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  1. I suggest getting ready to drink protein shakes, I hated making my own using the powder. and as for water trust me when I say it gets easier through time. It would take me an entire day to even drink a single gatorade when i was around 8 days out. Definitely talk to your doctor but I suggest you set a timer for every 15 mins and drink whatever water you can get down.
  2. Lilly___

    Not taking my vitamins

    **UPDATE I had my labs done yesterday, and all my vitamins/minerals were normal except for Ferritin (Iron), my doctor said it wasn't dangerously low, but I will be going to see her again so she can tell me what to take to get it within the normal range.
  3. Lilly___

    5 months post op need help

    Hi Amelia, My plans calorie intake is from 1000-1200. The only carbs I eat are in oats or in my beans, no pasta, bread or anything like that. If you want i can email you the plan my nutritionist has me on
  4. Lilly___

    Not taking my vitamins

    Thanks Jenn, I appreciate your input. I know this is a serious matter, and I'll definitely get checked this week. I did my surgery on Mexico so I don't have my doctor here to do routine check ups with but I will find a GP for regular visits it's long overdue.
  5. Lilly___

    Not taking my vitamins

    Thanks a lot on your input. The results of the deficiencies you have mentioned are quite scary, I didn't know it could be that bad. I will definitely get tested this week and post and update.
  6. Lilly___

    Not taking my vitamins

    Oh wow, it's so funny how different this process is for everyone, I literally cannot wait to drink my protein shake daily haha. I think its key to find a brand and flavour you like in order to drink them. Congratulations on your weight loss that is awesome!!!
  7. Lilly___

    Not taking my vitamins

    The answer I was looking for was experiences from people who didn't take them and what negative outcome they faced. Congrats on your weight loss!
  8. So I know I'm throwing myself under the bus, but I just had to post this. I am currently 10 weeks out and have only taken my vitamins (Vitamin D, Iron, B12, Biotin) the first week ONLY. But I have been taking my multivitamin gummies daily at least 9 times out of 10. I know all of the negatives that come from not taking vitamins but I still can't stomach any of them, they're either way to big or I gag and feel a burning sensation in my tummy almost immediately. And I think the fact that I have energy day to day, have no issue with hair loss and stuff has made me feel like it's not that bad that I'm not taking them, and yes I do know that it is bad reasoning and that the problems will arise long term. I will definitely do a vitamin package test soon to see if I am lacking with any of them which I am sure I am, I just haven't found a time with work and school. I guess my question is have any of you not taken your vitamins religiously? How did it affect you? And this maybe a silly question but does it affect weight loss at all? TIA
  9. Lilly___

    Is this not working for me

    I see so much difference in your picture, wow! I have literally lost nothing in the past 3-4 weeks so i get it but damn it shows on your body!
  10. Lilly___

    5 months post op need help

    I'm totally on the same boat as you i had surgery about 2 and a half months ago and I have stalled for over 4- 5 weeks. I have lost 28 pounds including preop which was less than a week. I do my best to eat 1000-1100 calories a day so my body doesn't go into starvation mode. I haven't been able to incorporate any exercise yet because I go to school full time and work full time (I know excuses are excuses but I honestly have no time). I talked to my nutritionist and she said I should keep my carbs below 50 grams/day and try including healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, salad dressing etc. I lost 3-4 pounds the first week I did that, but I'm back on a stall now. It's super frustrating as I feel I'm the only one who's going through this and had surgery to loose less than 30 pounds. So no you're not alone
  11. Wow your loss is great! I had surgery almost same time as you December 16th and was 240 day of surgery but my current weight is 219, got any tips to accelerate my weight loss? I'm afraid that if I start out slow it's only going to get worse from here
  12. Sleeved 12/16 down 20 pounds surgery and a total of 25 pounds since 1 week pre-op. It is definelty slow and kinda discouraging buy I'm trying to stay positive
  13. HW: 245 SW: 240 CW: 220 I have about 3-4 oz in an hour. I am now 8 weeks out and kinda stalled for about a month now. I have increased my calories to about 800-900 hoping it will help. Just followed about 3 of you cause we have similar dates and stats
  14. Lilly___

    10 days post op

    Thanks for your input girls! I'm a little over a month out and I still have never met my water goal of 64 oz but I'm getting closer each day, as for protein I'm getting 60-65 grams in a day, which I'm hoping is sufficient. I'll give Fairlife a try if I find it, but finding it in Canada has been tough so far, I can't even find Premier protein shakes here.
  15. Lilly___

    10 days post op

    Okay, thanks!