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  1. Mieko Tominaga

    Not loosing wait

    It can actually take a month or two to start seeing loss my surgeon told me. Since the swelling and healing time is different for everyone. He said just be patient before you know it the weight will be melting off. He also said steady not to slow and not to fast weight loss is best because really rapid loss can endure unnecessary complications. I had the Duodenal Switch on 10/23/17 and have lost about two pounds. I was 467 on surgery day and am now 465. It will come off just give your body time to adjust. Remember since theres no real food going in the body may be in starvation mode where it saves fats. My friend who did the ds reminded me of that. She said her first two months were discouraging but by month six she realized she was 40lbs to her goal weight and could fit her sons teenage sons shirts. She said because she feels big she never noticed. So now I know to wait six months and to start trying to view myself without my fat goggles. Good luck!👍🏽🍀 ❤️💯🙌🏽
  2. Mieko Tominaga

    Not the day surgery I thought!

    My God-sister had the loop on August 24th and is down almost fifty pounds. I just had the standard DS on 23rd I refused to do the loop because its too new. Thats just me. I would say to look at your paper work to see and make sure and call your surgeon and ask why you were not informed of the difference. Also most people do not see tons of weight loss the first two months because the body is adjusting. You got this. [emoji173]️ Good luck [emoji173]️
  3. I joined the “losers bench” on 10/23/17 I got the standard Duodenal Switch. How long before you see a BM? I have been passing gas for the most part but feel kinda worried about no BM. Also any tips on how to stop the hiccups? It hurts so bad when they happen. I am getting all my fluids in for the most part and walking the best I can. My legs are super sore and arms as well and my abdomen isn’t as sore as I thought. I am on a clear liquid diet and my last bm was the 22nd. Thanks in advance!
  4. Mieko Tominaga

    Could we be surgery date buddies?

    10/23/17 very soon
  5. Mieko Tominaga

    Could we be surgery date buddies?

    That would be awesome [emoji1433] [emoji173]️[emoji1430]
  6. Mieko Tominaga

    Could we be surgery date buddies?

    Soon [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji1430][emoji1430][emoji1430][emoji1430]
  7. Mieko Tominaga

    Could we be surgery date buddies?

    [emoji1430][emoji1430][emoji1430][emoji173]️[emoji173]️Awesome [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji1433][emoji1433][emoji1433]
  8. Mieko Tominaga

    Could we be surgery date buddies?

    Awesome. [emoji1430][emoji173]️
  9. Mieko Tominaga

    Could we be surgery date buddies?

    I hope to see more people answer this [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji1430][emoji817]
  10. Mieko Tominaga

    Could we be surgery date buddies?

    Right. I seen a post on facebook about birthday buddies and a gift exchange and thought to myself wonder if anyone has a surgery buddy and the exchange could be motivation and someone who understands the journey. [emoji173]️[emoji173]️
  11. My surgery is 10/23/2017, is anyone else’s? Post your date and see if you have a surgery date buddy. We can help each other and follow each others journeys for motivation.
  12. Mieko Tominaga

    This will be my first surgery ever!

    It was a long post but it helped me feel so much calmer. All of the things everyone has/have said have really helped me and this is amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. I guess I am just a little nervous and it feels good to know I am not the only one and it feels good to know the aches and pains or how hard walking is or how easy it is. I guess I wanted to be more mentally prepare since nobody really wants to tell me the bad that comes along with the good. I feel so confident in my decision. I can't wait to be more healthy. I have cheat days but its more like for date nights with my husband and I try to stay healthy and we no longer go and eat fast food and stick to restaurants. Again I thank you so much for this post. <3
  13. Mieko Tominaga

    This will be my first surgery ever!

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I feel really calm about my decision and I am ready for it, my mom says I have the surgery gitters and that its normal no matter how many surgeries a person has had. I will remember to was my ass off because I hear the gas pain can be so bad if you don't. I am very excited for this journey. Thank you for your words. <3
  14. Mieko Tominaga

    This will be my first surgery ever!

    Thank you so much. I may have to be alone if my hubby cannot get the day off and if my mom cannot stay and I am prepared for that. I hope my recovery goes as good as yours I am so excited for this journey.
  15. Mieko Tominaga

    This will be my first surgery ever!

    Thank you so much for the advice. I hear the gas pains and constipation can be worse than the surgery at times. I am trying to mentally prepare myself for this surgery. Since it will be my first time going under I am nervous. I appreciate your advice so much. My doctor isn't listed on that site, but not even the other doctors from my area are listed but my next appointment I will suggested they contact the site to get listed but they are apart of the center of excellence and they always make sure to ask me what surgery and they write it down. The practice is father and son and I'm doing it with the father who does the DS because his son only does the loop DS. I heard bad things about it. After that I decided on the Standard DS and my surgeon and his son agreed because of my weight that was the best choice. All of my paper work so far has said Standard DS my god sister is doing the loop from his son and hers says loop on her paper work. I make sure to read and told them I'm the suing type so they been really awesome out everything. I've had a few friends get there DS too hey aren't truthful. I think they think I will back out but I just want to be prepared.

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