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  1. SoulGardener

    stuck at 50 pounds down

    I tried My Fitness Pal but it costs $20 per month & will not allow me to go below 1460 based on parameters it asked me to enter. How do you get it to allow you to put in your own calorie intake?
  2. Had VSG 5/5. I was losing really easily and fast until about a month ago. Stopped at 229 pounds…. eating 1,000-1,200 cal per day plus some exercise. Maybe I am eating too many carbs? Nutritionist said limit to 70 grams of carbs per day, 100 protein, 26 gms fat, 25 gms sugar. So multiplying out. that is 70x4 plus 100x4 plus 26x9 plus 25x4….. 280 plus 400 plus 234 plus 100. That equals 1,014 cal total per day. I have a lot of injuries but I think I really need to add strength training. Plus I agree with another post; I do need to get a food scale and weigh everything I eat. Looking back at MyPlate where i record my food intake, I can honestly see that i am eating around 200-225 grams of total carbs per day and only around 50-60 protein. HEY I think I just solved my own dilemma!!! Can I get some positive strokes? thanks in advance!!!😀😀😀
  3. SoulGardener

    sabotaging visitor

    PS. I haven’t thrown his food out but am about to.
  4. Cannot digest aanything; everything comes back up. I have had a near constant case of diverticulosis for two months. I have been to ER 3 times with severe abdominal pains; can’t get admitted due to overrun by CoVid. they give me ivs & send me home because they’res no beds. I am 66 years old & I am scared.
  5. SoulGardener

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Plastic straws create back pressure on your pouch; dangerous. They are also devastating to sea creatures, especially the threatened sea turtles. They confuse them with food, swallow them, and the straw blocks their digestive tracts. They slowly starve to death.
  6. SoulGardener

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Had a setback. Yesterday am got an intense very bad pain across my upper back. Went to ER... they did a CAT scan, found a “new” hiatal hernia. Part of my sleeve surgery was to fix the rather large one I had. They don’t know if the stitches gave out and it came back, or is a small hernia was left by the surgery. Only thing they can do is wait & see. Also I have diverticulitis — an infection in my colon from trapped stool. 😐😔🥴🤮 I am sick.
  7. Were you taking an acid reducer like pantaprazole?
  8. SoulGardener

    I smell funny?

    I do smell something... at first I thought it was the smell of the protein drinks but now I believe it must be the odor of weight loss - whether it is ketones or not - I don’t know. It smells somewhat like vitamins.
  9. SoulGardener

    Lying about not getting surgery is awful

    I told an old acquaintance the other day that I had bariatric surgery. She proceeded to tell me about a horror story of one of her friends who had the surgery 25 years ago in Mexico. Her friend has had severe complications that have never resolved. Although I had mine done at a Bariatric Center of Excellence here in the states, her story did cause me anxiety. I’m only 3 weeks past surgery and I need to stay positive! I won’t be so open in the future!
  10. SoulGardener

    Depression after surgery?

    Yep, I’ve been depressed last two days. I think I overdid it a couple of days.
  11. SoulGardener

    May Surgeries - check in!

    First post-op appt with surgeon tomorrow. Down 33 pounds since started program, 27 since started pre-op diet. I still have some exhaustion and pain, and up and down emotions, but I am coping.
  12. SoulGardener

    May Surgeries - check in!

    What is SADI-S?
  13. SoulGardener

    Depression after surgery?

    I am 5 days post-op; my diet now is 2-3 protein shakes per day, only about 450 calories. My large incision hurts. I am feeling depressed—I think it’s because I read the surgeon’s report. She stated the operation was unusually difficult due to the size of my liver, and it added an hour and a half to the operation. I spent two weeks on the pre-op diet, followed it faithfully with the exception of a little yogurt with sugar on day #6. Why didn’t the diet shrink my liver more, and how can I reverse the “severe hepatomegaly” she included in her report? Was I fat so long that my liver is now ruined? This is depressing!
  14. SoulGardener


    Oh I just saw this! I am so sorry that happened to you — falling down — and the other struggles. Sounds like you’ve got some challenges there. I hope losing weight will help you deal better with your health. Message me any time; I’m just now learning to use this app a little better. So sorry I didn’t respond before. ❤️

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