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  1. Luv2cruz

    Foods after surgery

    Yeah, I’m over 3 months out.
  2. I’m curious to know from you guys what foods you have not been able to handle well since your surgery? I have discovered that my new stomach does not like meat of any kind. I love chicken and turkey and have eaten a lot of that my entire life, but now, my tummy does not like it. ☹️ I’m not referring to fried, because I do not eat fried foods. I’m referring to just baked or even chicken from the slow cooker. I chew it very well and take very small bites, so that is not the problem. It does not do it with any other food, just meat.
  3. Luv2cruz

    Is anyone else as disappointed...

    Thank you all for the positive comments, support and encouragement! It does make me feel better knowing that there are a lot of us out there dealing with the same issues. ❤️ I do want to clarify a statement that I made. When I commented that my surgeon expected me to lose 100 pounds by Thanksgiving, I think I worded that wrong. He wasn’t saying that as a demand expectation. That was just a goal that he was thinking I could reach by Thanksgiving. Even though I have been obese for the last 10 years, I have been very blessed and have not had any health problems. Blood pressure is always normal, no diabetes, and my cholesterol is always on the very low end. I have never been on any medications for anything like that. I did weigh this morning after spending a fabulous weekend at the beach with my hubby. We did lots of walking between walking on the beach and shopping. I will say that I did not eat as much as I do when I’m at home. I lost 4 lbs. Thats what I’m talking about! 😜 Here’s to a fabulous weight loss week for all of us! 🍷. Oh, what I would do for a glass of wine right now! No wine for me before December!
  4. Luv2cruz

    Is anyone else as disappointed...

    As previously mentioned, I am doing everything right. Yes unfortunately, I do have the fat gene according to my primary care doctor and my surgeon.
  5. Luv2cruz

    Is anyone else as disappointed...

    I am only supposed to do 600 cal per day. I already tried the fasting thing, but my nutritionist said not to do that.
  6. Luv2cruz

    Is anyone else as disappointed...

    Oh goodness, I really hate to hear that! That is really slow. It’s already disappointing for us, but what makes it worse for me is when I see people that had surgery right around the time I did and they’ve already lost 80 and 90 pounds.
  7. Luv2cruz

    Is anyone else as disappointed...

    Me too! I’ve only lost 2 pounds over the last two weeks. It is very disappointing.
  8. Luv2cruz

    Is anyone else as disappointed...

    What types of new foods did you add? I do feel like I’m eating a lot of the same stuff, but I’m trying to keep up my protein levels.
  9. ....As I am with how slowly the weight is coming off? I have been discouraged, but now I’m just getting downright disgusted. I am 10 1/2 weeks postop and have only lost 30 pounds. No, I do not think that is a lot. My surgeon told me that he expected me to be down 100 pounds by Thanksgiving. That is never going to happen. I have a coworker on weight watchers and she is losing weight faster than I am. I am doing everything right, so I know that is not the problem. I really don’t want to hear the speeches about how losing slower is better. This is just too slow. 😟 I would just like to hear from the folks that are also losing weight slowly and how you kept it going.
  10. I am 10 weeks postop and mine has finally started to subside some. I still get gas bubbles, even when I drink water. It is totally annoying.
  11. I just saw where you had in your post that you will not have a car. There’s not really much nearby, except for a restaurant in front of the hotel. I’m assuming you are staying at the Hampton Inn. There are lots of places around, but not within walking distance, so you may just have to have dinner delivered. We actually rented a car for the week, mostly because we did not want to be stuck inside the hotel room and I did not want my husband stuck inside the hotel room while I was at all of my appointments.
  12. Zoom zoom-Blossom puts us in the Hampton Inn. No restaurant on site there.
  13. Yes, Blossom has us on liquids for breakfast and lunch, however, we are allowed to have protein and non-starchy veggies every night for dinner, 2 weeks preop. We ate at Red Robin one night. I love turkey burgers and Red Robin has the best at a restaurant. They actually allow you to get just a burger and only charge like $3. We also ate at an Italian restaurant, which was fabulous and I wish I could remember the name of it. I actually just got a side order of 2 meatballs.
  14. Luv2cruz

    Coughing and belching

    I am 9 weeks postop and I burp worse than my husband now. He actually laughs at me. 🤪
  15. Luv2cruz

    5 days post vsg surgery

    I actually envy you. I am 9 weeks postop and I yet to have develop an appetite. Nothing looks good, smells good or tastes good. I am forcing myself to eat every day and I barely get 2 ounces in. I so wish I had an appetite.