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  1. Haha
    MOHOJO19 reacted to Mello1 in February Surgery ?   
    That is hilarious!!! Did you really say you were about to walk out??? HAHAHAHA! Wow. I guess they were like, we aren't losing this money! HA!
  2. Haha
    MOHOJO19 reacted to Puffy-no-more in February Surgery ?   
    So kinda funny story. On my surgery day, I had to be there at 8:00 and surgery was scheduled at 10:00. They had me in a room in gown, IV placed, vital signs taken, questions asked and ready to go by 8:45. A little after my surgeon came in a "little early" for any last minute questions and after her, anesthesiologist came in with consent forms. So now it's 9:30 and I had 30 more minutes until "action". The longer I laid there, the more nervous I got. They didn't end up getting me until 10:30 so now I'm a nervous wreck. They take me to the OR room and had me scoot over to the operating table. The nurse (I think) had told me they would be starting meds in about 5 minutes but would be getting prepped and blah blah. I had a serious bout of nervousness then and I told her I think I'm not going to do this. Can I get up? I'll just walk out. I'm not ready for this! (I was so nervous) I even tried to sit up. I heard her whisper to some guy that was behind my head out of my vision to start the fentanyl "right now" and then she got right in my face and said No!!! You are not walking out of here! You have worked too hard on your pre-op diet and you made a good decision to do this...... And that's all I remember. I woke up later in recovery. I just thought it was a little funny and I'm very thankful for whoever that person was cause I was ready to run out of there!!!!
  3. Congrats!
    MOHOJO19 reacted to yashiramariex in February Surgery ?   
    Hey everyone! I just had my surgery February 20th and 3 days post-op and home feeling alllll the pain. Glad to have found this site and following this to see everyone's progress along with my own ❤️
  4. Congrats!
    MOHOJO19 reacted to Itsanewday2005 in February Surgery ?   
    I’m feeling good! Each day gets better and better for which I am very thankful! Can’t wait to advance my diet! How about you?
  5. Congrats!
    MOHOJO19 reacted to TheAngryMeow in February Surgery ?   
    I go in tomorrow at 8am. Wish me luck/pray for me! I'm super stoked, and of course nervous. Probably wont be able to sleep tonight! 😬
  6. Congrats!
    MOHOJO19 got a reaction from stefferz09 in FEBRUARY 2020 Surgery dates🌹❤️   
    February 24th, PISCES SEASON... Whoot Whoot!!! So ecstatic.
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    MOHOJO19 reacted to Snapcase- in OOTD   
    Feels good to shop at Old Navy

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    MOHOJO19 reacted to november11 in OOTD   
    My OOTD …. He is just my WORK husband......
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    MOHOJO19 reacted to rs in OOTD   
    NSV = crossing like legs? That was my very first NSV! [emoji122]
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    MOHOJO19 reacted to sillykitty in OOTD   
    I’ll start!

    I’m channeling my inner Elle Woods today 😂

  11. Haha
    MOHOJO19 reacted to 3sonsitk in February Surgery ?   
    I just read through all the posts and it’s def not in my list. Haha
  12. Hugs
    MOHOJO19 reacted to McCaw1980 in I lost 202 pounds in 12 months!   
    Well everyone i'm here to tell you this surgery works wonders. I was 377 pounds in December 2018. It's now the end of Dec of 2019 and i'm 175 pounds and healthy. I ate nothing but low carb Protein food 5 times a day for the last year and 3 weeks. All i did was walk on a treadmill 4 times a week for a mile a day. I never cheated on my hardcore diet. I've only puked 7 times or so by eating too much since surgery in the last year. As we all do, i had to learn the hard way sometimes. I couldn't be happier and I have hit my goal weight. I am here to tell you if you follow the doctors orders it works.
    Having said that i did go against doctors orders shortly after getting home. I was starving (or so i thought) and ate meat from the first week on. Probably not a good idea. I could only get down 3 bites. I had this grand plan to portion out food and bag it up and freeze it so i could heat it up.... it all went in the garbage.
    First day after surgery i could only have 3 sips of Water. Stomach made weird sounds and such. I highly suggest everyone takes off work 2 weeks afterwords. I went back to work with in 10 days and i was a mess. I was dizzy every single time i stood up for about a month or two.
    Your body will adjust and you have to do the hard work on the treadmill. My back was killing me before surgery. I could hardly stand up to order at least a pound of food per meal. It goes away.... you have to do the hard work and work though the pain. Walk a mile on the treadmill at 0230 in the morning when no one else is there like I did.
    It's a struggle but it pays off in the end. Work hard and listen to your doc's. I wish you all the best.
    Starting weight 377 pounds
    Now: 175 pounds
    Waist starting: 50 inches
    Now: 30 inches
    Shirt size starting: 5XL
    Now: M to L
    BMI starting: 50
    BMI now: 23

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    MOHOJO19 reacted to AJ Tylo in Lost / Gained 100 Pounds   
    Just got to the bottom weight but WTF - Has to be a nutritious problem - I would defiantly see your Doc and a Nutritionist -
    Time to do it again, you whipped its ass once you can do it again. This is my first day trying to not lose and not gain and posts like this scare the F#$ck out of me.
  14. Hugs
    MOHOJO19 reacted to deej25 in February Surgery ?   
    I just had my surgery Monday and I’m in so much pain. I think it’s mostly gas because I haven’t been able to pass any or have a Volvo well movement. I’ve been up and walking quite a bit, but all I’ve been able to manage is a few burps. :( Anyone have any tips? I’m desperate for sleep and relief!!
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    MOHOJO19 reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February Surgery ?   
    Hello Everyone! I had my surgery yesterday; I was supposed to go in at 2, but the ORs were delayed and I did not go in until about 4:30; got to my room around 7:30. Surgery went without a hitch. Came out of anesthesia much more awake and lucid than I expected. Had some pretty heavy meds in the recovery room. They had me up and walking by 9 that night.
    As of last night I have been managing pain with Tylenol, and motrin if I need it.
    The gas was pretty bad, but not as agonizing as I feared. Walking really, really helped.
    To everyone's surprise, my surgeon let me go home at 2:30 today; I had a 90 mile drive home from Boston and if any of you are from around here you know that Boston traffic is awful, she said I looked good and we should get going and miss the traffic. I got home about 1/2 hour ago.
    The ride was a bit rough, and I am stiff and uncomfortable.
    The Water is CHALLENGING!!! They started me on Protein shakes....if anyone is intolerant of artificial sweeteners and is using one with stevia, bring your own. The ones they gave me at the hospital were so full of those sweeteners I was practically gagging.
    Have not really slept well in 2 nights; Hope I can get comfortable and get some actual sleep (for more than 1/2 hour) tonight.
    All in all far less agonizing than it could have been. I hope you all have equally easy times! I'm too tired to read through all the post from my February Surgery mates, I'll do that tomorrow.

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    MOHOJO19 reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in February Surgery ?   
    I have tried beef Bone Broth in a couple of different brands; I don't care for it. I like the swanson chicken bone broth, and a kind I got on Amazon; Kettle and Fire Chicken bone broth and the Kettle and Fire chicken with mushroom. I've honestly never cared for Jello, hoping after surgery I can get some down. I wish there were more interesting sugar-free flavors.
  17. Congrats!
    MOHOJO19 reacted to *aqua* in February Surgery ?   
    My insurance wouldn't cover it either. I went to Mexicali. If you travel through San Diego Airport there is a Thai restaurant in there. It's called Saffron. They have a chicken broth for a good price, and tastes delightful!
  18. Hugs
    MOHOJO19 reacted to iagree2shine in FEBRUARY 2020 Surgery dates🌹❤️   
    We have the same surgery date!!!
  19. Like
    MOHOJO19 got a reaction from smund in February Surgery ?   
    Mine is February 27th as well, but in Tijuana. My insurance doesn’t cover it...
  20. Hugs
    MOHOJO19 reacted to myholidayboyz in February Surgery ?   
    I got the call today! February 27, 2020 is my surgery date! 🎉🎉🎉
  21. Like
    MOHOJO19 reacted to iagree2shine in FEBRUARY 2020 Surgery dates🌹❤️   
    Just found out today that my surgery is scheduled for 2/24! This will be a revision from Sleeve to Bypass.
  22. Like
    MOHOJO19 reacted to AngieBear in Weirdest things you are looking forward to after surgery   
    For my stomach to shrink enough that I feel comfortable trail running in just a sports bra and shorts. Fresh air on bare skin while running is heavenly.
  23. Hugs
    MOHOJO19 reacted to Krestel in Weirdest things you are looking forward to after surgery   
    Oh, I just thought of a new one.
    Being able to wear high heels without killing my feet because I'm too heavy and think I look horrible.
  24. Haha
    MOHOJO19 reacted to Frustr8 in Weirdest things you are looking forward to after surgery   
    Eating the right thing in the right amounts, planning to plant and grow some items, today is our last normal frost day, so should be " gravy" from now on.
    Otherwise looking like a Foxy Lady instead of someone's Big Momma, I will relinquish my title to Martin Lawrence and Tyler Perry, they both can have all the things that go with such a role.
    Otherwise, less short of breath, able to move smoother,quicker and without those groans I used tease,my older relatives about, I now make those sounds myself!!!
    And best of all, living a good long while in this crazy Earth. 🌎, have a deep urge to see 👀what happens next.
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    MOHOJO19 reacted to KCgirl061 in Weirdest things you are looking forward to after surgery   
    Here is the list I made preop, my weight loss bucket list as it is:
    1. cross my legs - check! I love crossing my legs now and do it all the time!
    2. sneeze without peeing - condition has improved greatly
    3. rock climbing - haven't tried yet, kinda forgot it was on my list
    4. run a 5k - currently training and looking for a race
    5. be comfortable wearing shorts and not just capris in summer - check! I never used to wear shorts, but now I have 3 in my new size and only one pair of capris
    6. buy a swimsuit that doesn't have a skirt - check!
    7. waterski again - gotta get to the lake this summer to knock this one off
    7. Sex. More energy for it, more fun positions to try - DOUBLE CHECK!
    Some bonus things: I like being able to pop myself up to sit on counters, I can sit on the floor without hurting my hips, I can buy a much bigger variety of shoes because I no longer need wide widths. Unfortunately I'll need to replace all my wide calf boots because they look ridiculous on me now.

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