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  1. Yes, I exercised from the moment I got home from the hospital. Short and slow walks around the block and 3 months out I joined the gym and got back into heavy cardio and lifting weights. I don't see why exercise would be controversial. It's the key to health and keeping weight off. I stick to protein shakes after exercise so that keeps me from eating too much and keeps me full until the next meal. I don't have significant cravings anymore. I have thoughts of food but they no longer control me. The craziest thing that happens now is how much I have to fight my brain. Like when I think of a cheeseburger I remember how I would get a big, juicy burger and dive into it. So I have a cheeseburger for dinner (now small, lean meat, light cheese), and I look at it and realize I can't eat like that anymore. Nor do I want to. The brain is tricky that way. I was crazy worried about the liquid diet. But it truly wasn't that bad. It helped to stay busy at work and at home. And when the family ate meals, I didn't join them. I sat in the living room while they ate so I couldn't see the food and be tempted. Just stay focused on the end goal. And don't beat yourself up if you slip during the two period. It will all even out in the end.
  2. Well, I hate sushi. lol But I have small amounts of rice around 6 months out and ate tuna and shrimp not longer after I could start having solid foods given their high amounts of protein.
  3. My tolerance for sugar significantly went down. I didn't drink soda for a long long time but after surgery I tried a sip of my husband's coke and it was disgusting. lol There are still cravings but they no longer own me. Sweets used to consume my life and I couldn't switch my brain off from thinking about them. But it's different now. And I do believe it's because I rarely get hungry. The year of focusing on protein definitely helped retrain my brain for what I want. I still have cookies and brownies, but I can control it better.
  4. Sorry for the delay - work took over! When I'm tracking hard core I'm around 1,000 calories a day, still targeting around 70g or protein. Now that I'm a year out weight no longer comes off quickly. I haven't hit my goal yet and average about a 4lb loss per month with both losses and gains. Stalls still happen and typically when I haven't been on top of my game. I refocus my eating, up the veggies and protein and switch up my exercise. But most of all, stay patient. Don't sabotage yourself because you're frustrated. The break will happen and there is nothing you can do to force it.
  5. I remember being sore for a long time, but I was only out of work for 2 weeks so it wasn't horrible pain. As others have said you HAVE to drink water. It will help with healing also. I loved having a hot water bottle on me at night after a long day. Not only helped with the pain but also forced me to relax and take it easy.
  6. Ylime

    I’m not losing weight anymore!

    You are not alone. Stalls happen all the time for everyone, it's just your body saying it needs a break. I hit a stall around my 9 month mark. Super frustrating. I went back to hardcore tracking every food I ate, making it a goal to hit 80grams of protein a day and filling the rest in with veggies and fruit. I limited sugar for one month and that helped refocus my cravings. Overall I just had to be patient and keep doing what I was doing. My stall lasted for two months which was crazy frustrating, but once it broke I was right back on track with regular losses. It will happen, just stay true to your plan.
  7. Ylime

    Surgery date

    Congrats on your date!! That's my wedding anniversary and my grandparent's wedding anniversary so I consider that a very lucky day! What are your biggest questions? I'm 15 months out. Which surgery are you having?
  8. Ylime

    Pre OP phase has begun

    Ok so I'm so jealous. I just got back from Jamaica on vacation and can't wait to go back. Everyone is so nice there! That stinks that you can't get PowerAde Zero, I live on that stuff. Are there any companies that ship grocery type items there? I know there are lots of different hydration alternatives so I'm wondering if there is something you could find that would comparable.
  9. I'm now 15 months out from VSG and down 107 lbs. When I started I had so many questions, concerns, worries, and doubt. Now I absolutely love life and the new me. I thought it might be helpful to come back here and offer the ability to answer questions people have. So ask me absolutely anything and I'll give you an answer. Just hoping to make the pre and post surgery journeys a bit less stressful for others. This is my before and after pic - Caribbean style. St Lucia at 250lbs and Jamaica at 145lbs.
  10. Deena - Did you have surgery in 2019 or 2018. Asking as you will likely get a better response if you find a 2019 thread or post separately as most of us have moved on from this thread.
  11. Kris - Come join us on the 1 year post op page.
  12. Ylime

    Spicy Food,

    Same - as soon as I could have regular food I tried a bit at a time to see if I would tolerate it. I did have to sip a bit on water when eating real spicy food but certainly wasn't drinking full on during a meal.
  13. It is my absolute fave shirt which is why I took my before pic in it. I rarely get to wear because I don't think it's appropriate for the gym. lol