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    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    That is so awesome!!!! And I think it will be fun to go back to work after all that time! I'm glad you're doing good and making such good progress!
  2. Puffy-no-more

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    @lisafrommassachusetts that is so awesome. You look like you just feel amazing!!! I am so happy for you!
  3. Puffy-no-more

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    @Xx1jpt5xx wow! You are doing awesome!! i think I still have too much to lose to notice the “sag” yet but I know it’s coming. Lol hopefully you can get back to the gym soon.
  4. Puffy-no-more

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    @lisafrommassachusetts hey it’s so good to hear from you!! I’m glad that you are doing good even in this crazy time that we are living in. I am doing well. I’m about where you are on the calories and am able to get my protein in most days. I’m not feeling so great on the energy but I did just find out that I’m severely low on my iron so just started supplements for that and am hoping that it helps. We have been trying to do a lot of outdoor activities with our kids like doing foot golf, batting cages, and golf. We also enjoy hiking. So on the days that it’s too hot to get out and do any of those kinds of things, I do the walk a mile in your home and try to do several of them. At my 3 month appointment my surgeon wanted me to add some resistance training but I haven’t done too well at being consistent with that so it’s definitely something that I need to work more on. As of today, I have lost 90 pounds since February!🤭 however, I still have a long way to go. I’ve been thinking on what my “goal” weight should be. Currently, my BMI is 34 but I feel like if I get to a “healthy” BMI, I would probably look sickly. I don’t ever remember being that low in my life (although of course I was but definitely not as an adult). Anyways, I’m rambling. I’m excited to hear from everyone!
  5. Puffy-no-more

    Under 200

  6. Puffy-no-more

    Sent home after 7 hours!

    I started weighing a week after surgery and for a while, I would weigh every morning. But I felt like I was starting to go crazy so I finally changed to weekly and that has been great for me. But a lot of people here weigh every day. I just found it easier to deal with the stalls and stuff to do it weekly. You will figure out what works best for you.
  7. Puffy-no-more

    Sent home after 7 hours!

    No problem. You can also connect more than one device to it so both me and my husband are able to use it and track our progress.
  8. Puffy-no-more

    Sent home after 7 hours!

    Congrats on your surgery and new tool! I agree on waiting on weighing yourself! That water weight gain is serious lol. i have renpho. It connects to my phone via Bluetooth and keeps everything documented for me so I can go back and see what I weighed at week 2, 10 and so on. It also is a body mass analyzer so it tells me how much bone density, body fat and blah blah blah. It keeps track of my BMI as well. I have it set up so when I open the app, it shows me what my current weight is but also how much I’ve lost and how many BMI points I’ve lost. You can also do body measurements and keep track of them on there. I believe it’s called a renpho body smart scale and is on amazon for about $32.
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    😂😂 y'all are the best!!!
  10. Puffy-no-more

    Lavash Bread!!

    I didn’t try it until I was 4 months out. Even now though, I can’t fully eat even half of what they consider a serving size on the package.
  11. So I have to say thank you to @GreenTealael for this. I had never heard of this bread. I am always lurking on the before and after food photos thread to get ideas and several months ago she posted a wrap or sandwich with this bread. I had never heard of it so I took a screenshot and said one day I’ll try it. So then on Father’s Day, my family decided on pulled pork sandwiches. Of course, I wasn’t going to eat the bread. My mom was making the pork and she is super picky so I knew there would be as close to no fat as possible so I decided I would just eat some of the pork with my sugar free bbq sauce. Then I remembered the lavash bread and decided to see if I could find it. Well I found it at Walmart and I was so happy with the taste and macros on it. I couldn’t even eat half of a serving but it was so good. I’ve already got plans for chicken salad sandwiches, Arby’s style beef and cheddar and other things.(all bariatric friendly Of course) so anyways, if you are looking for a wrap, tortilla, bread, pizza crust option, check it out. It’s pretty good.
  12. So I was wondering if any of you have been given a range of carbs that is considered healthy or ok for us after bariatric surgery. do you have a max amount per meal or per day? My doctor and nutritionist keep telling me don’t worry about carbs or calories but instead to focus on getting at least 60 grams of protein a day. Of course, they don’t want me eating foods high in carbs like bread, pasta, and those types of things. But I’m just wondering if anyone has ever been given an actual number of what is “normal”. I’m 3 months post op if that makes a difference. thanks in advance!
  13. Y’all I finally got there this morning!!! Exactly 199.0 pounds. I have not been here in over 10 pounds! I’m so happy, excited, and looking forward to the rest of the way. However, I wonder if I’m the only one who also kind of gets this feeling of horror. Like I’ve already lost 77.6 pounds since surgery 4 months ago and I feel like that’s a lot of weight but I’m just getting to onederland????! I weighed a lot! Of course I knew that but it just kind of confirms it I guess in my mind. I don’t know how to explain it. People will ask me how much weight I’ve lost and when I tell them they’re like omg that’s a lot!!! And then I’m thinking but I still have a long way to go!! but anyways, all that aside, thank all of y’all for your encouragement, advice, listening ears (eyes). This community is awesome!
  14. Puffy-no-more

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    @Seige maybe you should check into transferring to a different bariatric center. That’s not good and you someone to be helping you out in a professional level.
  15. Puffy-no-more

    Lavash Bread!!

    They look good! I’m going to look for those.
  16. Puffy-no-more

    February 2020 Post-Op Thread

    I haven’t seen any posts on this thread in a while. I’m down 77 pounds since February but still have about 65 to go. Still working the plan!
  17. Puffy-no-more


    Thank you all! And yes you are right about the mini goals. I need to keep that in mind!
  18. Puffy-no-more

    Lavash Bread!!

    @Lanie992 I’ll have to try the pita snack ones. I haven’t heard of those! I really am so grateful for this forum. I have learned so much!
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    Congratulations!!!! I bet it feels so great. I hope to join you in that land in another day or 2!!
  20. Puffy-no-more

    Patch MD

    I have and am using them. I just had some blood work done last month (my 3 month labs). Everything was good except for my iron so now I have to take an extra iron pill. But.....I’ve always struggled with iron so I’m thinking it’s not related to the patch. Like I said, everything else was good. I could probably take regular pills now but I remember a couple of days after surgery, I tried to take some Tylenol. I cut it in half and omg was the worst feeling ever. It felt like it was just sitting there! So I would definitely recommend the patches especially in the beginning!
  21. Puffy-no-more

    3 months versus 6 months????

    I had united healthcare choice plus. The representatives told me it was 6 months but when I read the fine print on their policy, it didn’t say anything about 6 months. So my surgeon submitted everything after my first appointment (I had already did the psych evaluation and my surgeons office didn’t even have my records yet from my doctor’s office) and I got approved within a few days. So in all, with the psych evaluation, surgeons appointment and being approved, it was about a 2 week process to be approved.
  22. Hello everyone. I'm new to this and am very nervous about this whole thing. I have been seeing my primary doctor for years about my weight and have tried numerous diets and pills thru my doctor. I have UMR for insurance but they go by the United healthcare choice plus guidelines for bariatric surgery. I have received different answers from different representatives through my insurance place regarding the 6 month diet requirements. Does it need to be consecutive? How far back can those 6 months go? Does it have to be doctor supervised or can I show weight watchers logs? My surgeon office initially told me it doesn't have to be consecutive and can go back 2 years. But I was just doing some reading and saw that some people with this same plan had to have consecutive visits and within the 6 months prior to the authorization being sent in. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  23. Y’all are awesome! Thank you!!!! Im going to stop worrying about it and just make sure I get my protein in first.
  24. Ok thank you everyone for your input! I feel like I have so much to learn. Like I didn’t realize that there are good carbs and bad carbs. Of course I know breads, pasta, rice that sort of thing is not the best right now (for me, probably ever cause once I get going on it......you know!) but for the life of me I’ve been trying to figure out why a potato is so bad. It’s a vegetable!!! but as for right now, and I’m not complaining I really love this aspect of wls, I’m doing good to get my protein in so I don’t have room for much else. I guess I’m more looking ahead as well and I plan on using weight watchers to help maintain my weight and they don’t technically count carbs so then I wonder if that would even work. anyways, I’m rambling. I just feel like I still have so much to learn and y’all are such a help! Thanks again.
  25. Hey everyone. So I’m really starting to think maybe this is appendicitis.....? But I wanted to ask on here and see if anyone had any other thoughts. Since Monday, I keep having this stabbing type pain in my lower right abdominal area. It only last for about 7-10 seconds and then it goes away but it just keeps getting stronger and more frequent. I can’t figure out any correlation between the pain and when I eat or what I eat so I just don’t know. I’m 3 months out from gastric bypass and up till now doing great. Any possible ideas of what this could be?