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  1. lvidacovich

    Fitness watch.

    Samsung makes a smart watch that should match well with your Note 9 phone. Get a model or two older to save money and buy used as well.
  2. lvidacovich

    Spicy foods in post op life?

    Post-op, 18 months or so. I CRAVE hot food way more than I did before surgery, no issues at all. The spicier the better!
  3. lvidacovich

    Are Smart Scales Worth it?

    Mine tells me my water weight percentage so, at least in my case, it accounts for those differences. I get trends over time and it's pretty awesome - weight, fat %, water %, muscle mass % and bone mass %. It also calculates my BMI. It's matched up pretty well to the unit at my doctors office when I've compared the results.
  4. lvidacovich

    Favorite high protein recipes

    In my opinion, there's almost always something (or multiple somethings) that can be swapped out in a recipe for something that has more protein or is healthier. Swap ground turkey or chicken for beef, add protein powder to almost anything.
  5. lvidacovich

    Covid vaccine

    Pfizer. 2nd shot over a month ago and I was well post-op at that time. Literally zero side effects from shot 2.
  6. lvidacovich

    Built Bars? White Chocolate Birthday cake

    LOVE me some built bars, just ordered a box yesterday! Disappointed they were out of orange though
  7. lvidacovich

    8 months in...

    Thank you! I also started 150 pounds heavier than you and it looks like you're doing great as well!
  8. Hey! Long time no see. I know I was here a lot right before and after surgery asking lots of questions but work got the better of me and I've switched jobs and just haven't had the time. However, I wanted to check back in and let everyone know how I was doing. Recap of my stats below. HW: 353 (measured but I'm sure I was in the 370's before) SW: 327 - Surgery Date 10/22/19 CW: 204 GW: 190? Yup - 123 pounds down since surgery and I'm still losing. My original goal was 210 so I would be overweight and not obese (by BMI) but after doing research and realizing that most people hit a low number and then settle about 10-15 pounds up from that I'm now shooting for 190 or below by my 1 year anniversary so I can hopefully settle long term around 200. I've gone from a 3XL shirt and size 50 pant to a L or M in shirt and size 34 pant as of last week! The pandemic and quarantine has actually helped me - I've taken up running and I've almost got my 5k time under 30 mins! I used to take 30 mins to walk 2 miles (which was still a fast pace). No complications and it seems there's nothing I can't tolerate food wise. I'm back on coffee without issue and dairy and red meats pose no problem. I've had pizza, Pasta, rice and more post-op - just in smaller servings and AFTER I eat my Protein. Tips? Do your research! I'm amazed at some of the questions - both on here and on a FB group. I swear some gastric sleeve surgeons and groups just herd people in and teach them nothing! Water and protein from day 1 - focus on getting them in. My water intake is around 128 oz daily, sometimes more. It helps a TON. Simple is best - don't over complicate things trying to get protein in. I'm lucky that I don't mind eating the same thing day after day so that's kinda what I plan out. I'm here for any questions anyone may have! Thanks!
  9. lvidacovich

    Stopped feeling full

    One night didn't do anything. Period.
  10. Seems like you're better off without her. I know it's tough but remember you CAN choose your family! Be thankful she wants to leave and say goodbye. She's a bitter, spiteful awful person.
  11. I used it last year while I was flying to Europe to help keep me hydrated and help with jet lag. It's not worth the money and it has sugar in it. Don't do it.
  12. lvidacovich

    Diet Doctor - Keto plan

    As stated already, keto is very high in fat. The problem there is that fat has 9 calories per gram where carbs and protein have 4 calories per gram. Eat 50 grams of something that's protein and it's only 200 calories - the same amount of mostly fat foods? 450 calories! HUGE difference!!
  13. Did they not give you prilosec? If not, ask for it for 3 months following surgery. Or take something OTC
  14. lvidacovich

    Please Help

    I agree - not your gallbladder, it's likely dehydration. Can you go to an IV bar or something similar to jump start your hydration?
  15. lvidacovich

    The No Excuses Support Thread

    Not sure how I feel about this - if she's eating the pancakes every day or 3+ times week then yes, I think it's a bad choice. If she's 3+ months post-op and eats it maybe once a week? I'm ok with that. I (hopefully) will subscribe to the moderation plan. Restricting whole kinds and types of foods in the past never worked for me. What do I plan to do? Find healthier versions of the things I like - and by healthier versions I mean lower carb and higher protein.

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