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  1. Puffy-no-more

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    It’s so good to hear from everyone! I am so so glad that I was able to get the surgery when I did! I am doing so good and feel so amazing! So far, I’m down 130. I have 10 more to go to get to my personal goal. My surgery weight was 277 and I am now 147. At 5’1, I’m still not at the considered “healthy” weight, so I want to keep going. I will say that for the first 6 months, I struggled badly with dehydration and very low iron. My surgeon told me that that is probably the reason why I lost so much in the beginning. It’s definitely a lot tougher now. The scale has not moved for me in a month. But I’m still going! I can’ wait to catch up on everyone and see how everyone has been doing.
  2. Puffy-no-more

    Brand suggestions

    @GradyCat I know it’s crazy. I was always much smaller on top but then once I started having kids and gaining weight, I gained in that area as well. I figured I would deflate really badly once I started losing and I definitely did.
  3. Puffy-no-more

    Brand suggestions

    @ChubRub thank you. I will definitely try this bra. I guess I will still be in search for the bottom half. 🥴
  4. Hey everyone. So I have a question for the ladies. I am about 15 pounds away from my goal weight. I have lost 120 pounds since February and I definitely have a lot of loose skin. I wear skirts and dresses most of the time. Does anyone have any suggestions on a type of girdle that helps control a saggy butt? I will confess that I have been very cheap with all of my underclothes during this weight loss because I hate to spend a lot of money on something that I will only use for a short time but I’m starting to be really uncomfortable in the ones that I have bought with them riding up and getting into places they shouldn’t be and I’m looking for some suggestions from people who understand the struggle. also, Bras? I have went from a size 38D to a 34B and what I do have is basically loose skin. So I’m finding that every time I bend over, stuff starts falling out if you catch what I’m saying. I do plan on having some plastics done to help with all of this but I want to get to my goal and be at a stable weight before I do all of that but in the meantime, I need help!
  5. Puffy-no-more

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    That is so awesome!!!! And I think it will be fun to go back to work after all that time! I'm glad you're doing good and making such good progress!
  6. Puffy-no-more

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    @lisafrommassachusetts that is so awesome. You look like you just feel amazing!!! I am so happy for you!
  7. Puffy-no-more

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    @Xx1jpt5xx wow! You are doing awesome!! i think I still have too much to lose to notice the “sag” yet but I know it’s coming. Lol hopefully you can get back to the gym soon.
  8. Puffy-no-more

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    @lisafrommassachusetts hey it’s so good to hear from you!! I’m glad that you are doing good even in this crazy time that we are living in. I am doing well. I’m about where you are on the calories and am able to get my protein in most days. I’m not feeling so great on the energy but I did just find out that I’m severely low on my iron so just started supplements for that and am hoping that it helps. We have been trying to do a lot of outdoor activities with our kids like doing foot golf, batting cages, and golf. We also enjoy hiking. So on the days that it’s too hot to get out and do any of those kinds of things, I do the walk a mile in your home and try to do several of them. At my 3 month appointment my surgeon wanted me to add some resistance training but I haven’t done too well at being consistent with that so it’s definitely something that I need to work more on. As of today, I have lost 90 pounds since February!🤭 however, I still have a long way to go. I’ve been thinking on what my “goal” weight should be. Currently, my BMI is 34 but I feel like if I get to a “healthy” BMI, I would probably look sickly. I don’t ever remember being that low in my life (although of course I was but definitely not as an adult). Anyways, I’m rambling. I’m excited to hear from everyone!
  9. Puffy-no-more

    Under 200

  10. Puffy-no-more

    Sent home after 7 hours!

    I started weighing a week after surgery and for a while, I would weigh every morning. But I felt like I was starting to go crazy so I finally changed to weekly and that has been great for me. But a lot of people here weigh every day. I just found it easier to deal with the stalls and stuff to do it weekly. You will figure out what works best for you.
  11. Puffy-no-more

    Sent home after 7 hours!

    No problem. You can also connect more than one device to it so both me and my husband are able to use it and track our progress.
  12. Puffy-no-more

    Sent home after 7 hours!

    Congrats on your surgery and new tool! I agree on waiting on weighing yourself! That water weight gain is serious lol. i have renpho. It connects to my phone via Bluetooth and keeps everything documented for me so I can go back and see what I weighed at week 2, 10 and so on. It also is a body mass analyzer so it tells me how much bone density, body fat and blah blah blah. It keeps track of my BMI as well. I have it set up so when I open the app, it shows me what my current weight is but also how much I’ve lost and how many BMI points I’ve lost. You can also do body measurements and keep track of them on there. I believe it’s called a renpho body smart scale and is on amazon for about $32.
  13. Puffy-no-more


    😂😂 y'all are the best!!!
  14. Puffy-no-more

    Lavash Bread!!

    I didn’t try it until I was 4 months out. Even now though, I can’t fully eat even half of what they consider a serving size on the package.
  15. Puffy-no-more

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    @Seige maybe you should check into transferring to a different bariatric center. That’s not good and you someone to be helping you out in a professional level.