83 in Joint pain and dehydration   
    Dehydration does crazy things to your body. It is possible but I would call your surgeon.
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    Rebarr reacted to SleeveDiva2022 in Dating   
    If you think you're going to sleep with them, you gotta let em know ahead of time. They see you looking one way, then all of a sudden BAM, the skin monster comes out and they're like WTF??!?! If it's a serious relationship, they will understand and hopefully it won't change anything. If it's more casual, well, there's a better chance they won't like it. Just pick wisely and hope for the best. Or get skin surgery and don't deal with any of it lol My husband and I have been together for 17 years, but I'm with you. Ya just never know. I'm getting ALL the surgery once I hit goal weight. I'm working too hard to get healthy and smaller just to continue to have issues with my body and be embarrassed of it.
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    Rebarr reacted to Tufflaw in YAY   
    Great job!
    I had to pick up a 50 lb bag of pet food the other day and it was pretty heavy! Then I realized I'd been carrying around the equivalent of almost 2 of those every day for years pre-surgery.
    Imagine how you'll feel after the next 100 lbs are gone!
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    Rebarr reacted to Stephanie reiss in Cake, ice cream, pizza…farewell forever?   
    Honest i eat a small piece of cup cake with frost it was terriable feeling i wont let my self try anything else like it also pizza is makes me feel the wrose and most meats make me sick but before surger all i eat was meat its werid
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    Rebarr reacted to fourmonthspreop in Cake, ice cream, pizza…farewell forever?   
    This is true. I'm 4 months post of from bypass. I dumped once after eating honey butter and some french fries...Sugar and fat put me in double jeopardy lol

    I avoid sugar like the plague because I don't want to dump. I can still eat pizza though in moderation. I don't eat it often but my dietician says as long as I'm getting in my Protein, and staying in a calorie deficit, eat pizza!

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    Rebarr reacted to catwoman7 in Cake, ice cream, pizza…farewell forever?   
    nope. Once you're a few months out, restrictions will be lifted. There may be foods that you find your stomach won't be able to tolerate, but there will be no restrictions. I can eat all of those things - cake, pizza, sherbet - even real ice cream.
    about 30% of bypassers "dump", so they have to limit their sugar intake (or for some, fat). But most dumpers I know can eat "some" sugar (or fat). 70% of us do not dump. I never have (unfortunately, I might add...if I did, it would have stopped me from eating that cup of ice cream last night (which is just an occasional treat for me now, but still...))
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    Rebarr reacted to SleeveDiva2022 in Am I doing this right am I broken?   
    The first few weeks are brutal, especially the parts that are all liquid. You'll get through it. But maybe try drinking warm broth (bone broth has more Protein than regular broth), Soups, etc. They're warm, which can make things easier, and can also help you get your protein in.
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    Rebarr reacted to doobie31 in Am I doing this right am I broken?   
    You won't be on liquids forever so your mindset will definitely change. Even adding Soups and yogurt helped me SO much. But if you're feeling faint regularly and having trouble getting your Protein, I'd make sure to tell your doctor and/or nutritionist. One thing I've seen here is there are many, many post-op diets, and they may be able to ease up some of the restrictions to help you feel better and meet your requirements.
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    Rebarr reacted to The Greater Fool in Chewing food rule   
    Counting chewing isn't a rule, it's a tactic.
    The 'rule' is chew thoroughly. Some folks aren't used to chewing thoroughly, so 25.3 to 32.1 chews is a tactic to learn to chew thoroughly.
    Our stomachs now have a pretty narrow opening so you don't want chunks of food clogging it. Trust me. Of course, getting food stuck is another way to teach us to chew thoroughly. 24.7 chews is less painful.
    Good luck,
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    Rebarr reacted to catwoman7 in Question about kidney stones   
    I know too much Calcium can cause kidney stones - but I didn't know about calcium citrate. I didn't have kidney stones, but I was excreting WAY too much calcium and had to quit supplements altogether. Contact your PCP - they may have to do some testing to see what's going on...
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    Rebarr reacted to Tami10 in Protein HELP   
    Glad you liked it ratio also makes a granola that is awesome in the yogurt 8g Protein 2 net carb 1g sugar

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    Rebarr reacted to liveaboard15 in Pain   
    you are still healing and will be healing for a few months. The pain should go away with time... I am a little over 2 months out and nothing hurts anymore,
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    Rebarr reacted to lizonaplane in Thing I miss most   
    I am further out than you, but I went to a fancy, 7 course meal recently with my family. I just ate a little bit of each course. The Soup I didn't care for at all so I just didn't eat it. I ate more of the things I really like and less of the thigs that weren't great (before I would have eaten every bite!). I didn't finish anything, even dessert, and that was fine. I was more full than I would have been after a normal meal, but I didn't get sick.
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    Rebarr reacted to ms.sss in One more try before surgery again   
    How about starting the process now, at the same time as giving “traditional” weight loss efforts a try?
    You can go through the motions of non-wls-weight loss, if/when your surgery date comes around, you can always cancel (or postpone) if you reached your personal goal.
    This way, IF you decide you want to go go ahead with WLS in a year, all the pre-work would already be done.
    Good luck, whatever you decide ❤️
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    Rebarr reacted to Spinoza in One more try before surgery again   
    I don't think anyone here will tell you you don't need surgery and instead you need to eat more healthily! Most of us have been exactly where you are. My one regret about my sleeve is that I didn't do it many years ago and save myself years of yo-yoing and stress and obesity and self-loathing. My advice would very much be to forego the final attempt to lose weight and keep it off, given the tiny chances of success long term. I say cut to the chase and see your bariatric surgeon again and tool yourself up! Good luck whatever you decide.
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    Rebarr reacted to kcuster83 in One more try before surgery again   
    Surgery recovery for me was not bad but the gas pain for about the first 3 days was horrible.
    I also had a hernia (huge one) and major damage to my esophagus from years of GERD which was also repaired. My surgeon said he basically did 3 surgeries at once.
    I am 6 weeks post-op and no I cannot tell anything was physically changed inside my body. Everything works normal. Other than I obviously just can't eat much.
    I also eat about 1/2 cup of food at a time and have light cheese or meat and cheese roll ups for Snacks. I drink a shake for Breakfast to jump start my Protein then lunch and dinner and usually 1 snack. (600-700 cals a day)
    As far as what you can and cannot eat that is drastically different from person to person. Each person handles different foods differently. On top of that, every surgeons team seems to have drastically different post-op diet plans which may or may not limit what you are allowed to eat.
    I was on and off the fence for years myself, once I decided to go for it I was full force ahead and dedicated like a pro. I have no regrets!
    Good luck on your journey.❤️

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    Rebarr reacted to kcuster83 in Two months   
    I officially hit 2 months post-op Saturday.
    Just a few fun shares.
    I have lost 48 lbs since surgery!!! (84 total)
    I had to move my the seat up in my truck.
    My knees do not grind as I walk up steps anymore.
    My blood pressure is on the LOW side of perfect.
    All of my clothes are too big, way too big.
    My shoes are loose/roomier.

    I am so amazed at how quickly our bodies change. But, what amazes me the most is how we (at least me) don't even notice as it slowly changes for the worse but EVERY SINGLE TINY thing stands out when it is changing for the better.

    I had 2 cookouts this weekend and it didn't even phase me.

    At my family cookout, I made avocado salad (avocado, peppers, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, olive oil, lime juice, garlic) I ate this and grilled chicken breast with regular BBQ Sauce on it. (Everyone there knew I had bypass, the only question I got was "What can you eat now" I said, anything, my SIL said ok cool.

    At my friends cookout, I ate 2 deviled eggs and 2 of the tiny party size meatballs. Then I picked some cucumber out of the Pasta salad. (No one knew I had bypass, no one questioned my tiny plate of food)

    I was satisfied at both and had no urge to munch.

    I have zero complaints, zero regrets.
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    Rebarr reacted to vilmarie.25 in Surgery this morning UPDATE:   
    My bypass + hh repair was early in the morning. Pain level after surgery 0 but NOW 8:39pm I have level pain 6. My liquid diet start in stage 2. Protein Shake, broth, sugar free popsicle, apple juice and Water. Probably come home tomorrow. No nausea, no vomit at this moment. But you need walk, walk and walk. OFFICIALLY I’M ON THE OTHER SIDE!!! Yessss!!!!
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    Rebarr reacted to Arabesque in Cramps after drinking   
    Your tummy is very sensitive after the surgery. Think about how your body spasms if doused in cold Water - same with your poor tummy at the moment. Try warm drinks. A lot of us found them more soothing than cool/cold which can be too harsh on our healing tummy. I made my shakes up using warm water or you can microwave them briefly if pre-made.
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    Rebarr reacted to kcuster83 in Literally crying right now   
    Just follow your plan. Serving sizes, calories, macros. Whatever you plan involves and you will do fine!
    Based on a few of your other posts, I think you are over thinking it. Or, maybe, thinking about it the wrong way.
    Everyone is able to eat different amounts and different things at different intervals of the day.
    Don't stress my friend, you will be ok!
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    Rebarr reacted to liveaboard15 in Literally crying right now   
    Your sleeve can hold about 3-4oz of food... I am 5-6 weeks post op and i can eat about 4oz of food in one sitting.. but i take my time. I eat slowely and chew chew chew. for example. 1 chicken egg scrambled, a handful of chopped onions, 2-3oz of turkey sausage and 1 slice of cheese is my normal Breakfast lately. I eat about half and relax. Then maybe 10-15 minutes later i take another bite and so on.
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    Rebarr reacted to I♡BypassedMyPhatAss♡ in Literally crying right now   
    Two chicken legs sounds like a lot, but actually according to Google, a chicken leg, meat only, no skin is about 1.5 ounces. So you ate approximately 3 ounces of chicken. How many ounces are you supposed to eat per meal?
    Dark meat chicken always went down easier for me than white meat. I had to eat it slower, and allow more time between bites, so I felt more restricted. Foods sit differently for each person.
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    Rebarr reacted to Vivis in What to eat in the soft food stage?   
    You're a QUEEN for responding in such beautiful detail!!!! I appreciate all the information. Definitely taking some notes from what you wrote.
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    Rebarr reacted to CurvyGirl23 in 4 Days Post Op   
    I had surgery on May 2nd. Anytime I drank or moved, my stomach was roiling with acid and gas. I called it my witch's cauldron. I was concerned as I saw so many that didn't seem to have this issue after surgery. Once I got to week 2 with full liquids (yogurt, Protein Shakes, etc.) and I could consume more items of substance, this improved greatly and is now not an issue. Hopefully yours will improve too.
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    Rebarr reacted to Merill in May 2022 surgery?   
    I'm also very nervous as I'm scheduled for a hiatal hernia repair and a Roux-en-Y tomorrow, finally the day has come! after being cancelled once due to covid cases taking up all the beds.. can't wait to get all this over and done with and and be my path to my new journey!
    🙏😊All the best to you keep us posted on how you go.

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