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  1. Chardonnay40

    How much did your insurance pay?

    pretty much 99%. I met my out of pocket maximum before surgery but I had other medical stuff throughout the year. So by the time surgery came I paid like $640 which was the hospital stay. i used the rest of my HSA money to pay for that. I had CIGNA PPO Premium
  2. Chardonnay40

    november sleeve

    Whats up guys? Seems everyone is doing well. I cannot believe its been 10 weeks! I am working out at the gym 4x a week now. Weight is rolling slowly but I am happy (or trying to be). Best of Luck! Keep at it!
  3. Chardonnay40


    Hey SL's off scale victory. I started the elliptical yesterday (after 6 yrs). My goal was 10 mins and then I would walk for 30. Well I was ABLE to do 30 mins!
  4. Chardonnay40

    Pre-op Not Dating until Post

    I am finding this to be challenging, I feel ready so I am going to start. My post is null and void lol
  5. Chardonnay40

    november sleeve

    mine was gas and constipation. When I had my follow up I told the doc. Gone since they gave me something for constipation.
  6. Chardonnay40

    Foods you can no longer tolerate

    Yea I have become lactose intolerant. I delclare! Sent from my SM-G955U using BariatricPal mobile app
  7. Chardonnay40

    november sleeve

    I started pureed today. Its like heaven lol
  8. Chardonnay40

    november sleeve

    any thoughts on what to do with the protein clear waters? I cannot stomach those. I have peach and I was considering adding to ice tea.
  9. Chardonnay40

    november sleeve

    5 days post and feeling almost normal. I have been walking 2x a day 10 min each. Yesterday I got 60 grams of Protein in. Today I'm estimating 80. I realized this morning I still like the shakes over the protein Water. I will say I'm getting appetite back and it's all head hunger. I have ordered my pureed groceries for next week as I'm anticipating eating mushy food. As I'm looking forward to phasing out of liquids. My pain is also minimal. I also have not gained or loss since I went in for surgery but I'm not concerned yet about weight. Hope post Novembers are doing well Sent from my SM-G955U using BariatricPal mobile app
  10. Chardonnay40

    november sleeve

    Hey! How is your pre-op going? Your surgery is Monday! YAAY!
  11. Chardonnay40

    november sleeve

    Saw surgeon yesterday. Picked up pre-op diet stuff. Start it on Monday! ITS HAPPENING!
  12. Chardonnay40


    my nutra ninja died this morning and I only had for 4 yrs but starting using it in March. So annoyed! With that vent, I am getting an immersion blender to try
  13. Chardonnay40

    Tips for Preventing Pouch Sleeve Stretch

    Ha I love this. He's amazing!
  14. Chardonnay40

    overeating after gastric sleeve

    I am going to start overeaters anonymous too. I am also pre-op. Never had any WL surgery but I know I have an issue with overeating.
  15. Hi Newbie Here. I decided in Jan that I wanted to learn more about WL surgery and I have decided I want to go down this journey. However, I live in CA and my family lives in the Midwest. Outside of this forum, what other places can you find support? I am pre-op and I have my first nutrition and surgeon meeting next month.

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