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    heidib got a reaction from rcrgirl2 in Good Crockpot recipes?   
    I have seen pork butt cooked on cooking shows & it always looks soooo yummmmy. So, I saw one in the grocery store the other day & grabbed it.
    -pork butt 5-8 lbs
    -rub w/ brown sugar, garlic powder, pepper, few splashes soysauce.
    -BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Rays Honey BBQ Sauce I like) in bottom of crockpot.
    -put pork in POT add more bbq & coat pork.
    i only put sauce about 1/2 way up pork did not have to cover.
    COOK LOW 10-12 hrs.
    I am cooking as we speak & it spells & looks mouth watering good!!!
    I'll have 4-5oz myself. my family will have pulled pork sandwiches w/ the extra bbq sauce. I may have bread too. the meat is just falling apart & so tender.
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    heidib got a reaction from asia30 in Solids Stage Recipes   
    ~BBQ meat LOAF~
    1-2 lbs lean hamburg I use 85% but it's still pretty greasy you can use lower if you can. I dump out excess when done cooking.
    1/2 sweet onion chopped
    1 egg
    about 1/2 cup bread crumb
    BBQ Sauce -I like SWEET BABY RAYS-honey I don't measure but I know I use a lot 1 cup -1 1/2 MAYBE
    375-400 deg. about an hr oven. I crank it up to 500 at the end for a crusty top & put more suace on it.
    I eat 4 oz of this & it stays w/ me for HOURS!!
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    heidib got a reaction from blackhawkhunnie in Good Crockpot recipes?   
    I made the Chicken Stroganoff it was very good! My whole family LOVED it! Chicken was very moist & I didn't even cook it the full 8 hrs. Tasted like it was full fat & very rich but it's low fat. Was a bit salty but I l;ike salty! YUMMM YUMM Thanks for this one! :redface:
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    heidib got a reaction from jc0031 in Good Crockpot recipes?   
    No brainer recipe HERE:
    chicken & sauce over Pasta
    3 large frozen chick breast.
    LARGE can or jar sauce you like.
    2 TBLS sugar
    1 sweet onion
    1/2 tsp dry basil
    1/2 tsp dry oregano
    cook SLOW 5 plus hrs till falls apart
    YUMMY i'm enjoying it now!
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    heidib got a reaction from Grandma3 in To Those Of You Who Say You Don't Have Time For Exercise...   
    YES, they are excuses & I use them too BUT let them stay where they are and you GET YOURS girl! :-)
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    heidib reacted to AWright in Esophageal Problems...did Body Return To Normal After Removal?   
    Thank you SOOOO much for replying! My Barium exam showed tht my band was too tight, even after all Fluid was removed. I finally got meds for the esophageal spasms/dysphagia. Doctor will need to re-operate, so I asked him to just remove the band. I'm having this done 3/30, during our Spring Break (so I dont hv to tk time off). I'm more motivated than ever to loose weight naturally. This has been scary! Thanks again.
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    heidib reacted to gigim in Acid Reflux When I Get A Fill   
    I will keep you posted on what happens on Monday, I see my doctor.
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    heidib got a reaction from FndSum12luvme in Does The Band Get Tigher Even After 4 Weeks??   
    my band changes if i'm stressed or if i am dehydrated it gets tighter. i have had a fill kick in a wk or 2 after i got it. maybe you got stuck and its inflammed???? try liquids a day or two maybe?????
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    heidib reacted to joanp in It's Been 4 Years Now...   
    It's hard to believe but I got my band 4 years ago. I am down between 75-80 pounds overall. (Of course I want to lose those extra 10-20-25 lbs, but if I just stay where I am, I am ok too.) I love my band and can't imagaine life without it.
    In this time a lot of things have happened, as they always do. First, I had breast cancer, which came with chemo, a mastectomy, radiation, reconstruction etc. But through it all, I happily kept the band. I had only one hurdle with it though... after the mastectomy I had a wicked reaction to the anesthesia so after heaving for hours in the recovery room, the band was dislodged and I had to have a "revision." Unfortunately the next year I had another slip and another revision. I'm really quite careful now and am relieved that I am basically at the year mark and intact. I did have to have it loosened recently, then quickly gained 8 lbs, but am now back on the way down. It is distressing to regain but a relief to know that I can get back on track again, without too much damage done. So you can see life with a band is much like life itself, somewhat unpredictable and not a straight line of perfection. But the band is the tool that I feel has saved my life and self esteem. I am grateful for it every day. It gives me something that other people have, but I either don't have or lost along the way, an internal brake telling me that I'm full. It's that simple.
    People who know ask what I miss... not much. Bagels? I had enough for a lifetime, but sometimes I'll pick at the outer crust. Steak? I can live without it. Lobster? Oh well... nothing is really a big deal. I feel I can eat a little of almost anything...
    To those who are on the journey, good luck. Questions welcome, of course.
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    heidib reacted to ShrnkN2 in Acid Reflux When I Get A Fill   
    Ever since ny 3rd or so fill I have horrible acid reflux... I am not too tight. I suffered for months until I ran accross an over the counter medicine called rantidine. Not 100% on the spelling. I tried everything from home remedies such as table spoons of honey, tums, and even milk. None of it helped. The rantidine is in all did brands, CVS wal mart, Walgreens.... all of them r great
    Hope it helps u like it has me
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    heidib got a reaction from eramirez8910 in Acid Reflux When I Get A Fill   
    I'm feeling much better... they prescribed meds too.
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    heidib reacted to elcee in Acid Reflux When I Get A Fill   
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I only have 2ml atm and am going back to see my Dr next week.
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    heidib got a reaction from les_belf in Restriction 2 Weeks After Fil. Is That Normal   
    i have experienced this and heard of others experiencing this too. Just had a fill 3 days ago,,,,,,still pretty hungry in between.....hoping my fill kicks in soon.
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    heidib reacted to TracieR in Wanna Come To My Pity Party? :)   
    I know stress has a lot to do with it. Believe me I enjoy my son and husband to the fullest! I was just trying to get out some frustrations here so they didn't drive me crazy in my head. I'm just going to keep at it and hope it all works out the way it is supposed to...whatever that may be!! Have a great day!!
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    heidib got a reaction from gigim in Acid Reflux When I Get A Fill   
    I'm calling tomorrow to get an unfill i cant take it. i feel like i have a lump in my throat and i cant eat anything.
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    heidib reacted to FatGirlFitGirl in Bitter Sweet   
    Well I have some bittersweet news here! I recently started my weight-loss journey (January 13th to be exact!) I went in for my first of 6 visits that my insurance requires before surgery. My Insurance will only pay if I have a BMI above 40 and one Co-Morbity. Apparently, I went to the Dr and I was healthy as a horse. Great News LOL I know buuuuuuut Where is my dang Co-Morbity. I can't afford to be self pay! So they ordered a Home sleep study I had to take for 2 nights. I did it February 28th and 29th. Just got the phone call today them telling me I actually do have Sleep Apnea. It was literally the only thing left I had to be able to have this surgery. Just have to pass the PSych Exam on the 15th and I'll be good to go I know it seems weird to be excited but sleep apnea will get better with my weight-loss. I couldn't wait to get off the phone with that guy so I could scream. I know all of y'all can understand...For someone who has been over weight just about their whole life to be able to have a chance at losing weight is just amazing!Just few months ago I thought this was impossible........ Anyway, I am so Thankful for this website and the people on here.
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    heidib reacted to eramirez8910 in Acid Reflux When I Get A Fill   
    Great news. I'm taking Protonix that my doctor prescribed me. I don't feel that bad anymore.
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    heidib reacted to lellow in Old-Timers (3+ Years Banded) Recommitting To The Bandster Lifestyle   
    Hey all and welcome to the newcomers (but old-timers!). Heidib my friend, good to see you here!
    Well I went for my post-op appt today, brought forward a week due to the fact that my belly seems to be quite swollen, and found out some interesting things today.
    Turns out he didn't cut into me over the port site but instead went through my old body lift vertical scar - which is what I was hoping for - but that meant he had to do a fair amount of 'burrowing' to get to the old port. He also replaced the tubing, which he wasn't sure he would have to do. So overall there was significant trauma to the area to get it all fixed. Add that to the fact that I am quite thin now, and he expected the swelling to be significant, and it is.
    The second thing I learnt was that the leak in my tubing seems to have been caused by a tattoo needle. The leaking area has green ink staining it, and he was completely confused by it at first, then realised that it was the same colour as my tattoo. He believes that the tubing was close to the skin and the tattoo needle nicked it, and what started as a small, nearly indiscernible leak just kept getting bigger. He has taken pictures of the tubing (he showed me) because he said he was thinking of writing a report or paper on it, because he's never seen anything like it. But then again, how many people get tattooed on their stomach over their port area?
    So moral of the lesson: don't get tattooed anywhere near your port. It turned out it's likely I caused the leak myself. I'm a little peeved about it now. BUT the good news is he checked the liquid he put in at the op (4cc) and all of it was still there so it looks like the leak is fixed now. I've now got 5cc in there and am hopefully back on my way to health and to some restriction!
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    heidib reacted to ntaggart in Restriction 2 Weeks After Fil. Is That Normal   
    Oh nice. Thanks for your support. :-)
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    heidib reacted to Amanda1982 in Stugglers Do You Regret ?   
    Hey, I'm sorry about your struggles, do you mind if I ask you how much weight you've lost? Have you had any fills, if so how much is in your band? Tell your story maybe we can help or at least offer suggestions. .
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    heidib reacted to MyTurn in Share ideas, What did you eat today ?   
    The scale finally moved ! Four pounds down my second week on my high Protein low carb food plan! Just need to keep coming here for inspiration and support.
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    heidib reacted to jennifer1 in How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?   
    It's so easy to become obsessed...I would do it everyday and when it fluctated in the wrong direction I would be devestated..I now know that it's not healthy to do that and try to do it once a week on Monday mornings..now do I slip up and jump on more than that sometimes..of course..but not nearly as much as I used to..I finally realized that I had a goal size in mind and not a weight..so I go by my clothes instead...that's kinda hard to obsess over...lol
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    heidib reacted to Cocoabean in 9 Mths. And Only 30Lbs Down :(   
    Ditto what the others have said. Plus, how many CCs you have doesn't matter. It is how you FEEL that matters. If you are eating solid Proteins, able to eat large portions and big bites without issue, and getting hungry every couple of hours, then you probably need a fill.
    Definitely see if you can find a doctor closer to you for a fill. There is no point in having a band if it is not fine tuned.
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    heidib reacted to Cazzy in 9 Mths. And Only 30Lbs Down :(   
    Seems like u are in great need of a fill which will probably help you a lot. Might be an idea to go back to basics and start off with some liquids then mushies and back to small portion foods. This is going to be hard without a fill tho. The band is there to help you but u need to help the band do its job too, and that means maintaining it. After all a car wont run without gas will it
    Good luck
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    heidib reacted to kmt1973 in Woohoo!   
    After 1 year and three rejections, I am finally approved for lapband surgery! WooHoo, Yippee, Yeehaw, March 19th for me!