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    Married mom of 2 from Texas. After my pregnancies I started to put on weight and struggled to maintain a healthy weight. So now I am ready to take this weight issue into my own hands.
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  1. Update - I needed a 3rd surgery. There were 2 areas that scar tissue developed and chocked off areas. Not allowing food to pass. I had it this morning. He said it will take a few weeks for stomach to heal but I should be able to stop the IV nutrition in a week or 2.
  2. Yeah a home health nurse comes once a week to take blood for lab tests and change my bandage on my central line.
  3. HI all!!! So I had my bypass on 11/17/21 a few days after I started getting really nauseous and couldn't eat of drink. The Friday after Thanksgiving I begin throwing up massive amounts of blood and clots. My surgeon rushed me to ER. They did a CT scan and everything looked good. They admitted me and started fluids. over the next week I had an endoscopy and a text on my gallbladder. The endoscopy showed no new blood but my stomach lining was VERY irritated. The gallbladder test showed it was not draining properly. He decided he was going to remove it. At the same time he was getting concerned because my numbers were out of whack and my protein levels were dropping. They put a central line in and began feeding me TPN through it. Gallbladder surgery went well and he was very happy he removed it because it was very distended. I was discharged a week ago with TPN. So now I am home with my central line and TPN every night. I still can't really eat anything and even drinking causes me pain and nausea. Anyone experience ANY of this???
  4. Lem32

    Regret and Depression

    That is exactly what I was thinking. I have severe, severe,severe acid reflux and gastro paresis and my surgeon 100% said the sleeve would only make it all worse. I am scheduled to have a bypass in 2 weekes.
  5. Lem32

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    Does the apple juice upset your stomach because of the sugar??
  6. Lem32

    November 2021 surgeries

    HI all I just had my bypass rescheduled from December 8th to November 17th. I can't believe it is in just 2 weeks. I am so excited but kinda nervous too. Going from over 1 month to 2 weeks is crazy!!!!
  7. HI All, anyone else have their surgery scheduled for November 17th? Mine was originally December 8th, but they had a cancellation so they moved me up. So excited but SOOOOOO nervous at the same time!!!!
  8. Lem32

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    Hey all my surgery date was moved up from December 8th to November 17th.
  9. They moved my surgery up to November 17th
  10. What are some of the books you are reading?
  11. You are right we can do this. And we are stronger in numbers. I hope this can become our own little buddy group.
  12. Exactly!!! I know I can work out and I know I can watch what I eat. But can I really stick to the diet like I will need to. I am worried about dumping pain, if I do mess up. Nothing scares me enough not to do this, but just worried. And I feel like December is forever away.
  13. Me!!!! December 8th!!! I am so excited, but kinda nervous if I can actually do this. You know make all the changes needed. Anyone else?
  14. December 8th!!!! So excited, but kinda nervous now that I have an actual surgery date. Kinda worried if I can actual do this. Anyone else?
  15. Lem32

    Alittle Confused

    Like everyone else said it varies. My insurance did not require anything. My doctor required: 1 pre-op nutrition meeting, 1 psych evaluation, EKG and Blood work, and because I have gastroparesis I had to have a MRI and X-ray. I have now completed all that so we will be setting a date next week.

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