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  1. Angel sale


    Hi. 11 weeks post op. Weight loss only 30lbs up to now. Another 20 to go but weight loss has virtually stopped due to lock down and lack of exercise. Has anyone tried juicing diets to bump start weight loss?
  2. Angel sale


    Thank you. Your reply was very uplifting xxx
  3. Angel sale

    It's going slow

    Count yourself lucky. 11weeks post op weight loss 30lbs. People I know who are at slimming club have lost more than me. Calm down.
  4. Can we take apple cider vinegar gummies after gastric sleeve. I am 9 weeks post op
  5. Angel sale

    Forbidden food

    So lots of people are saying certain foods don't sit well with them or they only manage 2oz. Well I have tried loads of different foods and nothing bad has happened also I can eat way more than 2oz and still nothing happens. I'm beginning to think the surgery was fake and they just knocked me out and woke me up again. Is this normal.
  6. Angel sale


    I will try not to stop at the food court lol xx
  7. Angel sale


    Is it safe to exercise. 6 weeks post op. 600 to 700 calories per day. Mostly protein. Can our bodies take exercise with the low calories we are having. I don't want to break muscle. Any advice xx
  8. Angel sale

    Forbidden food

    I've lost 20lbs in 6 weeks I'm so happy with the loss. But have had no issues with any food even spices. Which is great. But I don't know my food limit. I've never thrown up or anything. I guess my underlying question is am I going to stretch my new tiny stomach. I can easy eat two weetabix or around 4oz of food no problem. Other people seem to be having much smaller portions xxx
  9. Angel sale


    Omg I did not know that. I haven't done anything yet. Well actually I did buy some exercise clothing lol and tried it on. I will start today xx
  10. Angel sale

    Still cant believe it

    That's wonderful
  11. Angel sale


    Not much longer. I wiggled on my side after about 2 weeks. Then as it felt OK I slowly got back to stomach sleaping. Now 6weeks post op I'm totally on my stomach all night xx
  12. Angel sale

    only 11 pounds in two weeks

    How much have you lost up to now xx
  13. Angel sale

    Eating too Fast

    Oh dear I just ate some mackerel really fast totally forgot I'd had surgery 6 weeks ago. I'm now sat here with stomach ache and really weird noises coming from my stomach. What a stupid mistake. I've never thrown up yet but that might be about to change
  14. Angel sale

    January 2020 Surgery Folks

    I think I would swap the bacon for something a bit less fatty. But they look good xx
  15. Hi. I'm five weeks post op. Can anyone check my diet and see if it's anywhere like correct. I'm only loosing 1.5lbs a week. Okay so breakfast....one egg white with chicken.. Snack milk... Lunch chicken and broccoli... Snack yogurt.... Dinner.. Fish and mashed Brussel sprouts.... Snack milk.... Plenty of water throughout the day. Supper... Protein yogurt... Is this correct. All sizes of meals would fit in a ramakin dish and come to about 700 calories per day. Should I be loosing more. Or eating more. Or am I about right. Thanks in advance for your help
  16. Angel sale

    January 2020 Surgery Folks

    Hi had my op Jan 8th. Very happy but missing cola a lot xx
  17. Angel sale

    Question of lower BMI patients

    I was 174lbs at surgery. Five weeks later I am now 158lbs. Coming off nicely xx