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  1. Awesome! You're in great hands! Everything went well...and quickly. Seems like everything happened in a blur! No complications so far and most of my incisions are healing beautifully. I have one that is raised and will need some topical intervention to help it fade, but that's alright! If you haven't joined his private patient FB group yet, you should! You can get an idea of how all his patients are doing! Best wishes!
  2. BosseNueva32

    Skin tightening

    Updating the recipe above now that I've made it. I would add twice as much Everly powder to the water when you make it for jello, because once mixed with the gelatin powder, the gelatin dilutes the flavor. If you don't like overly sweet, then ignore this. As it stands, there is a hint of flavor, but not much. Doubling the flavor will likely make it taste more like traditional jello.
  3. Hi Quinn! I'm also on a 10-day pre-op diet with a surgery date of 2/22! Welcome!
  4. That's so frustrating! I can't believe they postponed it after you'd already started your pre-op diet!!! The only reason I could see to do that is if you had told them you had cheated quite badly -- then it's a safety issue because your liver won't be healthy enough to move out of the way for the operation. Otherwise, if you're sticking to the pre-op diet -- which frankly is more difficult than healthy eating post-op -- they should be able to see you have the discipline and mindset it takes to be successful after surgery! Rhetorical question: What hoops have you had to jump through to get to this point? They obviously thought you were ready because they gave you a surgery date. As I was reading your post, I couldn't help but think the surgeon had a competing appointment (professional or personal) come up on his calendar for that day and he didn't want to tell you, so he made it all about you instead. There is no way some weight re-gain is the reason for postponing (and not canceling) your surgery. Surgeons understand that obese people have problems with their weight yo-yoing and that's exactly why we get this surgery in the first place! I am outraged with and for you, and while that may not be the type of support and comfort you need, please know I am here for you if you want to bitch and moan. Hopefully they will reschedule your surgery for sometime within a week of your original date if you are still on the liquid diet...and if you've already eaten solid food, I hope they schedule it really soon! Again, I'm so sorry this happened to you!
  5. My surgeon is Dr. Alvarez of Endobariatric. He has successfully operated on over 10,500 people including teenagers (and his own mom!). He's twice as expensive as other Mexican surgeons but worth every dollar. Every patient loves him and he knows what he's doing. His complication rate is less than half a percent over 10,000 patients. That's unheard of! The only way I'm not totally losing my cool about my impending surgery is because I trust him 100%. He and his staff have been extremely transparent throughout the entire process leading up to my surgery and provided me with every resource including names and emails of post-op patients in my state willing to talk to me about their surgery and post-op lifestyle. Hearing firsthand from people that they have literally nothing but great things to say about Dr. A makes me confident I picked the best surgeon. Best of luck to you as you help your daughter make a decision!
  6. Starting pre-op diet today for surgery on the 22nd in Mexico. Prepped all my food last night. Had some vivid food dreams that freaked me out and made me believe I had cheated before I even began the diet! It's going to be a long 10 days of that keeps happening!
  7. BosseNueva32

    Skin tightening

    I haven't made this yet, so no guarantees that this will work. But here's my plan. The Gelatin recipe is from Great Lakes website. 1 tablespoon Great Lakes Gelatin 1/2 cup cold liquid 1 1/2 cup hot liquid Soften gelatin in 1/2 cup cold liquid. Dissolve thoroughly in 1 1/2 cups very hot liquid with desired flavorings and sweetening included as a part of liquid measure. Pour into 2 cup mold and chill until firm before unmolding. Serves 4. I plan to make a pitcher of Everly flavored Water and chill in fridge first. Then use that for the cold liquid part of the above recipe. I bought all four Everly flavors, so I will make four batches. But if you only had one flavor and wanted it to last for your pre-op/post-op diet, I would multiply the recipe to make enough servings since it only makes 4 servings as is. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  8. BosseNueva32

    Skin tightening

    I have zero personal experience, as I'm still pre-op, but I am also worried about this, so I did some homework. Here's some tips I found: 1. Drink lots of Water to keep skin hydrated. Dry skin wrinkles and stays loose rather than elastic. 2. Consume Gelatin. Pure gelatin (like the Great Lakes brand available on Amazon) is not only a good source of Protein, but will also keep hair from falling out and skin from being loose (it also helps with elasticity). (Note: I plan on making my own Jello with the Great Lakes gelatin by adding drink mix powder for flavor.) 3. Dry brushing. Google this. It supposedly helps prevent cellulite but people also swear it helped them have tight skin after 100+lb weight loss. 4. Be cautious what lotions and potions you use on your skin. Some have chemicals and additives that will damage skin at the cellular level which prevents it from being healthy and elastic. Natural products are obviously better (and usually not so much more expensive...at least not as expensive as plastic skin removal surgery!). Hope these tips help! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  9. I wonder why your page says NO slim fast or ensure? Hmmm? So I had to buy food from my Dr's office and a majority of it is disgusting. I've been kinda cheating and drinking an Ensure for Breakfast or lunch the last few days because I just can't tolerate that gross food 3 meals a day. I have researched other diets online and none are as restrictive as the ones they're giving us Samsung Galaxy S7 I'm pretty sure Ensure has sugar in it, doesn't it? And the point of the pre-op diet is to burn through your glycogen stores so that you start burning the fat on your liver instead (which your body won't do in the presence of sugar).
  10. First post on this site. My sleeve surgery date is Feb. 22 in Mexico with Dr. Alvarez at Endobariatric. Anyone else going to be there then? Or can anyone vouch for him or have any negative reviews to share? I feel pretty confident from everything I've read and seen, but it always helps to get a firsthand opinion. Well, it's still the internet, so I guess I can't trust everything I read, but I assume if you're vouching for him in response to my post that you're not a paid reviewer! I'm posting because I could really use a support network -- I haven't told anyone except my boyfriend and my sister. My sister found out because I stupidly joined a support group on FB that I thought was private (it was a closed group), but FB asked her if she was interested in joining it and showed that I was already a member. She called me in a panic and I couldn't lie. I'm pretty pissed, because Lord knows who else on FB saw that I was in that group. Anyway, I'm staying off of FB and seeking support here, because it's more private. I might share that I had surgery afterward, but I just don't want uneducated accusations about taking the easy way out and extra projected anxiety about Mexican surgical complications thrown at me before surgery. I'm already anxious for this huge lifestyle change I'm about to make as it is! My starting BMI is 42.5. I'm 32 years old and from Seattle, WA. Please say "hi" if you know this surgery is the right thing for your health, but you still have some emotional anxiety around it like I do. I'll be a great cheerleader and friend for you, as well! As far as I know, no one I know has ever had weight loss surgery, so I'm totally alone in this. My boyfriend who is a nurse and was a medic in the Air Force (so has extensive American-based healthcare experience), while supportive of me getting this surgery, is upset that I am going to Mexico to do it. He refuses to research Medical Tourism or Dr. Alvarez to see how common and safe it is. He's still going with me, but he hasn't been totally supportive, so I could use some friends who won't judge my decision.