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    You are getting a new Vajay-Jay lol .. the only time I agree with lying is when ppl are too nosey and asking questions they don’t need to know
  2. Jai D

    Surgeon's advice after vomiting

    I get my multivitamins from the vitamin shoppe and I’ve never become nauseous from them. They are chewable and it’s a one a day. I would change your vitamin first and see if that helps. Before or after surgery if something makes you throw up you should seek alternatives
  3. Don’t fret! It’s normal . I had my surgery on 12/17 and lost 13.5 lbs the first week. I stalled at week 2,3,&4. In week 5 now and the scale is finally moving again.. thank the lord. the 3 week stall can be 3 weeks or less. It doesn’t necessarily start in the 3rd week after surgery, but it’s normal. Just stop weighing yourself b/c if your like me it will make you think you are the problem. It’s common and you will be on your way soon again.
  4. I get my multivitamins from the vitamin shoppe. They are one a day chewable. I love that I can get them shipped or just go to the store and not wait for delivery. Taste is good. In the beginning I would put 1 in my cheek just to soften it up before swallowing but now that’s not necessary. Good luck
  5. Couldn’t sleep the last 2 nights but I also have Covid at the moment. Since I’m vaccinated it was only like a cold but it’s clearing up now, but I wasn’t sure if the insomnia is due to VSG or Covid or something else. I am 4 weeks post op tomorrow and I am hoping this is a sign of a Jumpstart to my metabolism since I’ve stalled after the 1st week loss of 13.5 lbs. Perhaps it’s a sign I need to be more active during the day. I also just started eating solid foods last Friday so that could be it. Covid insomnia is also a “thing” so only time will tell. I’m tired tho. 🥱
  6. I also need to know how to add my surgery details
  7. Congrats! I’m a bit jealous I must admit. I lost 13.5 lbs the first week after surgery. I lost nothing on the pre op liquid diet after not eating for 7 days and walking 10,000 steps per day on average. This coming Friday I’ll be 4 weeks post op and I haven’t lost anything in the last 3 weeks. I’m starting to feel like God wants me to be fat and/or I just have to accept that I’m going to lose it slower than most but not have lose skin in the end and hopefully have the body that I actually want.. smaller but toned. I am happy for you but I’m not sure why my scale isn’t moving so soon after weight loss surgery. I want to be out of the 200’s already. I started at 241 and have stalled at 228 for 3 weeks now. I’m frustrated. Any tips?
  8. To be honest. I drove the next night after surgery. I didn’t drive far though. Luckily I live in a neighborhood where everything is close by. I really had no problems after surgery aside from being tired. Many things I’ve read about I did not have to deal with. I am having a very easy recovery with a few minor “hiccups” here and there. The hardest thing in the 1st 10 days was that I was tired. Now I’m not tired at all. I have yet to drive more than 20 minutes but I feel like I’d be fine driving at least 45 minutes to an hour. I’ll probably take an hour drive this weekend which will be 3 weeks post op.
  9. Haha yeah I felt that way in the beginning but just remember the full liquids are still liquids.. pudding, jello, drinkable yogurt (yogurt with milk added), etc.. I found pudding to be super delicious and filling and went down nicely and gave me a “liquid” that I could feel was like a food since I’m eating it with a spoon. Much of this is trial and error. It gets easier
  10. When I added a little salt to my diet through soup and a few other foods I felt more energized. Also try getting your electrolytes in. They make pedialyte zero or smart water. Hope this helps. Sounds like you are doing great. Also you may want to try adding some iron or a different multivitamin.
  11. Exactly, embrace the NSV (non scale victory). We got this!!
  12. It might also help you to add milk (dairy or non dairy) to your protein shake. This will reduce the sweetness, give you some additional fluid intake, and give you more minerals/vitamins. It also thins out the protein shake if you are using something thin like an almond milk.
  13. Not sure if your age but are you still menstruating? I lost 13.5 pounds post op in the first week but 2nd week and now 3 rd week I lost nothing, but week 2 was before my cycle and week 3 was my cycle.. I’m waiting for my body to get back to normal hormonal levels. I stopped weighing myself daily because it was messing with my head. I know during surgery it was my ovulation time so I expect to lose weight again after my cycle is over up until a week after ovulation and then stall again. Everyone is different but ppl don’t correlate their cycle with their weight loss stagnation or progress enough. Just mu opinion. Once you understand your luteal phase and follicular phase I find this helps tremendously. Best of luck!!
  14. I found that pudding went down the easiest and was the most filling post op. Pudding also counts toward your fluid intake as it’s a full liquid. Not sure if you are past the clear phase but I would suggest you try sugar free pudding and maybe some Genepro to add to your liquids. Soup also helped me get my fluids in. Drink a little .. take a break.. drink more.. repeat.. best of luck!
  15. I bought multi vitamins from the vitamin shoppe and they are chewable and taste good to me. I didn’t have to wait or pay for shipping which was a plus and it’s a 60 day supply for $20

PatchAid Vitamin Patches