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  1. mousecat88

    Losing Too Much Weight

    lawd. i cannot stop losing weight. i have lost another 2lbs this week, so i am at 131. my dietitian said i gotta stop but aaaaaaaa. it's just happening! what an odd problem to have. today i am restarting protein shakes in addition to my meals to boost calories. i HAVE to be able to get to 1100 a day. unf. it's so hard with micro stomach. and so many food intolerances. i want to get super extra protein in now anyways in prep for the skin removal next month to assist with healing. hopefully 2 shakes a day will help slow or stop the loss and also add in a lot of protein. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. mousecat88


    Got my "official" 12-ish month photos done today. 24% body fat. 133lbs! 156lbs lost in less than a year! Size 22/24 to a Size 6/8. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. mousecat88

    my personal little official thread

    Also a Trogdor tattoo would be eff'n rad. lmao.
  4. mousecat88

    my personal little official thread

    Yes, I love Dr. Oviedo. He is the most compassionate, caring doctor I have had. I do not like Dr. Glembot at all. I've had him respond as the surgeon on-call when I had some post-op complications and it was always a terrible experience. Most recently (like 3 weeks ago) he diagnosed me as having an ulcer OVER THE PHONE to the ER Department when really I had a herniated disc in my back. You will love Dr. Oviedo! I had some post-op complications and he would always rush to be at my bedside after he was finished for the day and insisted on seeing me personally for followups instead of the nurse practitioner, which is usually the case. I was the first robotic RNY patient at Winchester and he always called me his "favorite perfect patient" even though I was far from perfect. LOL I have an appointment with the dietitian there next Monday and it would be nice to see him again since I haven't since February. Sucks you don't see the surgeon anymore and they never see your progress.
  5. mousecat88

    my personal little official thread

    Yes, I am having muscle tightening. My surgeon said it was standard with a TT after massive weight loss since your visceral fat sort of pushes all of your muscles away from where they should be and then they get all droopy. So it's like an internal corset for a while to get them back to where they should be. #6packabs He said I will be walking hunched over for a while, even with a binder.
  6. mousecat88

    Losing Too Much Weight

    I went to lunch and ate a miniature sized piece of cornbread. IT WAS HEAVENLY. Yes, I feel sweaty and ill... but after seeing my calorie intake yesterday, I figured it was OK to indulge. First time truly having anything remotely like that in over a year. Probably never will again because I may currently be dying but hey. LOL
  7. mousecat88

    Losing Too Much Weight

    I think I need to start tracking my food intake again because I entered what I've had so far today and it is not remotely as much calories as I thought. I am at 50g of carbs but I don't even want to say the calories because... yeah. LOL. I just eat the same thing like every day since so much was making me sick I got into a routine. And I guess that routine stuck at the intake level I was at at 4 months out and not where I should be one year out. I feel like I eat enough though, but I guess I'm not.
  8. mousecat88

    Medical bias post-op

    Had an emergency MRI done. Turned out the stress fracture was actually a thoracic disc herniation. I sent a scathing letter to the hospital administrator about my experience, but I don't expect anything to come of it.
  9. mousecat88

    my personal little official thread

    I took 2.5 weeks off work. I hope that is enough time because I was literally told I would be fired if I a) had any post-op complications or b) needed more than 2.5 weeks off work. Don't even ask...
  10. mousecat88

    My Plastic Surgery Thread

    Did you have your surgery? I missed the scheduled date. I took 2.5 weeks off work.
  11. mousecat88

    Tummy Tuck 8/21

    How long were you off work? I have a TT and arm lift in November and took 2.5 weeks off.
  12. mousecat88

    Losing Too Much Weight

    I bought the kid-size RX bars, too. For an extra calorie boost. I also started buying milk to drink for extra calories. My stomach is sooooo sensitive that complex carbs make me sick (like quinoa or any breads or pastas). I tried picking at a biscuit over the weekend. I do have a fear of carbs, too, since that was my vice before. But also so many make me sick so it's two-fold. I'm trying to just work in higher calorie foods of other types. I do feel like I eat a good amount. I don't have nearly the same restriction I did and I get hungry quickly, even after a high protein meal. I ate a full 6oz steak, a pile of coleslaw, a bowl of tomato soup, and green beans for lunch the other day and was fine. But still losing weight fast.
  13. Never thought I'd say this but... I am losing too much weight. I lost 7lbs in the past 2 weeks alone. I just bought a shirt in a Size 1. Yes, I know I am in the "healthy BMI range", but with my build, I am starting to look sickly and freakish. I haven't been to the gym in over 3 weeks and have my account suspended until January 1 because I have a herniated disc and then am having skin removal. So, I haven't been burning a ton of calories (purposely). I am having skin removal on November 19th which will surely take off several pounds and make me look even more rail-thin. I guess I could add an additional protein shake in during the day? It's just crazy! When does it end. lol. I have an appointment with my dietitian on the 14th. I have lost 153lbs in 11 months....
  14. mousecat88

    Medical bias post-op

    bruises running down my spine I noticed just yesterday. no doctor had even looked at my back. I told my PCP yesterday i was still in a lot of pain and she said to go back to the ER. um, no. i am so disaffected by my medical care this past week. i am taking some leftover meloxicam and tramadol, as needed, and the prednisone and i will persevere without any more BS. it is a *bit* better, i think. or it could be the prednisone helping. i have a short window in the mornings where it doesnt hurt so bad i can function. i missed almost all week of work last week so I can't do that again. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using BariatricPal mobile app
  15. mousecat88

    Medical bias post-op

    Neither. I injured myself weight-lifting. I hadn't lifted for 3 weeks since my skin removal and went a bit too hard on my first day back. I have arthritis so I have some arthritic changes in my back from over the years, but nothing that would randomly cause this except trauma (like a sports injury aka me being dumb at the gym). I told ALL the doctors I did circuit training and weight lifting and they all ignored that bit. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using BariatricPal mobile app