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    wowerinreally got a reaction from vze4n4n8 in Recovery Time   
    Tomorrow will be one week since my gastric bypass and cholecystectomy. I was told pre-op that I could return to work in one week. I quickly realized after surgery, as did my family and surgeon that it was unrealistic. I am still unable to get from a standing position unassisted. After experiencing such pain that continues today, I will gladly take the 2 1/2 weeks that is now recommended. I will be happy to take more if that’s what I need. You would be surprised how many movements and positions will be difficult after surgery. Totally worth it, but recovery has been harder than I expected. I thought my expectations were realistic bc I’ve been an RN for 11 years, but I was wrong. You and your surgeon can decide what is best for you. I say go back a few days “late” rather than a few days early and suffer or screw up your healing.

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    When I was ready for surgery my Dr. did a ultrasound and it showed my gallbladder full of stones so he took it out. I’m thankful he did it then rather than another surgery latter.

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    wowerinreally got a reaction from Apple203 in First Stall - less than 2 weeks after surgery???   
    This comment really helped me. I will be one week post-op tomorrow. I have lost one pound post-op. I can’t let myself get discouraged. I know I’m following my instructions. And I know that the most important thing is that my body heals. I put my body through a lot! The weight loss will come. The healing has to be the focus right now.
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    you‘ll be fine.
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    wowerinreally reacted to XYZXYZXYZ1955 in First Stall - less than 2 weeks after surgery???   
    My doctor told me not to pay attention to my weight, just focus on getting my Protein, Water, Vitamins, and exercise. I'll admit up front that I've done very little exercise--whether because of bad knees or bad weather or bad attitude--but I've still lost what I consider significant weight (though far from enough).
    One of my stalls lasted five weeks, I think. It is frustrating but one thing to remember is that even when we put on this weight, we didn't gain a pound every day--we won't lose it that way, either. Sometimes your body just needs the time to catch up . . . but if you are following your program, you WILL start to lose again. Hang in there!
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    wowerinreally reacted to Who'sThere in Anal Sex Concern   
    Well, that doesn't sound pleasant. I hope it's not months tho. Not that anal is at the top of our menu, but I don't want to be inhibited. We are very spontaneous in the bedroom...or out. Lol Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using the BariatricPal App
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    wowerinreally reacted to lawsorl in April 19th (or about) surgery buddies??   
    My surgery is on April 16th (less than one week). I had my pre-op appointment today. I am really excited. THe nervousness has subsided for now, I am in the mode of "let's get this over with" but I am sure this weekedn the nervousness will return.
    Good luck to everyone!
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    wowerinreally reacted to Cloudburst in April 19th (or about) surgery buddies??   
    My surgery is April 18th. I am feeling excited and ready to go. I've been waiting for so long. I just want to sit on the losers bench.
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    wowerinreally got a reaction from TexasMommy80 in 1 week post op feeling terrible   
    This is my first time replying or posting. I’m not sure if this will show up right, but we will see. My gastric bypass is scheduled for 4/16!