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  1. You would think that with intolerance to sweet tastes, especially artificially sweet ones, being so common after bariatric surgery that some of these companies would make their products less sweet. I bought a bariatric decaf cappuccino mix and I was really looking forward to it as an alternative to a cold shake. Even after thinning it out and adding extra decaf espresso powder it feels like I'm sipping a cup of old-school Sweet n' Low packets. You can always make something sweeter but it is so hard to make things less sweet when you can only drink a few ounces at a time. I understand products like Premier being sweet because they aren't marketed to WSL patients, but even the specific Bariatric products are ultra sweet. Back to adding unflavored whey to everything, I guess.
  2. Swanton_Bomb

    Non Scale Victories

    Congrats! When I realized by accident that I could do that again I nearly cried.
  3. Swanton_Bomb

    Non Scale Victories

    I had a few this weekend and I really needed them to stay motivated. I ate poorly this week, eating too much in general and making poor food choices. I had a week that was beyond stressful for many reasons and I found myself trying to use food as a drug again. I was feeling sorry for myself thinking that I can never have a coke or a mimosa again, and when I previewed a menu before a night out I was lamenting that I couldn't eat many of my favorite dishes (Cuban spot, lots of delicious rice dishes!). But then... I bought a top for the first time in 20 years from a company that doesn't do plus sizes (yes, it was a tunic, and they run large, but I bought a regular sized "large" and it was roomy!). I wore it out with my husband for date night and despite being a long way from goal, I felt better looking in the mirror than I have in a really, really long time. We went to the movies and I realized that there was a fair amount of space in my seat. I can't remember the last time that I didn't feel uncomfortable worrying that my giant arms would squish the stranger on the other armrest side. So after that, when we went to the restaurant, I happily ate a few bites of my fish and veggies, took home a generous doggie bag and thought to myself, this is better than the cocktail. This is better than the paella rice that you wanted to order. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is better! It gave me the fuel I need to get back to good choices.
  4. Not much, really. I don't think I was very well prepared by my surgical team to expect hair loss, constipation, etc. but because I did my research and used this forum I felt prepared and was able to make an informed choice.
  5. I am currently 3 lbs. shy of being just "overweight". A long way from where I would like to be, but also a long way from being morbidly obese. I am very determined to keep going, but even if I didn't lose another pound this surgery would have been worth it. Being 50lbs. overweight is WAY different than being 100lbs. overweight, and far healthier, even if it isn't ideal.
  6. Swanton_Bomb

    Isn’t it really annoying when........

    One of the reasons why I haven't told anyone except my husband and mom. You know your body and your surgeon's plan, you have consulted with a nutritionist. Everyone is different. You know your trigger foods and what stalls your loss.
  7. Swanton_Bomb

    Lost 75 pounds!!

    Nice job! You are developing a nice "hourglass" shape!
  8. Salsa. I never liked it, now I crave it. I used to despise sweet potatoes, now I like them. There are other foods that I used to like, but now I love, like spinach, and foods I used to love, and now I hate, like salmon.
  9. A lot of insurance companies are shortening or eliminating the 6 month requirement because it often just delays people from getting help, or discourages them altogether, but BCBS still required it when I was sleeved in November. It sucks but time is passing anyway. In the grand scheme of things 6 months isn't that bad.
  10. Swanton_Bomb

    Nut butter - peanut

    I was allowed peanut butter on a spoon after Day 10, no issues with it. I was cleared for toast (40 calorie light wheat toast) after one month and I have a slice with "Naturally More" PB (PB with added flax and pea protein) for breakfast almost every morning. It settles my iffy morning stomach and keeps me full until lunch. I don't like PB flavored shakes but if I did I would probably use PB2 for that, less calories.
  11. Today a coworker just flat out asked if I had WLS. I haven't told anyone, and want to keep this private. I told her no, and I felt a little weird about denying it. I was really uncomfortable and I thought it was rude. She is very gossipy and I'm sure now she will be discussing this with others. I wish people would mind their own business.
  12. WLS has been a mind-f___ for me. Yesterday I had a spa day and they had these little brownie cubes and i ate two. They were very small, like dice. I estimated the calories and tracked them as best as I could, and I was within my total calorie limits. Later that night I kept thinking about it and was filled with unreasonable panic and dread. I felt fat, and while completely illogical I almost felt like the scale was going to ballon up this morning. I kept feeling my fat and felt bigger. Intellectually I know 3,500 calories equals a pound, but I couldn't wrap my head around facts. Another weird thing is that I get nervous when the scale doesn't move, and oddly enough, when it moves fast. I lost really fast this week, faster than usual, and I keep getting on the scale, checking, seeing if it's right, wondering if that means I'm bound for an epic stall, wondering if I am doing anything differently that I can keep up. And I keep getting scared that suddenly the losses will suddenly stop, or that they surgery will stop working altogether. If I eat one bite too much I worry I will stretch out my sleeve and ruin it. I keep obsessing about people who gain it all back after surgery, even though I'm nowhere near goal yet. Has the surgery messed with your head?
  13. Swanton_Bomb

    The Biggest Loser (RANT)

    I won't watch it. It's disgusting and exploitative, making millions off the suffering of obese people and actually making them more unhealthy, miserable and metabolically resistant in the process. Shameful.
  14. I had my surgery a little over 3 months ago. Trash is an understatement. I felt awful, physically and mentally every day, As of today, I am 46lbs. down, for a total of 66lbs. counting the pre-surgery diet. I still have a long way to go but I am so, so, happy I did this. I was walking up the subway stairs the other day and thinking that I used to have to do that with an extra 66lbs. on my back. That's like carrying a small child everywhere you go, 24/7. Before surgery I was concerned more about how the weight looked, but now I realize how badly the weight feels.
  15. Oddly enough, no. I have been overweight my entire adult life and obese for over 20 years. I've had all of the typical awful, humiliating moments and had considered the surgery for over a decade. Then one day, with no particular trigger, I just got tired of feeling like trash and decided to put wheels in motion and do it.
  16. Swanton_Bomb

    Bloody Urine

    You need to speak to a doctor. Don't panic, it is probably a UTI, but while the fix is an easy one, you need your doctor's help here. UTIs don't get better without antibiotics and they can spread to your kidneys.
  17. Swanton_Bomb

    Coworker Flat Out Asked If I Had WLS

    Thanks everyone. It's a weird thing. Intellectually I feel no shame for WLS. It was an excellent decision and I should have done it a long time ago. I would never judge anyone else for doing it. Yet, part of me does feel embarrassed that I couldn't do it without intervention. Food is an addiction for me and I don't want to discuss something that private with others. Would an alcoholic or drug addict be expected to casually discuss their issues with others?
  18. I notice a lot of people stop using shakes. I still have to have at least one 30 gram shake a day, and often some other form of supplement like 1/2 a protein bar, some protein chips or a bariatric cocoa to get to 60 grams. At what point did you stop using shakes and supplements and got your protein only from natural foods?
  19. Swanton_Bomb

    Eating Alternative

    Fiber generally won't give you diarrhea. It bulks up the stool, and without enough water it will actually make you constipated. You might be trying too many things and not giving them time to work. Milk of Magnesia (the full big dose, barf) works best for me. I wonder if you have a small impaction?
  20. Swanton_Bomb

    Eating Alternative

    I was sleeved the same day as you. I drink one 30 gram protein shake a day, otherwise I would never get my protein in. I eat a slice of toasted 6-4-7 bread with extra protein peanut butter for breakfast. The bread has 40 calories and 7 grams of fiber. It helps, I look at it as a food and a fiber supplement. The tiny amounts of veggies we can eat aren't enough fiber without supplementing in some way. Even so, I still need laxatives.
  21. By the way, am I the only one who can absolutely taste the so called tasteless Miralax?
  22. Swanton_Bomb

    Weird Weight loss places?

    I am losing weirdly too. My ankles, calves and neck were noticeable first. Then my thighs boobs and butt (places I didn't really want to lose) and now slowly my stomach is getting smaller. I am about halfway to goal and every ounce I still need to lose is in my stomach. I may have to lose more than I thought I needed to because the loss is uneven and my stomach is huge. I think eventually things even out though.
  23. Swanton_Bomb

    I just can't get warm!

    It seems to be extremely common. Some sort of metabolic or hormonal reaction. Weeks 2-6 were really bad for me, my fingers and toes would regularly be numb with cold but it has gotten better. I am 3 months out now and while I am colder than I used to be pre-surgery but it is better than those first few weeks. If it lasts it will be nice to not sweat like a pig all summer though.
  24. Swanton_Bomb

    Pureed food questions

    All of those were ok on my plan.
  25. Swanton_Bomb

    Throwing up when brushing teeth

    I was like this my whole life. Oddly enough, it improved tremendously after surgery, I have no idea why.