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About Me

I am post op robotic RNY. Surgery was 11/1/18!

I first saw a surgeon in June and since then everything went extremely smoothly. I received insurance approval about 3 weeks ago, and I am scheduled for 11/1/18. I wasn't required to lose any weight at all! 

How did I get here? 

I was always an average-sized kid. In fact, I wasn't even considered overweight until about 9 years ago. But still, I hated my body. I had a parent who would always pinch my thigh and call me chubby when I was a pre-teen. That led to some serious body dysmorphia issues. By age 11, I wore a C cup. At 130lbs, I thought I was gigantic. In reality, I was drop-dead gorgeous. At age 19, I had 11K in liposuction. I went just to have my inner thighs done, and left having my arms, hips, stomach, inner/outer thighs, knees, and probably other places I can't even remember. The plastic surgeon just kept pointing at little areas he thought he could suck some out and I was so depressed and had such low self-esteem, I cried and gave him a fat check. 

I had no plan to diet. No trainer. No support. I gained 30 lbs after lipo because all I drank were protein shakes (with no exercise). From there, I got extremely depressed and began eating everything and anything. Over the last few years, I packed on a whopping 150lbs. Eating stopped being from emotions and just became an addiction. I don't eat in reaction to any particular feeling anymore... I eat because of intensseee cravings and because I just never feel satisfied.

I spent years yo-yo dieting, like much of us here probably have. In 2015, I started the insurance journey to bypass through another insurance company, but it was EXTREMELY rigid and there just wasn't a way I would meet their stringent requirements. I gave up 5 months into their medical management program after seeing only 5 lbs of weight loss! I have a new insurance now and it took no time at all to get through their requirements. 

I had a breast reduction in 2017 - I went from an H to a D. That was a huge relief on my back. I don't have any comorbidities from obesity, fortunately, other than pseudotumor cerebri. I am sure that will go away once I lose the weight, though. I was diagnosed with the most mild sleep apnea possible (AHI of 5, normal is 4 or less) - so no CPAP needed. 

I hope that with this surgery I will be able to do the simple things I once took for granted, like flying on a plane or going to a theme park. Tying my shoes without contorting my body and having a REAL selection of stores to shop at. Not breaking my office chair because of my weight. I also look forward to horseback riding again, which I stopped doing at 220lbs. I want to be able to hike with my best friend. I want to be able to snowboard again and get off the ski lift without a struggle. I want to do yoga again.

Ironically, I have much higher self-esteem than I did when I was thin. Being obese has taught me to love myself for who I am, and not how I look. When I was younger, my entire self-worth orbited my appearance. I know that once my outside matches my inside, that my confidence will soar and nothing will stop me.