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  1. Kaguragetshealthy_87

    Is smoking marijuana safe after surgery?

    Following because in my psych eval, he actually suggested I switch to medical Marijuana.
  2. I got the recommendation from my NP, today I have the Psy Eval. After that it should be on to testing to make sure my body can handle the surgery. :) Also I'm down to 350.8 this morning. 

    1. EsojLabina


      Congratulations 🍾🎉🎊

  3. Kaguragetshealthy_87

    TriCare Approved Now I Wait:(

    I actually researched my insurance to see if they would cover it. My insurance has a website where they can give you an estimate of costs. I found the center that would do it and did the orientation. However I think a lot of people go through their primary care doctors for a referral or letter of support. I'm currently starting the process of getting everything I need and my center is being very helpful.
  4. Kaguragetshealthy_87

    TriCare Approved Now I Wait:(

    I just seen my surgeon today and I'm hearing that they are not doing surgeries in Gainesville currently. But I'm hoping by the time I complete everything it will be back on track.
  5. I met the surgeon today! I really like him, now just need referral from primary care and psychologist. Center will schedule the testing. 

  6. Kaguragetshealthy_87


    Good for you!
  7. I'm so sorry! I'm hoping for the best and maybe a caretaker service would be best. I live in a city by myself with no friends and I'm not sure what I'm going to do if I get approved for surgery. But from everyone else's response it may be good to hire a service.
  8. Kaguragetshealthy_87

    What are you looking forward to ?

    Because I am having trouble with dieting during this preop I wanted to add a few things: Bending down to tie my shoes and not experiencing horrible side cramps Not worrying about if I can fit into an uber or someone else's car Wearing athletic shoes, in school the kids always said my shoes were leaning over Walking on campus at a regular pace with coworkers and not sweating or being winded Being able to fit on rides, go to concerts and not have to shimmy walk at the theaters Working on a core that's strong enough where I can get up off of the floor without flailing around
  9. Kaguragetshealthy_87

    What are you looking forward to ?

    I want to kayaking and ride a seadoo. I want to ride a horse and stop having so much anxiety on whether people like me or not because I'm so big.
  10. Kaguragetshealthy_87

    Approved! Surgery 30 Nov. 2021!!!

    Good for you!
  11. Kaguragetshealthy_87

    My before and after.

    That's awesome!
  12. I am in the same boat, after doing more research it looks like my insurance will only pay for banding or gastric bypass. I thought wanted the sleeve...but I'm so tired of this weight that I'm thinking just going with what I can get paid for.
  13. Kaguragetshealthy_87

    Florida ins coverage

    Hello, I have BCBS PPO FL I've been told by North FL Regional that my insurance covers it and I go for a consult at the end of the month. I am a bit anxious. How are things for you/
  14. Kaguragetshealthy_87

    BCBS of Florida

    Hello I have BCBS FL PPO and I'm looking for as much info as possible. They surgery is covered by my insurance and I'm scheduled to do a consult at the end of the month. Were you able to get your surgery?
  15. Kaguragetshealthy_87

    State of Florida Employee BCBS PPO

    Hello! I'm in Gainesville too with BCBS trying to get this procedure done. I've been told my insurance will cover it up. I would like to know if you got your surgery and if things worked out for you?

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