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  1. I was sleeved in March and have lost 60. But now I have someone staying with me, my ex. He has become homeless in the last 6 months. He bought a bunch of junkfood even though I told him no (two kinds of cookies, cheese-covered popcorn, ice cream, high cal fruit bars, chocolate cake) then he ended up in the hospital. I broke down two days out of a week and my old eating disorder kicked in, causing me to gain 5 pounds! Now he is calling saying don’t eat my food! I told him already he could not bring that into my house. He will get out in two days. I will be taking him elsewhere because even though he is contributing financially he is wrecking my weight loss. Btw, he is also smoking cigarettes. Guess I am looking for support in my decision to not let him live here any more. It is sad he may be homeless but he apparently cares nothing about my health. I know I will not be able to continue my program with him around.
  2. SoulGardener

    sabotaging visitor

    PS. I haven’t thrown his food out but am about to.
  3. SoulGardener

    May surgery.

    The tags above is what is happening. I never feel right.
  4. Cannot digest aanything; everything comes back up. I have had a near constant case of diverticulosis for two months. I have been to ER 3 times with severe abdominal pains; can’t get admitted due to overrun by CoVid. they give me ivs & send me home because they’res no beds. I am 66 years old & I am scared.
  5. SoulGardener

    Facial wrinkles

    I am down 50 pounds, 40 in 2 1/2 months. The problems are in my upper cheeks near my eyes and lower jaw and neck. Even my family says I look bad. I wear a CPAP which straps go across my upoer cheeks; there are horizontal indentions there. Should I do facial exercises, add hyalauronic acids & change the CPAP. This is scary!
  6. SoulGardener

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Hey! Sleeved 5/5; I am at 7 weeks. I have lost 22 pounds since. I have hit a plateau and have been stuck for about a week. I tore my deltoid at the gym 2 weeks ago; dr said no more workouts there until after MRI & shoulder surgeon consultation. I am getting in an average of 600-900 calories a day. I think I probably need to increase to 1,000 to start losing again.
  7. SoulGardener

    May Surgeries - check in!

    May 5th surgery…. pre-op 277….. surg 260…. 240 now. Yeay !!!!
  8. SoulGardener

    May Surgeries - check in!

    My surgery was 5/5. Since then I have lost 19 pounds.
  9. SoulGardener

    May Surgeries - check in!

    I had surgery May 5th; have lost 17 pounds. However, for the last week I’ve had diverticulitis. Maybe it’s the antibiotics, but I am so weak. All I want to do is sleep. This isn’t good… I contacted the clinic. They said it’s because I am not getting enough protein and calories. They never told me the number of calories to be consumed each day. I’ve been getting 500. They said I need to double that but only eat 3 meals/day. Food stays a long time in my pouch, and so far I haven’t been able to eat much at a time. With what they want me to eat, along with the tiny portions only three times a day…. it doesn’t make much sense to me how I will get in 1,000. Anyone else run into this?
  10. SoulGardener

    Low energy

    Yes, I am going through the same low energy period. It’s concerning because I’m on the couch all day. I am one month post surgery; I’ve lost 16 pounds since. 43 pounds overall. I am eating less than 500 calories a day. I consult with the doctor tomorrow, so I will ask if I need to increase.
  11. SoulGardener

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Best to follow your doctor’s advice, not a patient on this app. They told me use of straws can tear your staples and cause bleeding.
  12. SoulGardener

    How do you Cope?

    I pet my cats, play with them. I go outside & talk to my plants. Play a lively song & dance to it, watch something interesting, or get out of the house, walk outside. Talk to the neighbors.
  13. SoulGardener

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Plastic straws create back pressure on your pouch; dangerous. They are also devastating to sea creatures, especially the threatened sea turtles. They confuse them with food, swallow them, and the straw blocks their digestive tracts. They slowly starve to death.
  14. SoulGardener

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Had a setback. Yesterday am got an intense very bad pain across my upper back. Went to ER... they did a CAT scan, found a “new” hiatal hernia. Part of my sleeve surgery was to fix the rather large one I had. They don’t know if the stitches gave out and it came back, or is a small hernia was left by the surgery. Only thing they can do is wait & see. Also I have diverticulitis — an infection in my colon from trapped stool. 😐😔🥴🤮 I am sick.
  15. SoulGardener

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Should I have lost more than 13 pounds in 27 days since surgery?
  16. SoulGardener

    May Surgeries - check in!

    My bariatric program started 7/5/2020; I was 287 pounds. The next phase, pre-op, started 4/17 at 273 pounds. Surgery was 5/5 at 260. Today, 5/31, I am down to 247. I am eating whirred cottage cheese, nonfat greek yogurt to which I add either whipped pears, peaches or mandarin oranges. Also having refried beans which I used to detest but I seembto love them now. I love getting a little meat — we are allowed fish or chicken — but it stays in my pouch for several hours. iOccasionally I have smushed green beans or asparagus. Pureed carrots and broccoli — having issues digesting them; maybe too much fiber? I have come to really enjoy the Mio-type water flavorings. I really like that they don’t add single-use plastic bottles to our plastic pollution problems. My favorite flavors are black cherry & anything berry.
  17. SoulGardener

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Awesome work! My progress has been slower—I am down 13 pounds since surgery, losing about 1/3 pound per day. I am a little older than most patients. What are you eating, how much are you exercising, how much water, etc. Share your plan; your program could help the rest of us! Please do tell us what you’re doing.
  18. SoulGardener

    May Surgeries - check in!

    May surgeries — How’s your progress?
  19. SoulGardener

    pre-op: one last binge

    My surgery date is 5/5/21. Last week I was 267, down from my high of 283. I was doing pretty well until I got a thought... “this is my last chance to eat badly” .... so in 2 days I got a small Sonic blast, a Whatabirger Jr, a medium french fry, then got Thai food with rice and ate two portions, then a pint of Blue Bell and, of course! Today I got on the scale and have gained back seven pounds. Has anyone else done this? Why did I do this to myself?
  20. Be sure to take them to prevent ulcers, which are painful, dangerous for bleeding and cancer, hard to get rid of once you get them.
  21. SoulGardener

    Does this describe GERD?

    Could it be gallbladder issues? That’s where bile is made. Better get to doctor.
  22. Were you taking an acid reducer like pantaprazole?
  23. SoulGardener

    Elusive Sleep

    I did that too until I got a prescription for Trazadone 150 mg. Has made a huge difference - Sleep like a fat little babe !
  24. SoulGardener

    I smell funny?

    I do smell something... at first I thought it was the smell of the protein drinks but now I believe it must be the odor of weight loss - whether it is ketones or not - I don’t know. It smells somewhat like vitamins.
  25. SoulGardener

    Lying about not getting surgery is awful

    I told an old acquaintance the other day that I had bariatric surgery. She proceeded to tell me about a horror story of one of her friends who had the surgery 25 years ago in Mexico. Her friend has had severe complications that have never resolved. Although I had mine done at a Bariatric Center of Excellence here in the states, her story did cause me anxiety. I’m only 3 weeks past surgery and I need to stay positive! I won’t be so open in the future!

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