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    SleeverSk reacted to BeagleMom83 in Low BMI pre op question   
    Well, you are going to lose weight after surgery by giving up sugar, flour and weighing your food. You will also drink very little beer and do lots of exercise.
    A surgery is not going to change the mental aspect of poor eating. Trying to stay heavy enough for surgery is not a good way to start off the journey.
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    SleeverSk reacted to liveaboard15 in Doing it all wrong.   
    Have you tried unflavored Protein Powder? i have seen people online mix it into their broths and Soups or drinks.
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    SleeverSk reacted to Arabesque in Clothes shopping weirdness...can you relate?   
    Hey @Smanky. Try Bassike, Muse Linen, Jac & Jack, & Kowtow (a NZ label) all are strongly focussed on ethical & sustainability clothing. Bassike just won an award for their practices. Bassike & Jac & Jack are more expensive but they have a sale on at the moment. Bassike goes up to XXL & Jac & Jack to XL. Kowtow isn’t as expensive as they are & Muse is cheaper again (in that $100-$200 range usually but if you’re looking for that odd better outfit …). Both go up to XL.
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    SleeverSk reacted to Smanky in Clothes shopping weirdness...can you relate?   
    I've been steadily going through my clothes and and am now fitting into most of my smallest sizes. I'm not allowing myself to shop for clothes until those ones start to fall off, and hopefully by then I'll be able to thrift. I'm just really trying not to buy any more fast fashion because buying sustainable and ethical plus-sized clothing is IMPOSSIBLE in Australia. I can't justify buying new clothes that I'm going to once again shrink out of in a couple of months.
    Anyone asks me to go anywhere posh in the next few months, and I'll be turning up in jeans, a t-shirt, and a mildly apologetic expression.

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    SleeverSk got a reaction from 2Bsmaller18 in Eating out with strangers   
    Who cares what they think and really its a bit rude if they do comment on the amount you eat I mean we don't say to normal/big eaters "oh gee you eat a lot" do we ? if they do comment just say you have a small tummy and you dont over eat to stretch it like they have done with theirs lol. 🤣.
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    SleeverSk reacted to lindseylovesdogs in Revision because of Complications   
    yes they know whats going on. my surgeons office hasnt done too much but i get endoscopy results this week from my stomach doctor and then i guess my surgeon will go from there.
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    SleeverSk reacted to lbugher in Am I really gonna lose weight?   
    Band-to-bypass patient here. I think I may have perspective that will help you considering I've been through it myself.
    I never lost weight with the lap band because it didn't work for me. It never reduced my appetite and it merely felt like a road block between my esophagus and stomach. food slid through the band pretty easily (if I chewed well enough and/or ate slider foods) and considering it was much easier and more comfortable to eat that way, that's what I did. The lap band does NOTHING to stop you from eating as much ice cream or cheesy mashed potatoes as you want.
    With the lap band, if it's adjusted properly, you get a hard "stop" when your pouch is full. You have to be careful with the bypass because "full" is a much more gradual feeling. Eat slowly, or else you could end up eating too much and that is painful. Restriction is there but it's a gradual feeling rather than the sudden feeling of "I can't eat anymore."
    Keep in mind other benefits the bypass has that the lap band doesn't: malabsorption, reduced/muted appetite, and prolonged satiety. I would get hungry pretty fast after drinking Water with my lap band (I always waited the 60 minutes we were told to wait and even so, the food washed right through my pouch). With the bypass I'll stay full for several hours. I get hungry but not *famished* to the point where I'm shaky and desperate.
    You're just 1 month post-op but it will get better feel free to PM me if you want to chat. Having had a lap band before will make this experience different for you. I'd get so frustrated when people told me the lap band was "just a tool" but it felt like someone gave me a bent screwdriver when what I needed was a jackhammer. The bypass is a much more powerful tool. I lost 20 pounds in 6 months with my lap band and then stopped. I was so frustrated with feeling miserable that I just gave up and ate what I wanted. With the bypass I've lost 101 pounds in 5 months. It's night and day, truly. Even on days when I want to give up and eat what I want, I can't. And I really appreciate that. Try eating a couple Cookies and see what happens 😂 actually, don't. For me it's really bad farts but for a lot of people it results in terrible dumping so it's just not worth it.
    Anyway, I hope I provided some comfort for you. It will get better and you'll lose weight!!! It's such a better tool than the lap band (or as I call it, crap band!)
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    SleeverSk reacted to liveaboard15 in VSG   
    Oh wow you are not that big in my opinion. I remember being 190lb and i am 5'4 in high school. if i was 190lb now i personally would not be getting surgery. But thats me. Good luck on your surgery.
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    SleeverSk reacted to Sleeve_Me_Alone in VSG SURGERY   
    Give yourself LOTS of grace. This process is not easy, and there will be bumps along the way. Prepare yourself mentally as best you can.
    Therapy helps immensely. If you're not seeing someone, look into it. If that's not an option, read up on disordered eating, eating addiction, and transfer addiction. Arm yourself with information and resources.
    Start making a list of questions for your surgeon and ask them BEOFRE your surgery.
    Get a support system in place. Spouse/partner, family, here, BariNation, wherever. Just be sure you have a place to go with the hard questions and the big feelings because they WILL come.
    Most of all, be so dang proud of yourself for taking this step. We will be here cheering you on!
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    SleeverSk reacted to DaisyAndSunshine in Carbs and Fat?   
    Sorry for multiple topics last couple of days 😂
    Just trying to get hang of this new lifestyle, so thank you for answering my questions and concerns.
    This time around it's about fats and carbs. So my dietician didn't mention anything on calories, fats or even carbs. Calories understandable since it seems positive not to focus too much on it.
    But there aren't any instructions on carbs or fats. Do you guys have similar guidelines? Or does your program have a cap on net carbs and fats one is allowed in a day?
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    SleeverSk reacted to GradyCat in Weight Watchers Personal Points Program   
    Okay, so it's been two full weeks on the WW program and I've lost 3 pounds. I'm happy with that rate of loss and feel like it'll increase now that I'm transitioned fully from a no-carb diet to a more well-rounded diet as there would have been a period where I would have gained weight when reintroducing carbs. Overall it's easy to do, kinda fun to track and measure and explore. Plus you can't beat the variety of foods you're allowed to have.
    Anybody else doing WW?
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    SleeverSk reacted to GradyCat in Weight Watchers Personal Points Program   
    A couple of weeks ago I got sick, probably a stomach virus, but I had been having gastrointestinal issues (diarrhea) on a different diet, that I'm going to post about later, so I decided to give Weight Watchers a try.
    I didn't realize that they have just revamped their program and released a new iteration of it in November 2021, so my timing was pretty good to start the new program.
    It's taken a couple of weeks for my body to adjust after reintroducing carbs again, but I'm starting to lose weight now.
    I did WW way back in 2006 or so and was successful, so I thought I'd try it again.
    PROS: well-balanced meals without restricting certain foods, easy-to-follow, easy tracking system for daily points, allows flexibility
    On this new version, Personal Points, you take an assessment online and it asks you if you're diabetic, what types of foods you typically like to eat, what your rate of activity, is and it calculates both your daily allotment of food "points" as well as generates your own personal list of "zero point" foods. So my list of zero points may not be the same as yours. On my list, I can count eggs, grilled chicken, corn, and of course non-starchy green vegetables as zero points.
    I like the bar code scanner that scans grocery store packages and converts it into points for you and also they've got just about every restaurant imaginable in their database with associated point values.
    Is anybody else here doing Weight Watchers? I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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    SleeverSk reacted to JDLane in What do non-cooks eat in the 4th month?   
    Yes, and? OP was looking for convenience food options because she is tired of shakes...
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    SleeverSk reacted to BumblePhee in 8oz of soup 1 week post op?   
    Thank you guys so much! I know I have a little bit of hypochondria so this is super reassuring! I’ve been worried about drinking too much at one time and I’m starting to realize I’ll be okay if I don’t take a baby sip every few minutes, and just make sure I’m hydrated.
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    SleeverSk reacted to mleginza in Do hiccups mean anything?   
    Thank you for these answers. I had sleeve on jan 10, im postop day 3; noticed hiccups and burps while eating. No nausea/vomiting since hospital stay. Im sipping Water slowly but i think im drinking shakes quickly. Thx to your input i am going to focus amd stop eating/drinking following hiccups or belching
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    SleeverSk reacted to lizonaplane in Do hiccups mean anything?   
    I also get hiccups now when I'm full. I can't tell if it's because I've eaten too fast because, well, I think I always eat too fast.
    I also burp more now, which is funny because I don't drink much soda, which I used to drink a LOT of (my program says you can have carbonated beverages after 4 weeks, so I drink some diet soda, but very slowly).
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    SleeverSk reacted to The Greater Fool in Do hiccups mean anything?   
    There are a few possible 'full' signals of which I've heard over the years.
    The first 6 weeks for me was pureed food and I would get a runny nose which I came to believe caused the foamies. Unfortunately, even as small as my portions were the sniffling usually started before I could complete it.
    When I advanced to normal food I also advanced to sneezing. Twice. If I take another bite I'll usually end up wretching. I try to stop before I hit 'full' so I keep my portions appropriate. But when the two sneezes occur it's time to put the utensils down and walk away.
    Even after 18 years, there are days where I sneeze after the first bite. And yes, it means the meals over. I can try again later if I feel the need and ability.
    Good luck,
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    SleeverSk reacted to GradyCat in Bad days   
    I focus back on why I had the surgery to begin with and look to the future success and get through the current pain of it.
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    SleeverSk reacted to Sleeve_Me_Alone in Bad days   
    Therapy, meds, meditation, reading, and posting & interacting with other bariatric patients all help. I also try and focus on HEALTH not weight. Weight is just a number, it has nothing to do with your worth or value as a person. Working on your health, eating well, moving your body are a form a self-care and a privilege. It means we were given another day to live. And on the REALLY bad days, I give myself grace to stay in bed, cry, drink extra coffee, whatever. Sometimes its ok to do that, too, you just can't stay there. ❤️
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    SleeverSk reacted to lizonaplane in Bad days   
    I call my parents or a friend, I allow myself to wallow a bit, I try to distract myself with reading or podcasts. I go the mall for mall walking. I take a nap.
    Feel better!
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from GradyCat in Bad days   
    Just curious how you all get through your bad days where you wake up feeling yuck, dont feel like eating or drinking and just plain sorry for yourself
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    SleeverSk reacted to Arabesque in 10 months post-op   
    First, everyone’s rate of weight loss slows as they get closer to goal. So you’re doing fine. Secondly I’m your height and basically maintained my weight (110lb+/-) now for a good year. So, yes reaching a lower weight is possible. But you & I are still very different. We may be the same height but I’m 56, have a small frame, am not very active & have a low muscle mass.
    I reached my goal at 6 months consuming about 900 calories. I continued to lose. I found it challenging to eat enough food to slow/stop the weight loss. It was 11 more months & losing another 11kg (24llb) before I stabilised. By then I was eating 1200-1300 calories. I eat about 1300 to maintain now. Honestly, my surgeon & GP were concerned with my continuing weight loss & my weight when I stabilised. They’re happy now but continue to monitor me carefully (every 3 or 4 months) for which I’m grateful.
    I’ve looked at some of those weight loss tables too & they all advise different recommended calorie levels for me to lose or maintain. (An iIF one advised 1000 calories for me to maintain recently - wrong!) They don’t know who you are physiologically or psychologically. They don’t take into consideration your frame, your muscle mass, your weight loss history, your metabolic rate, etc. They don’t consider whether your weight loss goal is healthy for you.
    The question is if you have to eat 650 calories to get to the weight you want how many calories will you need to eat to maintain your lower weight? A low weight goal is not always sustainable in the long term. Eating a restrictive low calorie diet also is not sustainable - it’s why diets fail. By continuing to eat so few calories you’ll also damage your metabolic rate? The surgery boosted your metabolism. Do you want to risk damaging it again?
    Talk to your surgeon & your dietician about your goals. At this stage you should be continuing to increase your caloric intake & working out your long term eating plan.
    I don’t know I if I will be able to maintain my weight into the future. Life can throw crap at us or I may decide I want to be more flexible in my food choices.
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    SleeverSk reacted to vikingbeast in Are you a member of the polar bear club?   
    Yes, it happens. There are at least a couple of reasons:
    1. Lack of padding. As we lose weight, there's simply less of us to cushion us from the cold. Think about why bears eat so much before hibernating—they get fat both to insulate themselves and to nourish themselvesˀ.
    2. Temperature regulation. This is related to #1. Our bodies are used to having the thermostat 'set' a certain way. Now that thermostat isn't keeping us as warm anymore and it takes time to catch up.
    3. Iron deficiency. This is a big one, especially if it's your hands and feet that are especially cold. Right after surgery we struggle to get enough iron. And even if you supplement with iron, your body may not use it as efficiently as you need. And one of the signs of anaemia is... feeling cold a lot.
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    SleeverSk reacted to ShoppGirl in Disappointed Surgeons   
    I think your weight loss sounds good. I was a slow loser and I am sitting (stalled unfortunately) at 9 pounds from goal now. It’s not a race to get there as long as you are losing and continue losing you will be fine. Honestly you are eating such small portions it doesn’t matter that much what you are eating now (within reason). My plan even included things like mashed potatoes on the purée phase which others cringe at. I think because of situations just like yours where it is all you can get down and you have to eat something.
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    SleeverSk got a reaction from BypassingMyPhatAss♡ in Wth have I done to myself panic…   
    Hi Ellie, i totally understand where you are at, I was the same if not worse. I spent my first 8 weeks curled up on my sisters couch feeling like my life was over. I cried everyday for the first 4 months i was miserable and deeply regretted the surgery. But it does get better i still have my moments but on the whole i am feeling much better. Feel free to reach out to me in pm if you want to vent chat or ask questions.
    Ps i did get councilling that might be a good option for you too.

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