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    pvechiola got a reaction from TS76 in Weight loss WITHOUT surgery?!?   
    I'll be watching keep us posted I'm getting my surgery in april or may.

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    pvechiola got a reaction from lindabalseca in Where is everyone from???   
    Chicago, I used to live in Aurora.

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    pvechiola got a reaction from LeahF in My 600 lb life   
    I watch this show also to see that there really are people in a lot worse situations than I am in and it actually makes me pretty sure I can do this.

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    pvechiola got a reaction from wynellgray in Where is everyone from City & State   
    Chicago, Illinois

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    pvechiola got a reaction from lindabalseca in Where is everyone from???   
    Chicago, I used to live in Aurora.

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    pvechiola got a reaction from Ashley34 in Divorce   
    I've got alot of experience in abusive relationships, if a man hits you once he will do it again and again. Remember when God closes one door another one opens, think of yourself as very special because you can start over, that's being lucky, not spending time with a man who puts his hands on you. You're very lucky most women never get out. Best wishes on your journey, you're gonna have a blast. Sent from my 0PM92 using the BariatricPal App
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    pvechiola got a reaction from Cheryl Denk in Hair Loss   
    I use a light brown hair spray concealer on my hair to cover any thin spots and it works wonders.

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    pvechiola reacted to OutsideMatchInside in Does it really take 2 years?   
    No offense to @blizair09 (congrats on the loss), don't compare yourself to the losses men have, you will lose your mind. Some of the guys here lose like 150 lbs in 4 months, it is maddening.
    I didn't have a pre-op diet, I went from first visit to surgery in 8 weeks. I was 358 on surgery day and 230 at the 1 year mark.
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    pvechiola reacted to OutsideMatchInside in Does it really take 2 years?   
    My point was, expected weight loss is at the 2 year mark for everyone across the board. No one is really expected to hit their goal weight at one year. That is the standard, not 1 year. Only people on forums think you have to lose it all in the first year, because of the "honeymoon" period. Which is total BS. Honeymoon period is just an excuse to never learn proper eating habits.
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    pvechiola reacted to OutsideMatchInside in Does it really take 2 years?   
    I just said I weigh 187 and I started at 370. I don't get how you think I am saying you are only going to get to 250, I don't feel like I have done anything impossible.
    I am telling you what the averages are, and the averages are because most people suck at this.
    You don't plan on sucking do you?

    You can lose to a normal BMI if you want to, you just have to want to.
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    pvechiola reacted to jnj701 in Approved! 4/26/17   
    I am very lucky to not have a all liquid pre op diet. I give you props haha I have a Protein Shake for Breakfast then a snack which is either a Protein Bar or Greek yogurt and then lunch is a Protein shake and then I get another snack then for dinner it's 6 ounces of lean protein, 1 cup of cooked vegetables(2 cups if raw) and 1/2 cup of a starch then one more protein shake before bed if I'm hungry! Good luck though! The 26th will be here before we know it![emoji4][emoji4][emoji4]

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    pvechiola reacted to Debbie3sons in Banders #7   
    So happy for everything that is going on sounds like some positive stuff people .
    Just thought I'd stop in & say yes I'm still alive just busy & maybe if I get a chance I will be able to get on more but just saying hello ,OK have to walk now because I don't run lol.
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    pvechiola reacted to _Kate_ in Does VSG really need Bariatric vitamins vs. regular chewable?   
    I was told that I didn't need to buy expensive bariatric Vitamins and to use a good chewable one initially and have it in tablet form when I wanted to. I am 18 months out and my bloods have always been tip top.
    Just as a side note, my spell checker changes bariatric to barbaric
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    pvechiola got a reaction from migalo in This is me.....almost 5 months out   
    Great job

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    pvechiola reacted to MeltsIntoWonder in Checked In and Waiting   
    My surgery is in about two hours. Wish me luck!
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    pvechiola reacted to DP64 in April sleevers!?   
    Tomorrow is the day!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe its really here, it's been such a long road from last August when I went for my first appointment with the surgeon. Been looking at before and after pics, reading comments to keep the nerves in the back of my mind and the joy right up in the front where it belongs!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck to all my April sleeve buddies.

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    pvechiola got a reaction from juan110 in My story - lost 120lbs   
    You're working it girl! So great to see the outcomes of these surgeries. You look amazing! I am so jealous I want to buy clothes so bad, but skinny sassy clothes.

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    pvechiola got a reaction from Treadmillwalker in Finally seeing results and Happy!   
    I can only pray that I look that good after my surgery, awesome job!!

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    pvechiola reacted to LittleLizzieLilliput in Looking for people 5 month post op or longer   
    5.5 oz's max. Usually 4. But if I'm super hungry or I'm on my period than I can eat a little more. Not sure why.

    I don't drink liquids before or after eating and I follow the guidelines pretty strictly. Though I am human and make choices sometimes to veer off and eat something purely decadent. lol! What happens is I end up being hungry pretty quickly afterwards. I find when I stick to the Protein rich diet I'm hungry 4 times a day. If I eat stuff that isn't protein heavy I will be hungry again within an hour.
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    pvechiola reacted to Gerri Anna Hedgepeth in Am I losing too quickly?   
    Hi guys!
    I had gastric sleeve surgery on December 29, 2016, so almost 3 months ago! So far, best decision I have ever made (and I don't think anything could change my opinion!!).
    Everything has been great. I'm sticking to my SUR's and NUT's instructions of soft foods and 60-80 grams of Protein with 64 oz of hydrating fluids per day. I have adjusted well to the smaller portions. I was worried about this, because I tended to overeat and snack late at night. I'm still working on eating earlier and trying not to graze at night when I am home. I also exercise 5-6 days a week for at least an hour, which is mainly cardio and some strength training. I feel amazing; I already had lots of energy before the surgery, so I was very surprised to find out that I would have even MORE energy each day (early riser and night owl all in one).
    So my only dilemma, which is truly a double entendre, is that I feel as though I have lost weight way too fast. I started at 304 lbs and in less than three months, I am already down 68 lbs, now at 236 lbs. 68!!! Which is so awesome, but very scary. I had hoped I would lose weight at a "normal" pace, and I could work on toning up all while hoping to avoid a skin removal surgery, if it is necessary. I've only had one stall, in the very beginning, that lasted for about two weeks. Ever since then, constant weight loss. I have another post-op appointment next month, so I'll be asking my doctors about this.
    Has anyone been through a situation similar to mine, or does anyone have any advice? Thanks so much!!
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    pvechiola reacted to Berry78 in Help, I'm so lost!   
    I'm also 10 days out, and a couple days ago, Jello hurt my stomach! Can't imagine solid food. Protein Shake was too harsh today

    Good old broth! Love that stuff..

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    pvechiola reacted to migalo in This is me.....almost 5 months out   
    Fellow sleevers unite! I remember you all, surfing through these forums for hours worried about my surgery but excited for the potential health and physical change. Now I'm on the other side almost 5 months out and want to share my story with those that are waiting in anticipation or a few days out wondering whats next. I was sleeved on 09/29/2017. At my surgery I weight 363 and my weight when I started the liquid diet was 380.4. I think I ended up topping out somewhere around 387 in the days or weeks before the liquid diet. As of this morning I weight 273.8. So roughly 107 lbs in 5 months. I'll take it! Size wise I am currently a 38 waist, and XXL top. I was a 46/48 waist and 4XL a few short months ago. My overall goal is 225 (I'm 6'2). Here is my lame attempt at a Letterman style top ten list but backwards. Time flies, enjoy the ride, and the compliments

    Losing weight is cool. Growing saggy man skin tits not.
    Pretty Pimpin’ by Kurt Vile is on my sleeve journey mix tape.
    Its great being able to sit in a chair and not worry about breaking it.
    I used to love Soup. That was before eating it everyday for 4 weeks.
    Only fat people wear fitbits. I wore mine, and it was stupid. I've never seen any active person actually wearing one. I probably exercise more without it.
    You can weigh yourself everyday. I did, its OK. First thing in the morning, post dump, post shower. I’m suprised I haven’t gone through a costco size pack of AA batteries.
    Levi’s that aren’t loose or baggy fit = AWESOME!
    I am no longer that fattest person everywhere I go, There are a crapload fatter than me.....I know as I just got back from Disney.
    Sex gets better with every 20 lbs.
    Holy shit, I’m not sweating!

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    pvechiola reacted to FAT TWO FABULOUS in Checking in tomorrow and starting to get really scared   
    March 27 for me [emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32][emoji32]

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    pvechiola reacted to Pam_2-06-2017 in Does VSG really need Bariatric vitamins vs. regular chewable?   
    I take a regular Multivitamin. I also take Biotin, calcium citrate, Omega 3 and b-12. None of them are bariatric and all ok with my surgeon.

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    pvechiola got a reaction from bossportsgal in Holy Hair Loss Batman!!   
    My mom's hair is thin but she's 73, she turned me on to the color hairsprays that she uses and I fell in love with it! I use the light brown spray about 6" away from hair so it looks natural and it comes out looking like highlights. It is my miracle spray.