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    PlantBasedNJ reacted to smarks in Tragic accident   
    I had my surgery Monday. Tuesday while in hospital I found out my son died in a car accident. I’m grieving so bad and reaching out to you all for prayers
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    PlantBasedNJ reacted to JustSJ in No energy at all!   
    I had my sleeve surgery on June 3rd (so almost 3 weeks ago) and am not dizzy anymore, but am still pretty exhausted. The one serving of caffeine I'm allowed to have only helps for a short while. Still SO tired! I had to go back to work after one week, but since I work at a desk job, I thought it would be ok. Now, I'm wondering if I should have taken more leave...
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    PlantBasedNJ got a reaction from Creekimp13 in Vegetarian   
    No problem. I guess I'm referring to insulin resistance effect on different diets mentioned in the book. I certainly don't agree that the Keto he pushes is sustainable or healthy.
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    PlantBasedNJ reacted to StephRenae2508 in Pre-Op Diet and Juicing with a Juicer   
    Hi, I juiced during my pre-op and post-op diet. I spoke with my surgeon before doing so and he was fine with it. Post-op, I strained my juice after juicing... I was very surprised how much pulp and what not made it through my juicer.
    I make the same juice and drink it over a day or two:
    6-8 large kale leaves
    2 cups spinach
    3 zucchinis
    4 large carrots
    4 gala apples
    Pinch or two of cilantro
    (Optional - 1/4 thick slice of ginger root)
    Great stuff, very green but yummy!!! I love it because its packed with micro-nutrients :-)
    Best of luck to you!!!
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    PlantBasedNJ reacted to shawncotton in Vegetarian   
    Already a vegetarian been for 10 yrs and im still 300 pounds
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    PlantBasedNJ reacted to Starwarsandcupcakes in How can I update my surgery tab?   
    I have this link saved on my favorites on my phone for when I want to update anything about my surgery.
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    PlantBasedNJ reacted to JaleovexCax in Vegetarian cookbook recommendations   
    Im vegetarian because of my belief in Karma...... its all down to self discipline..... Its not as hard as you think..... other than learning what foods you cant eat....
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    PlantBasedNJ reacted to tb03830 in Day by Day - Harder than Actual Battle   
    So I am 52 years old and wanted to see if other are experiencing the same issues I am. In all I am doing great but I had COVID just prior to surgery and was cleared 2 weeks prior. I weighed 305 Lbs when I started this journey and 28 days later I have lost 59 Lbs I believe as of today (03/08/21). My Doctor says that I am in the upper 1% of weight loss for his practice which makes my wife proud.
    After surgery I found that the rumored stuff was true. I lost my hunger sensation. I had no urge to eat AT ALL. I was weak and only wanted to sleep. I needed Meds for pain but it was not overboard. In about a week I was fully up and a little slow. My loving wife who does not have weight issue shouldered my recovery almost like to was new puppy. She is a task master and gives no quarter. 28 days later I am fully mobile and wanting to get on with life but my Doctor and the Bariatric Center he works in is very diligent on a day by day strategy of how to succeed. My wife reads this binder they gave us as a field guide to survival. You will notice that a lot of Military references in this and that is due to being a 26 Year Army (USA) Retired Officer. I got out when my thyroid started acting up and my weight got out of control. I am proud of my career but could not face Soldiers when I was not fit to fight. It kills me that I am not that man anymore.
    As I said my wife is a Task Master and I need that. I am at this point only allowed to have 2 Ounces of food a meal (x3) and 8 ounces of Protein Shake a day. I constantly drink Water or non-suger or non-carbonated drinks like Propel. All seems well but I have noticed that life seems a little "Blah". I work from home and work in the yard for short periods but generally life seems bland. I do tire quickly and that is slowly improving. I know this is due to low Calories, the surgery recovery and minimal diet but ..... I also have the added issue of COVID Recovery. I have little taste and little smell left. I can smell and taste some things but generally I do not smell food like everyone else. I think this has helped a little with the need for food. I have begun to go on walks with my wife and about a full block is all I can handle. This kills me since in my 30's I was a Olympic level athlete and was the one leading the pace but now.... I hope to get back to something like that again but it's hard to see since I have so far to go.
    On the Bright side my wife and family have said they seem to have cut the Grumpy out of me. I do seem to be very ungrumpy lately. It may be the weight loss and actual progress or it may have been the fact that I was prediabetic and hunger made me HANGRY.
    At first I did not see the gains I am making but I have slowly begun to see them. My cloths are almost falling off and many people have said I look very different but others have said I look sick since the first place I lost weight was in my face. I am also a little pail due to being in side for month. The biggest event was when I put a coat on that I had to squeeze into prior to surgery and it actually fit with room to spare. I think I have lost about 6 inches off my belly.
    In another post after this I will describe my pre-surgery issues and how I felt and my mental state. It was not good. I will keep this Thread going for a while in the hopes that other will see it and let me know what to expect and if I am not alone on this issue. I am prideful and push myself to get better and hate to feel week. May be I will post my presurgery pics some day but for now that make me cringe.
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    PlantBasedNJ reacted to vegbeth in Post surgery vegan chewable vitamins   
    I found liquid multi my nut approved called Mary Ruth's organics. Thought I would share it here in case anyone else is looking.
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    PlantBasedNJ reacted to 🌱VeGan❤️HeArT🌱 in Going Vegan After Sleeve   
    Congratulations for working towards a plant based diet. I am 5 months post op, and it is absolutely doable! As for Protein, there are so many options. Let me count some ways....broccoli, Beans, legumes, nuts, Peanut Butter, chia seeds, hemp hearts(omega 3), nutritional yeast, tofu, tempeh, setian, viral wheat gluten, most plant based pastas, quinoa, sprouted grains, oats, nut butters...ooh boy! That was a lot 🤣😂 There really is a lot of options out there. I have started to make my own unmeat crumbles. I didn’t learn this way overnight, but I didn’t get this fat overnight neither. My thinking on this WLS for me, is I took a drastic change to lose the weight, and I took a drastic change to keep it off. I comend anyone who is changing there lifestyle after this surgery. My surgery date was 12-12-19, and I have lost 68 lbs. I am living my best life, and I feel the best I have ever felt!  

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