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  1. lvidacovich

    Stopped feeling full

    One night didn't do anything. Period.
  2. Seems like you're better off without her. I know it's tough but remember you CAN choose your family! Be thankful she wants to leave and say goodbye. She's a bitter, spiteful awful person.
  3. I used it last year while I was flying to Europe to help keep me hydrated and help with jet lag. It's not worth the money and it has sugar in it. Don't do it.
  4. lvidacovich

    Diet Doctor - Keto plan

    As stated already, keto is very high in fat. The problem there is that fat has 9 calories per gram where carbs and protein have 4 calories per gram. Eat 50 grams of something that's protein and it's only 200 calories - the same amount of mostly fat foods? 450 calories! HUGE difference!!
  5. Did they not give you prilosec? If not, ask for it for 3 months following surgery. Or take something OTC
  6. lvidacovich

    Please Help

    I agree - not your gallbladder, it's likely dehydration. Can you go to an IV bar or something similar to jump start your hydration?
  7. lvidacovich

    The No Excuses Support Thread

    Not sure how I feel about this - if she's eating the pancakes every day or 3+ times week then yes, I think it's a bad choice. If she's 3+ months post-op and eats it maybe once a week? I'm ok with that. I (hopefully) will subscribe to the moderation plan. Restricting whole kinds and types of foods in the past never worked for me. What do I plan to do? Find healthier versions of the things I like - and by healthier versions I mean lower carb and higher protein.
  8. lvidacovich

    The No Excuses Support Thread

    Don't think I could disagree more - https://www-1.kansas.com/news/local/article36718608.html# Lost 27 pounds on junk food - switched to salad and a balanced diet, gained 17 pounds and his cholesterol went up. Weight loss is simply about calorie restriction.
  9. lvidacovich

    The No Excuses Support Thread

    You hit the nail on the head - 100 cals of sucrose will cause an insulin spike and all sorts of other things BUT 100 calories is 100 calories and over a long enough time period any diet lower in calories taken in than calories used will make someone lose weight given that everything else is equal (no PCOS or Diabetes or the like). There was a professor at K-State that lost something like 50 pounds on junk food just to prove this point.
  10. lvidacovich

    Only lost 20lbs in a 10 months

    I would hope she's been like most of us and had 1,2,3, and 6 month post-op appointments.
  11. lvidacovich

    Moving over here Now!

    Wow, that's a huge jump. I think you should taper up over the course of a couple months, adding 100-150 cals every 2 weeks or so. Just my opinion. Congrats on the goal weight though!
  12. lvidacovich

    What if it doesn't work?

    Yes, 100%. It's really as simple as CICO - calories in, calories out. Nothing more than that. Do some people have added complications that make it tougher to analyze? Yes. But I'm willing to bet that for 90%+ of the people that WLS doesn't work for there's an underlying compliance issue that can be to blame. Comparing this to a drug or anything else is apples to oranges. Different mechanic of action.
  13. I got oxy and ibuprofen and was told to alternate those two with tylenol, taking the oxy only for breakthrough pain. I didn't need it after day 3.
  14. My tastes haven't changed at all.
  15. lvidacovich

    What if it doesn't work?

    Will it work? Maybe. But the good news is that the answer to that question depends mostly on you! I have a strong suspicion that most people who say WLS didn't work for them didn't follow the process or weren't ready mentally. Also, I want to give a dissenting opinion. The honeymoon period is not always easy. My hunger drive has not left me. I still have my appetite. Yes, it's easier to eat much less than I used to but I didn't have the same experience as some posters here and I think there are lots more like me.
  16. lvidacovich

    Why am I not losing?

    Famous 3 week stall that starts anywhere in weeks 2-5 and lasts from 1-2 weeks. It'll pass.
  17. lvidacovich

    This should be Fun CUBA

    Could not agree more! I'm still working on a way in, likely through missions work. I don't feel right lying about my reasons for getting in.
  18. lvidacovich

    7 weeks post op and risking it

    Just like momofangels I was cleared for anything other than salad and raw veggies by 4 weeks. So I think you'll be fine.
  19. Try some of the other premiere flavors - cookies and cream and carmel are two of my favs. Never liked strawberry or chocolate. Unjury is pretty good as well. Personally my tastes haven't changed after surgery from what they were before.
  20. lvidacovich


    No, my surgeon told me to stay very far away from Tespo and vitamin patches. Thanks though!
  21. lvidacovich


    Yes, transfer addiction to alcohol is very real and a real problem post bariatric surgery. As said, you absorb it much faster (alcohol absorbs in the small intestine and for post-op people we have very little or no stomach left so guess where all that alcohol goes first - yup, the small intestine!). All that said, I plan to drink some at 6 months. I'll be in Hawaii for my 10th anniversary. I'm talking 1 drink a day, maximum. And that's only if I'm well on my way to my goal weight at that time and I will absolutely log those calories!
  22. lvidacovich

    to implant or not to implant

    Not sure if this is an option for you but look into a lipo fat fill. They lipo fat from somewhere you don't want it and add it to the breast. You can only really safely gain a cup size or so doing this. Don't ask how I happen to know about this procedure.
  23. Possible? Yes. Likely? Prolly not. From what I understand the pain from a gallbladder is excruciating! You'd be in WAY more pain than you say you are.
  24. lvidacovich


    Yes, for those that take it - what do you take? So many options! I wish I could get someone to combine all the pills I'm supposed to take into one in the morning and one at night. I might need to use one of those pill packs or something lol
  25. lvidacovich

    This should be Fun CUBA

    How are you going? I had a trip planned there earlier this year but our wonderful president decided to close Cuba via the two methods I was planning on using to travel there and my trips were cancelled. So jealous is an understatement! I'm still trying to find a way in.