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  1. DuchessDeviance

    Non Scale Victories

    I went to the Health Unit at my job the other day because I was a little worried about my blood pressure. I automatically reminded the Medical Assistant to use the extra large cuff but she looked at me, squeezed my arm, and said, "No, I think the smaller one will fit." She was right and the added bonus was that my blood pressure is still holding steady at below 120.
  2. DuchessDeviance

    Non Scale Victories

    I went home for the holidays and actually enjoyed shopping with my family. I'm two dress sizes smaller than I thought I was and actually found beautiful clothes that fit in the clearance sections.
  3. DuchessDeviance

    Non Scale Victories

    Here's a little NSV story. When I first got to my current assignment last year, I was confronted with tiny blue armchairs in every office. Just looking at them, I knew they would be difficult to sit in, but I tried anyway. I needed the help of two people to get out! Yesterday, I found myself alone in a room with one of the little monsters and decided to try my luck. It was still an uncomfortable beast but I got in and out of it without any struggle, although not much room to spare. Still, it was a victory and I don't have to avoid the chairs and stand, or have another chair rolled in because I don't fit.
  4. DuchessDeviance


    I still haven't had a vitamin panel yet so I can't judge from there, but I will say that I feel really good. The patches stay on even after a sweaty workout and they're so very convenient. I've been less constipated since I started using them, too. I use the multivitamin patch and I have iron patches as well. The MV has iron and calcium included but since I know that those two effect each other, I got the extra iron and I use calcium chews.
  5. DuchessDeviance


    I just started using Patch Aid Multivitamin patches. So far, so good. We’ll see what my next vitamin panel says.
  6. DuchessDeviance

    March 2019 sleepers

    If anyone is going through a frustrating stall, I'd like let you know that taking a break works! Well, it worked for me. For one week, I kept to my prescribed low carb/high protein diet, kept my calories between 1200-1500, but i reduced my exercise from 45-60 minutes to 15-20 minutes. It was hard to not feel guilty or lazy by doing shorter workouts but the end result is great. After my 7 day "break", I started back to my regular routines and now the weight is melting off again. Thank you to the Poster who suggested it! I feel great and the frustration is gone.
  7. I'm 4 months post-op and had a very frustrating stall last month where I only lost 5 lbs. despite adequate calorie intake, exercise, etc. I tried increasing my calories, then increasing my exercise, and I got nowhere. So, I took the advice of another poster on this forum and took a break. I kept my calories in the 1200-1500 range but reduced my exercise from 45-60 minutes, 6 days a week to 15-20 minutes. It was difficult for me to do that because I've become addicted to my time on the treadmill and my fun workout videos, but I did it. I gave my body some time off to reset and then got right back to my routine after a week. I've been losing 3-4 pounds per week ever since.
  8. DuchessDeviance

    Non Scale Victories

    I can clasp my hands behind my back. And although I was still the biggest person on my travel tour, I wasn't the slowest or the least fit. I kept up with the tour guide, climbed over ruins, and hiked up hills with ease. I'm starting to see muscle definition again and my shoes feel too big. The weight loss is slowing down, but I'm still seeing wonderful changes.
  9. DuchessDeviance

    March 2019 sleepers

    My job brought me here. I have a couple of years left on this assignment. I have two uncles rolling in their graves because i’m here but they knew better than anyone that you go where Uncle Sam sends you.
  10. DuchessDeviance

    March 2019 sleepers

    Just got through the grandmother of all stalls and all it took was a cold virus to get me losing again. I’ve lost an entire dress size so I’m digging in to the back of my closet to reacquaint myself with old clothes. I’m touring Hoi An, Vietnam this weekend and trying very hard not to go into the fabric shops to have new clothes made. I’ve still got more weight to lose and a bespoke closet at the end of my assignment is just the incentive I need to stay motivated.
  11. Half of a roasted chicken thigh. It was so blissful to chew!
  12. DuchessDeviance

    March 2019 sleepers

    I ordered some from PatchMD! They should arrive today. I’m ready! Haha That’s my least favorite part too! Let us know how it goes! It sounds like an exciting alternative to trying to swallow a pill bigger than my stomach!
  13. DuchessDeviance

    March 2019 sleepers

    I just saw that they have multivitamin patches in the Bariatric Pal store. Has anyone tried these yet? Taking my supplements is my least favorite part of my day.
  14. DuchessDeviance

    Stalls, calories, and staying on track

    When I hit my stall I started looking for progress outside of the scale. I took my measurements, tried on clothes that had been tight, noticed that I had increased my walking speed on the treadmill, and I busied myself with meal and exercise plans for the coming weeks. They helped keep the frustration down. It had been my pattern to fall off my fitness plans when I reached a plateau so I’m determined to end that cycle now.
  15. DuchessDeviance

    March 2019 sleepers

    I’m 7 weeks and I can usually get down 1 egg and a few soft vegetables for breakfast, and 2 ounces of meat for lunch and dinner. I have veggies then too but i’ve reconciled myself to the fact that those two ounces of vegetables are going to take me an hour to eat. And I’m determined to eat them because I need the fiber 😅. In between meals I drink the Bariwise hot chocolate or cappuccino and the Bariatric Choice drink concentrates, which i’ll happily evangelize about if you’re interested.

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