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    LISS011 reacted to SuziDavis in Where to buy   
    I use a few store. Some have better Protein, some have better Vitamins.
    My Protein and collagen is from 1st Phorm 1stphorm
    My B-50 Vitamin and calcium chews are from Bariatric Fusion
    My one a day Multi w/ Iron & Calcium are from ProCare Health
    And my B-12 is from Amazon
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    LISS011 reacted to SuziDavis in I have never had Hiccups this often!!!   
    Has anyone else gotten hiccups more often after surgery? I feel like I get them multiple times a day.
    I know it all has to do with muscle spasms... so maybe the healing muscle is adjusting, but geez, I don't think I dealt with this after my C-sections.
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    LISS011 reacted to catwoman7 in Eating and drinking   
    if you had bypass, it's because your pyloric valve has been bypassed, and you just have a stoma now (a small hole where digested food goes directly into the small intestine). If you drink Water too soon after eating, the food gets washed from your stomach too quickly.
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    LISS011 reacted to KimA-GA in I think my surgery failed   
    some people loose slower than others. a lot depends on your starting weight.. what do you use to track your food? do you weigh and measure ?
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    LISS011 reacted to GreenTealael in I think my surgery failed   
    Don’t give up at all. 35 lbs gone is fantastic especially if it stays gone forever.
    Also it’s not the end of the road because you may continue to lose if you’re diligent. Track everything you eat and drink consistently to see if you accidentally placed yourself into maintenance calories and adjust from there.
    And if you ever feel like you need more help, go right back to your surgeon and ask for it. There are more avenues they can suggest if you ask (nutrition counseling, drug therapy, behavioral adjustments, etc)
    Good luck & cheering you forward
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    LISS011 reacted to STLoser in 1 Year Surgiversary! I can't believe it.   
    I considered wls for many, many years, but never seriously. When I was a new RN in 1997, it was fairly new and I saw people die from it, so I was always scared of it. I also never had insurance that concerned it, so I knew I'd have to pay out of pocket, and I was overall healthy, so I figured I could do it on my own. I had my son in 2010, and that's when I really started to gain a lot of weight. I had done WW before I got pregnant and had lost 45. I was down to 263. After he was born, the weight started piling on. I was sick all the time and got diagnosed with asthma. I was in pain all the time. My liver enzymes increased slowly year by year, until 2020 when my doctor decided I needed to see a liver specialist. That same January, I had my gallbladder removed and that surgeon offered to biopsy my liver and it showed Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis, with hepatic fibrosis. As a nurse I had seen people die of liver failure and it is awful. This scared me to death. That surgeon recommended wls, and he was one of the only doctors who had ever acted compassionate and non-judgmental about my weight. He told me I had very little chance of losing it and keeping it off on my own. I took his advice and made an appt. That day with a bariatric surgeon. I saw him in March and he recommend gastric bypass. I started getting the required testing and had just had my EGD when the hospital decided to let a bunch of staff go due to COVID. That surgeon was one of them. I decided to go to a different hospital and surgeon and this one recommended Loop DS. I had not heard of it, but he said I was a perfect candidate with a BMI of 69.9 and since I was paying for it myself, as it was a newer procedure that insurance didn't usually cover. I researched it and decided to go with it.
    My high weight was 393 pounds. I am 5'3". I was 368.8 on the day of my surgery, July 23, 2020. As of today I am 226.4. I never thought I'd be even close to this weight again. I am hoping to lose at least 200 pounds total. I am getting close.
    I was close to borderline diabetic, had just been diagnosed with hypertension, and had liver disease. I could barely get around or keep up with my active 10 year old son. My hypertension is gone, my blood glucose is normal, and my liver enzymes are now normal, so I have reversed my fatty liver disease. I turn 50 on August 2nd and this will be the best birthday ever! I am so happy I had this surgery!
    I can't get my befores to post right now but I'll put them here once I do. Here is me today.  
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    LISS011 reacted to Arabesque in Tailbone found!   
    Yep, bony ass syndrome. Well that’s what I call it 😁😁. It does ease somewhat eventually but if I sit too long (movies, theatre, hairdresser) I feel it again. I even got bony wrists, knees, shoulders & ankle pain for a while - would have to reposition myself in bed numerous times a night & the pressure on my bony wrist while using a mouse was awful . Now I have bony spine pain. I had to buy a very thick foam exercise mat cause my yoga mat offered no protection for my butt or spine.
    If you do have to sit for longer periods like at work, the movies, or long car rides, try a donut cushion.
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    LISS011 reacted to SkinnyMingo1408 in Tailbone found!   
    Ok so I might just be weird but at over 100lbs lost I now notice my tailbone when I sit on firm surfaces... like it's uncomfortable! Going to get an xray to make sure one of my overweight falls didn't do damage that I just didn't feel until now but anyone else experience this? It's uncomfortable to drive now, I have to use a pillow.
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    LISS011 got a reaction from It'sAlbright in Kept it Quiet?   
    I took the same stance! [emoji171]

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    LISS011 reacted to LilaNicole20 in Want to be a part of this site   
    I didn't know these other sites existed. Thanks!
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    LISS011 reacted to GreenTealael in Want to be a part of this site   
    If no one is responding to your messages they may not be active often. But definitely keep trying to connect with people. You can find fantastic and lasting friendships ❤️
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    LISS011 reacted to Nikki@50 in Want to be a part of this site   
    Hellooo, where are you in the world? I'm in the UK. I'm 6 days out from surgery. Have u had surgery yet? 8o)

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    LISS011 reacted to Spinoza in Kept it Quiet?   
    I'm a very private person generally so I have told my partner and children and nobody else, and I don't think I ever will. Totally my business and my choice. I won't tell a lie if asked outright but I will deflect - 'wow - what makes you think that?' etc. It would take a very determined and persistent questioner to get past me My life, and nobody else's opinions are necessary to validate my decisions thank you very much.
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    LISS011 reacted to sugarbee24 in Kept it Quiet?   
    The choice is yours ultimately, if you think they will be negative then don't tell them. It really is no one's business but yours. If you need or want more support I suggest finding a surgery buddy, someone who is having the same surgery around the same time. I haven't had my surgery yet and I made a wonderful surgery buddy on this site, she has been very helpful even though we are still in the pre op phase. I personally told my family and figured if they didn't approve then they could take a hike! This is my health and no one is going to foul it up with small minded negativity. I can however understand not wanting to deal with the extra burden of negative remarks, you can always tell them later but you can't un-tell them.
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    LISS011 reacted to lizonaplane in Kept it Quiet?   
    Some people have family being totally terrible. My family has been nothing but supportive and I've actually put it on FB, and only had one negative comment from someone who failed surgery. It's your decision. People will ask you once you start losing weight what you are doing. They will comment on what you eat (or how much you eat). You don't have to tell them the truth, but you have to figure out what to say when they ask you what's up.
    But yeah, some people are jerks. Good luck!
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    LISS011 reacted to It'sAlbright in Kept it Quiet?   
    Hi! I am new to this forum, and have been working on all my pre-op stuff in order for surgery in June. I was wondering if anyone decided not to tell anyone about bypass surgery except their significant other (who supports my choice 100%). I just don't know if my family would be as supportive. I feel like they would think that surgery was the "easy way" etc. I am not sure I want that negativity. I am asking if the support of 1 or 2 people is enough to keep you motivated or if I should just tell my family.
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    LISS011 reacted to learn2cook in Disappointed   
    I’m so sorry for your postponement! It may be like my ulcers and hiatal hernia, the docs just want the condition stabilized before they shock your body further with surgery. Luckily you are heading in the right direction with surgery:)
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    LISS011 reacted to SleeveToBypass2023 in Disappointed   
    My husband's A1c is 13 and his surgeon won't even think about surgery until he gets it below 9. Mine was 6.9 (I cut out ALL sugar for 3 months and it took it from 8.4 to 6.9 so my doctor is thrilled and I was approved). My husband's doctor told him it's because a high A1c means the body is unstable, and it puts more stress on other organs. Doing a major surgery with the body like that is a recipe for disaster. Did you ever get it rechecked? Did you get to have your surgery yet?
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    LISS011 reacted to DianeD73 in February 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    February 17 Is my surgery and I'm going to Mexico. Have been on low calorie diet since the 26th of December to January 15. Then I go on a High Protein til Feb 13th. 14th and 15th of February Just liquids.
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    LISS011 reacted to MeganMyers in February 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    My Surgery date is 2/3/22. I am getting sleeved in Mexico. Pre-op diet starts in about 3 weeks.

    Who else is having WLS next month?
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    LISS011 got a reaction from JAKE H in never been happier 2 years later....almost.   
    Wow! Amazing transformation!

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    LISS011 reacted to Fl_Dad in 2 days until GB surgery. Helpful tips?   
    Today's the day! Good luck and congratulations!!!
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    LISS011 reacted to Arabesque in Not losing weight   
    What did your medical team say at your first check up? If they weren’t concerned by your slow loss you probably don’t need to worry too much. Remember they’ve seen it all & understand the vagaries of weight loss. We all lose at our own rate. If it is really worrying you, ensure you measure/weigh & record everything you eat & drink & have a chat with your dietician & medical team. Sometimes a small tweak can make a difference.
    @WildWill has a point. What I weigh at my doctors & what I weigh at home is never the same. I always weigh more at my doctors. Clothing, time of day, empty/full bladder, empty/full bowel, how much you’ve eaten or drunk, all affect the number on the scale. My doctors monitor my weight based on their records & I do it based on my own records. If they’re happy I’m happy. A loss is a loss. (Or maintaining is maintaining as in my situation now.)
    All the best.
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    LISS011 reacted to Pete-TheTimeIsNow in Macros/calories   
    I am 5 weeks out. Doctor daily recommendations:
    100-120g of protein/day. 800-1000 calories (or 600-800, if I wanted to 'push it') 50% Protein, 25% veggies, and optionally 25% carbs. Meal wise:
    Protein Shake for Breakfast. Protein shake midmorning, after workout. 2 meals (lunch / dinner) 1 snack. I am currently doing 600-700 cals / day
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    LISS011 reacted to LouLouM in Feel like I'm starving, Day 6   
    Forgive me for so many posts, but I am concerned. Day 6 after surgery and I feel like I'm starving. I am so hungry. My stomach is growling. I've been having Protein Drinks, broth with Protein, and pureed Soups. I get full very quickly, but I am on three "meals" a day and am so hungry in between meals. Will this improve when I'm on purees? Solids?
    I also feel very weak and tire very easily. I did have both the sleeve and hiatal hernia.

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